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Asia Ragland Gives her Spanish a Workout

She travels to dig up inspiration and really fly local jewelry.

Asia at the Tikal Mayan ruins in Guatemala—a little excursion during a trip to Belize.

After a college study-abroad stint in Spain, Asia Ragland, the lady behind the super-slick metal-and-enamel jewelry line Feliks + Adrik, got the itch to explore Latin America. Here are the places she’s visited (slash fallen in love with) and a look at the amazing souvenirs you can land if you steer clear of the touristy spots. —courtney mccarroll

“I studied abroad my second year of college in Salamanca. For spring break, my friends and I made our way south to the coast of Cádiz. It looked like something straight from a cinema still. There, I found the quintessential seashell: perfect in shape, not a crack or piece missing. The owners of a Chinese restaurant—believe it or not, there are so many in Spain!—gave me a piece of waxed rope string. I tied it to the back of the shell, and it became a keepsake.”

Costa Rica
“I’ve been to Costa Rica three times, and Manuel Antonio National Park is now a favorite place of mine to visit. The beaches are pristine and surrounded by rainforests. I met a young couple from Buenos Aires there who had been traveling throughout the Americas mining for stones and applying them to silver rings they crafted. I sat with them on the beach, chose a stone and a shape for the ring, and met them at the market the next day to collect my piece, engraved with their signature.”

“My first time to Belize holds a very special place in my heart. My girlfriends and I were lucky enough to get a private boat ride out to the barrier reef where we got to snorkel and drink rum punch while listening to our Rastafarian captain share stories of his adventures. My token from this trip was a ring purchased from a local artisan walking along the beach one evening. I selected the stone while my friends and I played with his children as he told us all about his craft.”

“I spent the last few days on my trip to Mexico last year in San Cristóbal de las Casas, and the city took me by surprise—and introduced me to a Mexico I hadn’t experienced. Indigenous populations like the Tzotzil and Tzetzal tribes that still speak in their native tongue and live in villages on the outskirts of town, venturing into the city to sell their wares. On my last day there, I purchased this seashell and seed necklace from woman and her daughter, and it’s become the inspiration for my spring/summer 2013 collection.”

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