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Stephen and Shauna Make It

The duo creates every last component of their bow ties themselves.

Usually when designers make a piece by hand, they draw the line somewhere, outsourcing the packaging, for example, or the tags. But the hyper-engaged duo behind the appealingly throwback bow-tie line Forage is big on follow-through. This is how, in Shauna’s words, they took the 20 bow ties they made for us from vintage fabric to finished product.

Click here to scoop up one of the painstakingly made bow ties Stephen and Shauna created exclusively for Of a Kind.

“I cut everything, interface it, and pin it. We cut all of the fabric on a bias—on an angle. This allows it to twist and move more freely, but it also means there’s a considerable amount of waste on either side of a piece of material.”

“Steven’s actually the master sewer—he has crazy attention to detail—so then he’ll take it over with our machine.”

“Then I take the bow tie back and do the trimming and ironing, and I put all the hardware together.”

“We knew we wanted to print on the boxes somehow. Gocco printing is pretty well-known, but it’s difficult to find the materials. Because of its awkward size, to print on a box, we had to make this weird jig out of a piece of plywood.”

“At any given time, we’ll have like 200 boxes all sitting in perfect rows waiting for the ties. I love a mass of anything. Any time I can make lots and lots of one thing, I’m happy. It’s so nerdy.”

“We letterpress all of the tags ourselves on a vintage C&P Pilot. We like to keep the packaging nice and neutral—give it an old-school masculine feeling. A lot of the time, we’ll push the boundaries with the materials or patterns of the bow ties, and so we like to circle back and keep everything else more traditional.”