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lyndsey butler

OF veda

Lyndsey Butler is not one of those devout fashion girls who’s been drawing dresses ever since she could hold a crayon. “I studied philosophy and religion at NYU. I liked the philosophy better because the texts are so dense. It was fun to go to class and hear other people’s opinions—you’d think, ‘I didn’t read that into that line,’” she says.

The Texas native fell into working for Yael Aflalo, who created Ya-Ya and now runs The Reformation, during her senior year in college. Lyndsey quickly discovered she had a knack for—and interest in—the industry. “At first, I was like, ‘This is a stepping stone. This is just to have a job out of college.’ But I really liked the clothes and being a part of the whole vibe,” she explains. Eventually, Yael convinced her to put off going to grad school and to stick around for a while. After spending a few years working on the business side of things in New York and L.A., Lyndsey delved into design, launching Veda in 2008.

At first, the line was all about the leather jacket, a piece that Lyndsey loved but could never find in slim shapes at the right prices, but she has since started working with all manner of clothing and fabrics. “The process is really interesting and fun—like a puzzle. You get your first sample back, and it’s not what you thought it was going to be. It’s never going to be exactly what you want, but sometimes it’s a pleasant surprise,” Lyndsey explains. “There are certain things that are set. So it’s cool sometimes when something happens—like a jacket comes back without a closure—and you say, ‘Oh, I never would have thought to do that, but I kind of like it.’”

Behind The Scenes

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    How Lyndsey Butler Creates a Collection There’s math. And it’s fun.Sure, there’s a ton of creativity involved, but Lyndsey Butler’s design process is very exacting. “People tend to think that you dream up this idea, and it happens,” explains the woman behind the leather line Veda, which isn’t nearly as tough as the core material implies. Here’s what goes into creating a collection, from start to finish. —ericaA sketch, side-by-side with a magazine editorial that inspired it.“In the beginning, my team discusses as many designs as we... READ MORE »
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    Lyndsey Butler’s 10 Travel Essentials She really has the whole packing thing down.“I try to go out of town whenever I can,” says Lyndsey Butler, the woman behind the suitcase-ready, leather-fueled line, Veda. And while most of her travel used to be business-centric, she’s been able to squeeze in more genuine vacations lately—and is starting to get into surfing. “I’ve been a few times—in Costa Rica and Bali—and understand the concept, but I’m not that good. I can stand up, but I can’t say that I can do much more than that,” she ex... READ MORE »
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    Lyndsey Butler's Guide to Leather At Veda, skin is in. Lyndsey demonstrating the wear-and-tear potential of a denim-esque finish.When Lyndsey Butler started Veda in 2008, she decided to start out working exclusively in leather, a choice driven by practicality as much as by aesthetics: She didn’t want to try to master at a dozen materials at once. “Not that I’m lazy, but as one person I really wanted to be able to focus on the shapes of the pieces and get them right,” she explains. “Now that I’ve done that, I can focus on deta... READ MORE »