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Behind The Scenes

Step Inside Mimi Eayrs’s Cozy Clinton Hill Apartment

“The space is like a Tetris game,” says Mimi Eayrs—who designs the bangin’ bag line Earyslee with Joanne Lee—of her Brooklyn pad. “We have optimized every corner for storage—we had to make sure we could squeeze everything in a way that doesn’t seem too cluttered.” See how she, her husband Jason, and their son Indigo have done a lot with a little space. —alisha prakash “This is our living room. My husband made the coffee table many years ago. The blue book on it was a gift he gave to our son on the day that he was born. It is called Conversations with Blue—our son’s name is Indigo—and has the most beautiful, delicate prints made with cyanotype. Basically, the whole apartment is a juxtaposition of both our styles. Jason is a little more modern and likes cleaner lines. I tend to be drawn to more vintage stuff, like the mirror above the mantle.” “This picture was given to us by my best friend in Argentina for our wedding. It’s from an artist named Nahuel Vecino. We call it our auspicious painting.” “We love vinyl. The record that is on—by Father John Misty—is what our son listened to while he was in the womb. When he was just a couple of weeks old, this was one of the few things that would really soothe him and put him to sleep. To the left is the Eayrslee Lou iPad bag and the Cooper mini bag in stingray. The painting is one of mine.” “My husband made the four moons painting last year while I was in Brazil for business. He had never painted anything before and decided to try something out—which ended up looking pretty awesome.” “My grandmother brought that little table with her all the way from Argentina, though it originally came from India. The photograph was a Polaroid our friend took at our wedding that he then blew up and gave to us. And that’s an Eayrslee yellow Henry wallet on the side table.” “This used to be the Eayrslee office. Joanne and I always referred to Eayrslee as our baby…until the actual baby I had with my husband came along, and the space became his room. The curtain came from India; the rug we found in the north of Argentina, after searching for days. We picked the color for the walls before we found out the gender of the baby—it was a unanimous decision.” “The little bunny was handmade in Argentina, and the rattle was a gift from our good friend. Whenever we’re changing Indi and he starts to cry, I say ‘magic!’ and shake the rattle, which makes the sound, that in my mind, they would use for a magic moment if our lives had a soundtrack. Indi loves it and becomes completely absorbed by it.” “The painting on the left was a gift to Indi from his godmother in Argentina. It’s pretty crazy because it looks just like me, and it reminds me of how I would have drawn myself. We love it. The llamas come from a little town called Purmamarca in the north of Argentina, and the little drawing on the right is a mini Yves Klein that we printed on a regular old printer.” Check out the rad leather clutch Mimi and Joanne made for us here!
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Meet Lou, the Eayrslee Muse

