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anna lynett moss

OF chiyome

One of the most difficult kinds of chic to achieve is that Japanese-style minimalism that’s beautiful in its pure functionality. But Anna Lynett Moss has it in her blood. Her bag line, Chiyome, is named for her Japanese great-grandmother. “My mother tried to find an anglicized name that began with ‘Chi’ for me, to continue that heritage among women in my family, but couldn’t,” she explains. “I’m resurrecting that tradition through Chiyome for my generation.”

After enrolling at RISD at 18, Anna spent some time in Rome and Los Angeles before moving to NYC (an inevitability, in her mind). In L.A., she started experimenting making clothes and bags for pals and decided to audition for Project Runway on a whim. Her takeaway from participating in season 7? “Developing a whole apparel collection every season is madness.”

Bags, it turns out, are more her scene. “Bags are fascinating because they need to function so specifically in order to fit seamlessly into one’s life,” she explains of the appeal. “It’s an intriguing challenge to hone in on the particular set of elements that make a bag work really well.” Challenge, schmallenge: Anna’s insanely sleek, hard-working line totally nails it. She makes the anti-It bag—the everything, always bag. —carly pifer


Behind The Scenes

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    Get Quilt-Happy with Chiyome Girl is scrappy.In addition to streamlined bags, Anna Lynett Moss is way into quilting and sells her creations under her so-good, so-sleek label, Chiyome. How’d she fall into this work? “Today, our will to piece together a blanket with scraps of old garments is deflated by the convenience of cheap commercial alternatives,” explains Anna in her always-thoughtful way. “I’m interested in the luxurious opportunity to manipulate this craft by choice and not necessity.” Get a taste of her inspo and... READ MORE »
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    Check Out Chiyome’s So-Cool Long Island City HQ Where a whole lotta amazingness goes down.Chiyome—Anna Lynett Moss’s line of so-sleek, New York-made totes, pouches, and backpacks—sure looks good. But it does good, too. “If we can build this company to be anything that we want, why wouldn’t we push the boundaries and see if we can have a profound effect in our community?” she says. Case in point: Chiyome recently hired survivors of human trafficking as creative collaborators in the manufacturing process. “We plan to integrate their thoughts... READ MORE »
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    Anna Lynett Moss Teaches Fashion School—at Prison And, big surprise, we could all learn a thing or two.“People with creative training are in a unique position to envision innovative alternatives to some of our deepest social problems,” says Anna Lynett Moss. Thing is, the woman behind the high-functioning bag line Chiyome is no blowhard: She led a garment-reconstruction workshop at a home for teenage girls, is working with the UN to develop a socially-conscious accessories line, and teaches fashion courses at the women’s jail on Rikers Islan... READ MORE »