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Hot Shot Julia Okun of Rennes Shares a Few Things Worth Saving

From her studio in Boston, Julia makes clean, understated leather bags—the sort that seem so simple until the 29th person stops you on a street to ask where you got yours. Her line Rennes is named after Rennes-le-Chateau, a.k.a. the French capital of conspiracy theories. Not to get all dark or anything, but we asked Julia what three things she would save from her studio in the case of a fire. Luckily, one is a bag to carry the other two. -jaime

“For a start, I would take the tiny little painted copper plate from my high-school Latin teacher—it always reminds me that I can do anything I set out to do. Second, I’d grab the the piece of hand-screened fabric I got from the Fabric Museum and Workshop in Philadelphia. I really love the pattern and have yet to see anything else quite like it. Third—and I don’t mean to sound self-promoting when I say this—is one of my Market Totes from last fall. I don’t often keep anything I make for myself, but I’m so glad I decided to keep one of these. My boyfriend calls it my “Nick Cave bag” because it’s rough and distressed, and I suppose that’s why I love it!” —julia