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allison sires and fiona thomas

OF thomas sires

Fiona Thomas (left) and Allison Sires get hung up on the little things. And in trying on their loose-knit spring sweaters and high-waisted army-green shorts—or visiting their architectural-but-warm store in downtown Manhattan—you immediately appreciate the time and energy the duo puts into really nailing it. “I’ve seen so many designers create these amazing pieces where the fit just wasn’t right,” Fiona explains. “We had some items that we sampled so many times to change a button here, a belt loop there.”

In fact, while working together at Loeffler Randall, they bonded over their shared affection for spot-on details. “Allison gave me a birthday present that was really, really beautifully wrapped in this fancy box. There was this funny moment of realizing that only she and I would really appreciate this,” Fiona says. “The box was more expensive than the gift,” Allison adds.

Having their own storefront means Fiona and Allison get to make constant tweaks, not only adjusting the layout and bringing in thoughtfully designed furniture, but also adding to their just-left-of-classic clothing line whenever they want. “We can experiment in little ways to see what products people respond to,” Allison says. One such endeavor: a rack of miniaturized Thomas Sires designs for kids that’s met with plenty of oohs and aahs.

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Behind The Scenes

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    The Fabrics that Get Fiona Thomas and Allison Sires Going Uncovering a new—or vintage—material can kick-off the design process. Though Fiona Thomas and Allison Sires, the two women behind Thomas Sires, continent-hopped and spent hours with decades-old issues of Vogue, they discovered that some of the best source material for their sophisticated, unfussy spring collection was, well, material. “We were going to fabric appointments and finding a French terry or a silk print and saying, ‘I love this. We have to make this work,’” Fiona explains. The... READ MORE »
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    Fiona and Allison Bring Japan to NYC Sometimes it’s tough to decide exactly which novelty tape to import.Some of the tchotchkes at the duo’s Manhattan shop. When Fiona Thomas and Allison Sires aren’t creating impeccably cut silk tops and structured jumpers, they’re sourcing the knickknacks that fill out their just-south-of-Houston store. “We’ve only been around for three months, but we already have a lot of Japanese customers who come in and get a total kick out of some of this stuff,” Fiona says. The stock is constantly o... READ MORE »
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    Fiona Thomas and Allison Sires Shop for Inspiration For this duo, opening their doors required some boutique-fueled globetrotting.The view from Fiona and Allison’s Tokyo hotel room. Last December, Fiona Thomas and Allison Sires debuted their clothing line, Thomas Sires, along with a store by the same name on Elizabeth Street in New York’s Nolita. In addition to carrying their own line of polished and ridiculously wearable womenswear, they’ve also rounded up an intriguing amalgamation of jewelry, home goods, toys, and other tchotchkes. To... READ MORE »