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The Apolis Guys Behind the Tie

Shea and Raan Parton tell the story of their Of a Kind edition—it starts in a field in Italy and ends in a tub of black tea in California.

The linen tie that the Apolis team crafted for Of a Kind is bi-continental—talk about sophisticated. Creative director Raan Parton shares its coming-to-America tale.

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An Italian linen field.

“The linen is from Italy—it’s harvested twice a year, and it has beautiful inconsistencies. We take the natural linen and weave it into broadcloth—just a plain weave. We hand-wash the fabric in hot water at a studio to give it dimension. Then we press it and cut it into ties, on the bias, which helps it maintain its shape.”

A worker at the 2,500-square-foot Los Angeles manufacturing space making an Apolis tie by hand.

“The ties are lined with canvas and hand-sewn at our little seven-person tie factory in L.A. Once they’re made, we dye them at our studio. We let black tea brew for four hours and then sit the ties in it for two hours. We have a lot of manual—kind of dumb—ways of doing things. We designed all of these analog processes into our brand because we have the big-picture goal of working with a non-profit downtown that rehabilitates homeless people by giving them entry-level jobs. We’ve been trying to bring that piece into the business so that we have a whole global-local process.”