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Birchbox's Emerging Beauty Brand of the Moment Lurk

In case you’re in the market for a signature scent—and we don’t believe you if you say you aren’t—our pal Mollie Chen over at Birchbox has unearthed a new line that you can (and should) claim as your own.

Thanks to Hurricane Irene, my quick weekend trip to L.A. turned into an-all week affair. (Not that I’m complaining or anything.) I’ve been making the most of it with plenty of fish tacos, food trucks, and beauty market research. My friend Dana took me to Iko Iko, an insidery Hollywood boutique, to introduce me to her new fragrance obsession: Lurk. Based in New York, Lurk is an art-minded line of natural scents. The gorgeous perfume oils have a base of organic jojoba and come in tiny glass bottles with gold knob-shaped tops, and the blends all smell clean and fresh—they linger without being overpowering. As Dana put it, “They’re like the trace of a nice soap you used, rather than being like, ‘Hey, I like your perfume.’” The line includes just five perfume oils, and ranges from PRJ V1, a mix of jasmine, rose, and petitgrain that is feminine without being saccharine, to BS 003, a sprightly mix of bright citrus, warm woods, and spicy black pepper. At $50 each, they’re also an affordable indulgence. —mollie