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kindah khalidy

OF kindah khalidy

Kindah Khalidy’s secret to career happiness? Find a space where you love to work. As a kid, the Northern California native romped around outdoors, building intricate forts out of, well, nature itself. “I would spend all day stapling leaves together into a curtain or making elaborate pine needle rugs,” Kindah explains. “I was always more geared towards grand spaces than fantasy.” And when it came to her next step, she decided to enroll at the California College of the Arts solely based on the school’s airy textile studio—a space that made her feel anything but trapped inside. “My mom and I went to look at the class, and we both were like, ‘This looks like a really fun space to work in,’” she recalls. “I need that great natural light, especially when I’m painting.”

There, Kindah began creating one-off, hand-sewn garments composed of abstract shapes in unusual color pairings. “I think a lot of designers start creating because they’re trying to fill a void—they’re conjuring up something they’re not already seeing in the market,” says the designer, now living in Berkeley. “My designs are even a little bit out of my own comfort zone. My favorite reaction is when people scream and say ‘Whoa! What is that?’”—monica derevjanik


Behind The Scenes

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    Way-Easy Guide to Painting Textiles With Kindah Khalidy With the craft skills of a kindergartner, you absolutely design your own fabric.Kindah Khalidy hand-paints little cotton tanks and canvas pouches with knock-your-socks-off, abstract motifs, and, whether or not you have the vision to go all wearable work-of-art, you can definitely DIY your own fabric. Enter: stencils and a tutorial from a chick who knows just what she’s doing. —monica derevjanikMaterials:+ Fabric of choice (canvas or cotton do well)+ Kindah’s stencil (download here!) or your o... READ MORE »
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    Kindah Khalidy’s Totally Sweet NorCal Candy Tour Some sugary fixes that look as awesome as they taste.If you’re searching for an excuse to make a candy run, just tell everyone you’re looking for some color inspiration—that’s what Kindah Khalidy does. And, boy, does she know where to get the good stuff. Check out her favorite local sweet spots—and the pieces in her hand-painted collection they inspired. —monica derevjanikCottage of Sweets, Carmel“Cottage of Sweets isn’t in the Bay Area, but it’s my #1. It’s literally the teeniest, wood-shing... READ MORE »