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jeff halmos & sam shipley

OF shipley & halmos

“I met Jeff on a street corner as a second-week freshman, on my way to find a party. He had on a Volcom tee, so I thought I had found another skater—finally. We hung out and became close friends quickly,” says Sam Shipley (left), of his future business partner and University of Colorado bud Jeff Halmos.

Jump to junior year, and the pair had started the preppy-surfer brand Trovata with two other friends. But after some creative differences, Sam and Jeff decided to start fresh, and in 2008, they struck out on their own, leaving the mountains for Long Beach and launching Shipley & Halmos.

“Neither of us had any interest in fashion. We just kind of fell into it,” explains Jeff. “I never tell people we’re coming up with these fantastical ideas about dreaming of summers in the south of France. We’re not ‘taking our guy on a journey.’ We want our company to feel approachable.” For them, that means letting their line, now based in NYC, go in any direction that feels right—to books, furniture, and even music. As Sam notes, “Jeff’s incredible at the bongos, and I can play the sitar like Ravi Shankar. We try like hell to be ourselves and not take this whole thing too seriously.” —alisha prakash


Behind The Scenes

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    Tour the Shipley & Halmos Studio Are you ready to meet the line’s mascot? Oh, good.When Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos launched Shipley & Halmos, their every-guy line that girls go nuts for too, they started working out of Sam’s apartment in Long Beach, California. “At that time, Sam played music, so he had a whole recording studio set up in his kitchen. There was equipment everywhere, plus clothes,” says Jeff. But a couple of months later, the twosome moved to NYC, taking over a baller studio in Soho. We’ll let them show you a... READ MORE »
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    A Day in Steamboat Springs With the Shipley & Halmos Guys These New York City boys have a soft spot for the mountains.Although Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos, the dream team behind Shipley & Halmos, are currently based in NYC, the two have called a bunch of locales home. Together, they’ve spent time in Florida (where Jeff was born), Illinois (where Sam was born), California, Virginia, and Colorado—a place that holds an extra-special place in their hearts. “We met at the University of Colorado—I spent four years in Colorado, and Sam had lived there sinc... READ MORE »