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shana tabor

OF in god we trust

“I remember having a moment with myself, asking, ‘What do I like? What am I interested in?’” explains Shana Tabor, the brains behind the apparel and accessories line In God We Trust. “Designing was a choice I made when I was around 12, not something I fell into.” So, as a junior-high kid with access to thrift stores and a sewing machine, Shana started making her own clothes, which led to summer, jewelry-making classes at Parsons.

When it was time to determine her next move, Shana enrolled at FIT for fashion design, but it didn’t take longer than one semester to realize she wanted to switch her major. “Apparel was something I knew I wanted to come back to, but it needed to be on my own terms. On a technical level, there was so much more I could learn with jewelry,” she says.

“On her own terms” is a theme for Shana: After getting some industry experience post-graduation, she quit the office grind and started focusing on making her own killer pieces out of her sick Williamsburg apartment-slash-studio. In 2005, she opened up her first retail location on Wythe Avenue in Brooklyn, selling both accessories and apparel, and she now has three locations around NYC.

So what’s with the name? “It’s supposed to be a commentary on American commerce and the thought-process behind how people spend their money,” Shana says. “I was working with a bunch of coins. I sat there staring at them and thought it was so weird that it said ‘In God We Trust’ on all of our money. We do get a few people calling thinking we’re a religious institution, and the occasional missionary comes into the store.” —alisha prakash


Behind The Scenes

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    The 3 NYC Spots In God We Trust Calls Home Find yourself an excuse to visit all of them.Shana Tabor has come a long way: “When I first started, I had a tiny corner of my bedroom where I would sit for 12 hours every day and make jewelry,” she explains of the roots of her line In God We Trust, which now tackles apparel, too. But in 2005, about two years after she started working on her line full-time, Shana decided it was time to set up shop—an interest she had from the very beginning. She now has a trifecta of super-influential, crazy-... READ MORE »