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cary vaughan and jenna wilson

OF ace & jig

By the time Cary Vaughan (left) and Jenna Wilson finally got down to launching Ace & Jig, they’d already had a lot of time to figure out what a Cary-plus-Jenna line would look like. They had worked together on-and-off for about ten years, starting with internships for a lifestyle store in New York’s Nolita called Language. “We got to know each other doing all that late-night stuff like ironing and seaming, cleaning the office, and emptying the trash,” Jenna explains.

Eventually, the work got more interesting: The nearly inseparable duo headed up design for LaROK, during which time they got to travel the world—Paris! Tokyo!—and eventually came to realize they were ready to do their own thing. “We wanted to start a line that tapped into what we’re the most passionate about, and Cary and I both have an intense love of textiles,” Jenna explains. “We both have textile collections—we both love

rummaging at flea markets. Plus, we need boundaries—that focus. We both have expansive personalities.”

Being textile-centric meant finding a way to produce their own rich, totally mesmerizing linen-and-cotton fabrics from a small factory in India and letting the silhouettes flow from what they wanted to wear. “For years, it had been about ‘stud it, bead it, glam it up,’ and we wanted to create something that wasn’t already out there,” Cary says. “We’d found all of our favorite pieces in unexpected places. They weren’t basics, but they weren’t really trendy either,” Jenna adds. “All of our designs—you can pull them over your head, you can wash them, and they can go in the dryer. It’s an effortless kind of styling.”

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Behind The Scenes

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    Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson Go Way Back And we have the photos to prove it.Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson met on September 10, 2001, as interns at now-defunct New York lifestyle store, Language. For these two, that first encounter would have been significant regardless of the hard-to-forget date. “Through the years, we worked together at different jobs and had a design team that moved with us. We got married around the same time, we were each other’s bridesmaids, we had kids around the same time—it’s kind of awesome,” Cary says. “We... READ MORE »
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    See Ace & Jig’s Awesome Textile-Making Process These two are material girls in a material world.When Jenna Wilson and Cary Vaughn think about developing a new collection for their super-buzzy, so-breezy line Ace & Jig, they don’t just dream of new silhouettes—they also concept their fabrics, which are all woven especially for them in India by weavers that they visit all the freaking time. Here’s your chance to see just how their rad linen and cotton fabrics come to be. —alisha prakash“We design and create all of our own textiles. They are... READ MORE »
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    Cary and Jenna Are Big on Japan Some very avant-garde labels are their biggest inspirations.Jenna (left) and Cary in Tokyo.After putting in their time ruching and beading while running design for LaROK, Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson set out to make their line Ace & Jig all about loose, sophisticatedly free-spirited clothing. “We were new moms. We wanted functional clothing, and we didn’t want to try too hard,” explains Cary. For them, that meant looking to influential Japanese brands that take structure and fabrics seriousl... READ MORE »