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Five of Jesse Finkelstein and Katie King’s Favorite Textiles

Hope you’re prepared to see some very glitzy fabrications—and learn the full potential of a soda can.

This is not an exaggeration: Jesse Finkelstein and Katie King of JF & Son make some of the most impressive textiles we’ve ever seen. Their most out-there materials often don’t find their way into the company’s own designs, which tend to be minimalist with just small, eye-catching accents—instead, they make them for other designers or for inspiration. These are some of the stars from their swatch archive.

Check out the awesome beaded wrap cuff—that doubles as a belt—that Jesse and Katie created just for Of a Kind.

Jesse: “This is one of our very first swatches, for one of our very first clients, Michael Angel.”
Katie: “He came to us with a digital print, and we showed him the different variations of beading you could do.”

Jesse: “These are recycled sequins. They’re actually the backsides of aluminum cans.”

Katie: “We got this ikat fabric in India. The beads and the weaving add a lot of texture.”

Jesse: “These are printed sequins—they’re manufactured that way.”

Katie: “These are bugle beads turned on their sides. The technique creates a nice, Chia Pet texture.”