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On Vacation With Fortune Favors the Brave

These two globetrot in the name of their work.

The photo above—taken by Arnaud de Rosnay—pretty much sums up the duo behind the silver-fueled jewelry line, Fortune Favors the Brave. The shot of two carefree girls in braids, which is hung in Shannon Davenport and Julia Wilson’s immersive Brooklyn loft, doesn’t depict the two, but it may as well: Julia (brunette) and Shannon (blonde) travel the world looking for treasure—ideally in the form of inspiration for their line—as often as possible. “Shannon and I are escapists,” Julia says. “We’re always dreaming about living on an island or moving to the desert or the woods.” Here, the girls sift through photo albums of past trips to get to the root of some of their designs.” —alisha prakash

Shannon taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland: “This first picture is a natural spring—it’s the one thing you do in Iceland—and the color is a crazy milky blue. We really like opaque stones because it’s a way to have color without being super glitzy.”

Julia hitting up the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris: “While I was there, I was thinking about how a lot of architecture in Europe is inspired by religion. There were cool shapes that we wanted to apply when we were going through the new collection. The cross pendant necklace is very clean and it’s got a nice square shape to it.”

Shannon getting wild in the desert in Namibia: “The desert was a really big inspiration for us in general—the arid, tough, isolated feeling.”

Julia soaking up the sun on an island off Railay in Thailand: “In Thailand, there’s gold everywhere. When I was there, I also saw so much texture in the landscape. We wanted to infuse that blend of gold and texture into our collection.”

Shannon horseback riding in Mozambique: “This was taken when I lived in South Africa for a little while. I got a lot of cool jewelry while I was there—basic, chunky, copper cuffs that were the inspiration for pieces like this one.”

Come back tomorrow to score the duo’s way-cool holiday-ready edition!