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louis dicicco and mari ouchi

OF FAUX/real

Moms have always been eager to spout the play-it-safe mantra that nothing good happens after midnight. But Louis DiCicco and Mari Ouchi of FAUX/real didn’t heed it: The designers behind the architecturally sound jewelry line were partying into the wee hours at a mutual friend’s place when Louis picked Mari up, spun her around, and ripped her dress in the process. Somehow, this fashion sabotage led to insta-friendship, and to a working relationship a few years later. “The two of us together is a perfect balance,” says Mari, of their right-brain/left-brain partnership that shines through in their exceedingly unexpected, sculptural jewelry.

Drawing inspiration from toilets, bad bosses, and gym equipment, the duo combines atypical materials (rubber! neoprene!) in crazy-creative ways…and showcases their work on a website surrounded by GIFs of cats doing pushups and stock photos of strangers. But not even flashing dots or glowing text can distract from the sort of pieces that garner attention anywhere—they make subway companions do a double-take and will earn you many a dance partner during your own big nights out. —carlye wisel


Behind The Scenes

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    FAUX/real's Atypical (and Appealingly Nuts) Inspiration Just wait ‘til you get into the heads of this design duo.If there was a gold medal for finding inspiration everywhere, Mari Ouchi and Louis DiCicco would have it slung around their necks. (And would likely reinterpret it for their exercise-themed collection.) Here, the designers behind the sleekly complex jewelry line FAUX/real—both of them, together!—take us on a tour that guarantees you’ll never look at happy hour, Basic Instinct, and bicep curls the same way again. —carlye wisel"This piece... READ MORE »
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    FAUX/real Surfs the Internet This jewelry-making team knows how to find the truly bizarre.Though the Magic School Bus made us believe otherwise, we probably won’t be able to take a field trip through the craniums of the FAUX/real duo anytime soon. But you can at least get a glimpse of Mari Ouchi and Louis DiCicco’s brainwaves through this mish-mosh of their favorite internet pleasures—they fill the website for their sophisticatedly eccentric jewelry line with a mix of hilarious and bizarre oddities, and here’s a glance, ... READ MORE »