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ali golden

OF ali golden

Ali Golden the designer is as straightforward as Ali Golden the line. With a background in graphic design and fine arts, she just sort of fell into the clothing world in 2011, discovering an attraction to flowy fabrics and clean lines. Of course it doesn’t hurt that she is an expert on the sewing machine, still making patterns and sewing her own samples, and is highly involved in every last aspect of her production, a rarity that totally shines through in her simple, thoughtful collection.

Meandering her way up the West Coast, Ali spent her childhood surfing and soaking up SoCal’s carefree vibes and now calls Oakland home. The offbeat neighborhood where her shop-meets-studio is located happens to be one of the coolest scenes in the city, with a vibe speaks to the sort of girl who would be drawn to her pieces. As Ali explains, that’s someone who “wants comfort foremost, but still wants to look good and unique. I like the idea of displaying my style with a lightness and a sense of humor—nothing too serious,” she says. Another key feature of her mostly silk label: “Almost everything is one size fits 0 to 10, so it literally is for everyone. It’s utilitarian and inspired by the notion of a uniform: anonymous with an edge.” —carly pifer


Behind The Scenes

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    Ali Golden’s Temescal Alley Tour A half dozen stellar spots in Oakland’s most happening ‘hood.Imagine going to work everyday next door to all your friends, who happen to be cool, creative types you can look (across the alley) to for inspiration. Yah, that’s Ali Golden’s life, as her little corner of Oakland, the offbeat Temescal, gains attention for everything from killer clothes and jewelry to good eats and hip hair. There’s so much amazingness close by that there’s rarely a reason to leave. “The shop owners in the alley ha... READ MORE »
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    Ali Golden Gets Handsy With Her Line Why not do as much as you can, while you can?Ali’s studio and store, set in a former horse stable in Temescal Alley in Oakland.“I’ve really tried to build my line and business the way I think it should exist, which is kind of out of the normal cycle of the fashion industry,” Ali Golden says of her namesake line of easy-fitting tunics and, more recently, rockin’ canvas bags. Here, a few of the ways that Ali gets her hands dirty. —carly pifer“I do all my own pattern-drafting and sample-sewing. ... READ MORE »