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gia bahm

OF unearthen

Before taking the entrepreneurial plunge and founding Unearthen—her line of raw, sophisticated gems—in 2007, Gia Bahm was living in New York and working as a wardrobe stylist. “I realized I was happiest when I was just messing around on set and improvising little accessories out of scraps,” explains the designer, who spent childhood weekends in her native Seattle shuttling between various arts-and-crafts classes. “I just knew I wanted to try doing my own thing for a while and see what came of it.”

When Gia got down to experimenting, she whipped up pendants that paired gemstones with bullet casings, and they got so much love that she then needed to determine a name for this undertaking. “I agonized over what to call it,” Gia, now an L.A.-dweller, admits. “I wanted something that sounded natural and mysterious, and ‘Unearthen’ just felt right. I like that it’s not a real word. It kind of allows you to interpret it however you want.” And although the line has expanded well beyond its inaugural necklace into a range that now includes rings, bracelets, lockets, and even pocketknives (why not?), Gia is still all about the making. “I’m obsessively hands-on,” she says. “It sounds insane, but I love finding the perfect setting, the perfect little home for each crystal.” Sounds like, in the process, she’s made a pretty fine home for herself as well. —mattie kahn


Behind The Scenes

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    Take a Tour of Gia Bahm’s Dope, Three-Story L.A. Home Peter Jackson might be jealous.Gia in her casa.How would Gia Bahm, the Los Angeles-based badass behind the jewelry line Unearthen, describe her pad in Mount Washington? “It’s got a bit of a hobbit hole vibe, but you can feel all the love and time the owner has put into the place,” she says. “It’s set up in a non-traditional way—living room on the first floor, kitchen and bathroom on the second floor, bedroom on the top floor.” (Yah, that’s right, three floors.) Check it out. —alisha prakash“A... READ MORE »
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    Gia Bahm’s 4 Rules of the Road (Trip) Good music is obviously required.When Unearthen’s Gia Bahm wants a brief escape from her recently adopted Los Angeles home, she takes to the open road. “I love driving, particularly when I don’t know what I’m going to find. The whole process feels incredibly inspiring and even kind of soothing to me,” says the designer, who messes with precious metals and perfectly imperfect crystals to create her jewelry. Here, her four tried-and-true, get-outta-town tips so you can follow in her tire tracks... READ MORE »
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    Unearthen Gives Us a Ring And a rundown of how Unearthen’s first edition came to be.  Gia Bahm, the designer responsible for Unearthen’s sweetly tough jewelry, knew exactly what she wanted from her inaugural Of a Kind edition: a ring simple enough to be worn every day and special enough to make a statement. To satisfy the tall order, Gia employed a lost-wax casting process and handset each stone herself. “Computers and technology are great,” Gia says. “But I like that this is tangible. It means each ring turns out a l... READ MORE »