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jennie engelhardt & emily harrison

OF hare+hart

In the outskirts of Buenos Aires, there sits a small, old factory where a family of craftsmen—they’ve been at this for generations—works away tanning and stretching hides to be made into ridiculously cool leather bombers and bucket bags for the line Hare+Hart. Jennie Engelhardt (right) and Emily Harrison split their time between the Argentine city, where Jennie once studied abroad and where Emily moved post-college, and NYC, and their ties to this place is what got their label started: “One trip, I decided I wanted to have a custom jacket made, and it turned out awfully,” Jennie recalls. “The styles weren’t contemporary, but the leather and craftsmanship were of such high quality that we really thought, ‘This could be something.’ So we started brainstorming designs.”
Since launching in 2010, they’ve both sourced their leather and done production in Argentina, and they plan to keep it that way for awhile. “I think that at first the craftsmen we work with thought, ‘You young American girls—you don’t know anything,’” Jennie says. “But it’s been a few years, and I think they’re finally starting to admit that we might know something.” —lydia woolever


Behind The Scenes

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    Hare+Hart Knows Buenos Aires And now you do, too.As we imagine it, Jennie Engelhardt and Emily Harrison of Hare+Hart spend all of their time eating medium-rare steaks, cracking open bottles of Argentine red, and tangoing until sunrise. But when the design duo is in Buenos Aires—they both also do time in NYC—they have to get work done, too, as they produce all of their line’s elegantly simple leather goods just outside the capital city. Here, the nine places you’ll find them when they’re not hanging out at factories. —lyd... READ MORE »
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    Hare+Hart Teaches You to Care for Your Leather Because it’s only an investment piece if you make it last.Oil and leather, best friends forever.Like wine and Justin Timberlake, good leather only gets better with age. If you take care of it, that is. “When I turned 26, I complained to my boss at the time about getting old, and she said, ‘Whatever, I have leather coats older than you,” says Jennie Engelhardt, one half of the team behind Hare+Hart. “And it’s true: People save their leather.” She and her cohort Emily Harrison, who source skins... READ MORE »
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    Why We Think a Hare+Hart Clutch Is So Clutch Wherein the Of a Kind founders discuss the appeal of Hare+Hart’s strap-free wonders.Shop our last sample sale of the week! Hare+Hart’s bags (and leather jackets!) at up to 92% off. Yes, you read that right. Erica: When did we fall completely out of love with big, Olsen-style carry-alls? When was that? Claire: I think it was when we started our own business and had no money and no office so we had to schlep our laptops with us everywhere. And it’s so not chic to show up to dinner or a bar with... READ MORE »