If you ask Joanne Lee and Mimi Eayrs where they dreamt up their line of sturdy and polished bags, they’ll tell you it was over platters of burgers and fries at the Williamsburg restaurant Five Leaves. But what ultimately got the girls to pull the trigger was an ad campaign in Elle, featuring design legend Rosita Missoni—the chic and glossy snap prompted Joanne and Mimi to weave together a story for their dream customer. She goes by Lou, has a hunky boyfriend, a stylish grandma—and, well, we’ll let pros do the rest of the talking. —jiayi ying Lou, as represented by a Balenciaga model, and her surroundings. Mimi: “Before we started the collection—and this is kind of geeky—we got this gigantic board to define our dream customer. We named her Lou, and we thought about her, her job, her apartment, her parents, her friends, her boyfriend, what her boyfriend does—everything. We just made a really, really long storyline, and ended up knowing this person inside and out. When we design anything, we ask, ‘What would Lou like?’ In some ways, she’s the in-between between me and Joanne.” The face that launched a line (and then another). Mimi: “This is her grandmother. Everything started with this photograph. Joanne was going through a magazine, and I was like, “Oh my god, I love this picture!” We found it, and Rosita Missoni, just so inspiring. I love grandmothers. I think they’re such a story in themselves. They’re these amazing, huge books of knowledge and style.” Joanne: “With her name, we wanted to have something that’s easy and kind of mysterious. To us, some names evoke very specific personalities, but Lou is just very cool and downtown—it could be short for Louise or Louisa.”Mimi: “We didn’t know what to name the line when we started it, so we came up with a list of them. One was Louisa Hawnt—she’s an ancestor in my family. We loved it but thought that maybe it was too random. Louisa always stuck though, so that’s probably where Lou came from. I think it’s just an easy, fun, and disarming name. You’re instant friends with someone called Lou. We also liked the simplicity of it—if you’re calling her that already, you’re in the know. It’s a little bit like with our bags.” Mimi: “She works in fashion—maybe PR or marketing—and really appreciates goods that are well-made. We love the idea of heritage and things that you get and love from your grandparents—like, say, a really nice cashmere sweater from your grandma. She’s worn it for thirty years, and you’ll keep on wearing it. When it comes to the line, we want to make things that are going to stick around for a really long time, with leathers that age really well and designs that go beyond just a season.” Mimi: “This is her boyfriend, who is here pictured as Heath Ledger. He is a photographer, lives in the West Village, and has a dog.” Mimi: “Lou’s more of a Brooklyn girl, but she goes out to Manhattan often as well. She’s a woman of the world—she’s very interested in travel. We’re very inspired by a lot of ethnic stuff, so we kind of discover the world through her eyes.”Joanne: “She’s always in the back of our heads when we’re designing. I think, to a degree, we are Lou—but we’re both very different in some ways. My ideal bag would just be a tote with a gusset, and Mimi’s would be with this cool leather and color.” Mimi: “Lou’s definitely somewhere in between when it comes to aesthetics. She’s kind of the face of two people. If it were just me, everything would be super crazy, and if it were just Joanne, it’d be—”Joanne: “—super boring. It works well together.” Joanne: “We’ve edited stuff out as we’ve grown as a line. But these are her roots, so we keep them as is. As we go on, Lou’ll change too. She’ll get a little older and wiser.” Score the duo’s latest exclusive edition now!
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A Day in the Life with Eayrslee

No surprise here: Mimi Eayrs and Joanne Lee—the ladies behind Eayrslee, a line of sleekly functional bags you want to carry around the clock—are a busy pair. On top of brainstorming for lookbook shoots in their Brooklyn studio, scouting trade shows for drool-worthy leathers (stingray! ostrich! crocodile!), and working on some pretty sweet collabs (ahem, this one included), they’re up to, oh, a million other things. Joanne lets us in on the action. —jiayi ying Mimi all plugged in. 10:00AM - “Get into the studio, check email and blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest. Soon enough, we’ll need a social marketing intern to keep up with all the new media!” 12:00PM - “Jeralyn Gerba from Fathom—a website for travelers in the know—came by for a studio tour. They’re introducing our Fall 2012 line through our recent trip to Argentina where we had fun sourcing exotic leathers and neon hardware.” 1:30PM - “Our good friend Marina Munoz stopped by. She’s an incredible stylist and has been wanting to make belts for a while, so we’re working on some ideas for a collaboration. One of the best things about having our own line is that we get to work with a lot of amazingly talented friends and build a creative community together.” 2:30PM - “An Eayrslee Friday is not complete without a burger and fries lunch. Our favorite is Five Leaves, where we started the line, handily located around the corner from our Williamsburg studio.” 4:00PM - “Sketches! We are designing some limited-edition canvas bags for fall. It’s going to be a very small run—all of the bags will be made in Brooklyn, by our very own hands.” Christine, checkin’ out Eayrslee fall 2012 goodies. 5:00PM - “Christine Yoon lives down the street from us—and runs a rad line called BHON with her sister. It’s great to have other designer friends in the neighborhood to share the joys and pains of running a line. She is curating an independent designers sale event in a really cool space in Soho coming up soon—and we’re part of it!” [Ed: Keep your eyes peeled for updates!] 7:30PM - “Gossiping by the water cooler, tying up loose ends, and saying goodnight to our studiomate Lucio Castro.” Edition #2 from the awesome Eayrslee girls is here! Get your matching lizard clutch and wallet now.
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