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steven shein

OF steven shein

Long before Steven Shein, who describes himself as “being way more interested in style than fashion,” got into jewelry and furniture design, he was a Lego-playing, tree-climbing eight-year old in South Africa. Hold down the fast-forward button for a bit and you’ll whiz past Steven moving to CA with his family, enrolling at University of California in Santa Barbara for philosophy at 18, discovering contemporary art, and switching his major to sculpture. Press pause.

“It was all an accident,” Steven explains of his road to jewelry design. “I was working on an art project that dealt with the body’s engagement with the environment when an instructor suggested I make something wearable. So I made a big, blocky bangle. That was the starting point.”

At 22, Steven moved to Los Angeles and headed to the Art Center to pursue environmental design, where he stumbled across laser-cutting technology and started getting busy with plexiglass. And while alternative materials drew him in, since launching his namesake line in late 2012, Steven has embraced using go-to metals—bronze, silver, and gold—in less-than-classical ways. “Lately, I’ve been playing with sandblasting and have been juxtaposing that against high-polish surfaces,” he says. Yes, the outcome is as cool as it sounds.  —alisha prakash


Behind The Scenes

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    Watch Steven Shein Make a Diamond Ring Look All Fresh and Cool Say sayonara to the solitaire.How do you turn a diamond ring—a piece of jewelry about as classic as they come—into something exciting? Steven Shein, the totally badass L.A.-based designer, has an answer. “What’s cool about the process is that we’re using cutting-edge, modern technology—3D printing and modeling—and age-old techniques—specifically, lost wax casting,” he explains. Here, dive into everything it took to create his brand-spankin’-new, seriously slick black diamond ring. —alisha pra... READ MORE »
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    4 Pieces of Steven Shein’s Furniture That Will Make Your Jaw Drop Including something that will compel you to pick your clothes up off the floor.Brace yourself: We’re about to blow your mind. Before Steven Shein ever made a mixed-metal necklace or a minimalist-but-tough ring, he crafted furniture—abstract pieces that are as statement-making as they are functional. Here, the L.A. designer shares some of his most wowza creations. —alisha prakash“This is a valet—it’s designed to hold clothing. It is primarily an object for the bedroom and is made out of a stee... READ MORE »
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    Inside Steven Shein’s Super-Industrial L.A. Studio The tools are something serious.If you thought that designers worked from sparse, white-box studios, the jewelry designer Steven Shein’s about to disabuse you of that notion. His space: a former auto-glass shop on the east side of the L.A. River that he shares with a few other artists with a penchant for heavy machinery. Here, Steven takes us on a tour through his space, spotlighting the tools that make it all possible. —alisha prakash“This is the front door to the space. The whole front wall... READ MORE »