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Liz Hobin

OF jimmy + maeve

“Making has always just been a part of my life,” says Liz Hobin, the creative force behind the one-year-old scarf-centric line Jimmy + Maeve. Raised by a grandmother who showed her the knitting ropes and a master-quilter mother, Liz, with her “genetic instinct to create,” was pretty much destined to go the DIY route, and, after leaving L.A. to study public health in SF and Portland, she settled down in Greenpoint in 2010 and established her label in 2011.

But, really, why scarves? As Liz explains, “coming from L.A., living in Brooklyn means a big comfort sacrifice that I’m not willing to accept—scarves are like comfort food.” So much so that Liz spent the entire summer knitting scarves on the beach. “I’m inspired by anxiety—if I’m not making something or reinventing a project, I go crazy,” she says.

Don’t let her fool you: Jimmy + Maeve, made of the softest materials Liz can find—wool, alpaca, cashmere, merino—is not just a Xanax alternative. It’s a biz, with a team of three hand-knitting from her studio, which, conveniently enough, happens to be located in her apartment. The ultimate goal: “I want it to be like having a blanket for your neck and face,” she says. —alisha prakash


Behind The Scenes

  • Profile_tumblr_me80bs3ifg1qazwkm
    Liz Hobin Spins a Yarn About Her 5 Favorite Weaves All in stitches.You’d think designing—and hand-knitting—scarves could get a little repetitive (translation: blah), but not for Liz Hobin, the woman behind the cozy cowl-focused label Jimmy + Maeve. “I feel so close to each piece that it doesn’t really get boring for me. But to keep it interesting for other people, I am always messing around with different stitches and colorways,” she explains. These are five ways she helps keep the romance alive. —alisha prakash“This is a classic rib stitch, ... READ MORE »
  • Profile_tumblr_me7zx3bz1e1qazwkm
    The People Who Inspired Jimmy + Maeve A bundle of Maeves and one (T.V.!) Jimmy.Liz Hobin is the designer behind the ultra-comfy scarf line Jimmy + Maeve. So why the hail did she name it that anyway? “Maeve is an Irish name that ladies have carried for generations in my family,” says Liz. “It means ‘she who intoxicates’ in Gaelic.” As for Jimmy—you’re just going to have to read on… —alisha prakash“This black-and-white photo is the oldest of the Maeves that I could find. She is my grandfather’s mother, and the photo was taken in Ir... READ MORE »