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jesse finkelstein and katie king

OF jf and son

When Jesse Finkelstein and Katie King started JF & Son (the name goes way back to Jesse’s great-great-grandfather’s company), they weren’t producing clothes—they were creating mind-blowing textiles. “We started just making swatches with embroidery or beading that we  shopped around. Designers would pick out things and either purchase them for inspiration or buy yardage,” explains Jesse. From the get-go, the company had its own production facilities, first in Delhi, then in Shanghai, and, coming soon, in the U.S. of A—in a town in Georgia that once had Jockey plants.

When Jesse and Katie  decided to start making their own clothes, the systems were already in place, but that didn’t mean the garment creation went off without a hitch. “We forgot to put zippers in,” says Katie, who studied costume design as an undergrad and then went back to Parsons to focus on fashion design. Now that they’ve found their groove, they’ve grown a downtown following that appreciates their just-embellished-enough aesthetic and the fact that they’re constantly making new things. “I love beading on swatches, but I don’t necessarily love beading on clothing,” Jesse says. “It has to be really good for us to like it. It can’t just be sparkly.”


Behind The Scenes

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    Five of Jesse Finkelstein and Katie King’s Favorite Textiles Hope you’re prepared to see some very glitzy fabrications—and learn the full potential of a soda can.This is not an exaggeration: Jesse Finkelstein and Katie King of JF & Son make some of the most impressive textiles we’ve ever seen. Their most out-there materials often don’t find their way into the company’s own designs, which tend to be minimalist with just small, eye-catching accents—instead, they make them for other designers or for inspiration. These are some of the stars from thei... READ MORE »
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    The JF & Son Art Project How many fashion lines do you know that have a staff curator?Having their own production facilities places the NYC-based clothing company JF & Son in a unique position to bring projects to life—and Jesse Finkelstein, Katie King, and their team are making the most of it by challenging artists to come up with extraordinary textile-based projects. Travis Boyer wears the curator hat, heading up the charmingly named MFT (My Favorite Things) collaboration initiative. Here, he talks about his... READ MORE »
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    Jesse and Katie Make a Move The JF & Son duo is taking their shop to a different part of town, and they’re trading prosciutto for farm-fresh produce.When Jesse Finkelstein and Katie King of JF & Son first ventured into the realm of clothing, they focused solely on producing stunning and intricate textiles for other designers. But it wasn’t long before they decided to start their own line and open a Manhattan shop to sell it. “I think having the store has certainly made us better designers. Being able to see women ... READ MORE »