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Next Level Neoprene

Neoprene is not exactly an EASY material, so trying it is all is definitely taking a leap. But on the rainiest days, its slickness becomes even more tempting. Here, four ways to go that won’t make you feel like an extra in The Life Aquatic. —erica

LEVEL I: Phillip Lim’s answer: Go with a belt. Put this on with the closest LBD, and you nail not only the neoprene thing but also the black-and-blue look.

LEVEL II: The color and fabric of this Tibi dress are tricky, but the so basic, super-flattering cut makes up for that big-time.

LEVEL III: Alexander Wang gives the bomber an extra hit of coolness—as if it needed the help.

LEVEL IV: Yes, there’s a lot going on here, but what if you pulled this Elizabeth & James floral situation on with a big, fluffy gray sweater? Now, there we go.

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