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sophie monet okulick

OF sophie monet

Sophie Monet Okulick’s design career is even fresher than her college diploma—which, as you can probably tell from her smiling face, is barely dry. And though she’s a relative newbie, the work is in her blood: Her father, John Okulick, is a sculptor, and she grew up around his enormous woodshop. After graduating from the New School in New York, she moved back to Venice, California, and started to contemplate a way to make inroads into design. “I started scavenging, taking clothes apart and reworking them. My goal was to have a stand at the flea market in Pasadena the summer of 2009,” she explains. “But then I had a light bulb moment: I read a story about two sisters designing jewelry in their grandparents’ scrap-metal shop, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, what am I doing?’” (Ed: Turns out those sisters were the super-inspiring duo behind Anndra Neen.)

Sophie’s first undertaking was a two-finger ring constructed with the help of a drill press and her father. From there, her namesake collection came together pretty quickly. After she got a handle on wood, she started bringing stones into the mix, giving her line an earthy, but ultimately sophisticated feel that takes most designers years to evolve to.


Behind The Scenes

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    Sophie Monet Throws a French Dinner Party…in Venice Beach Pull up a chair.When she’s not getting all creative in her woodshop, whipping up pieces for her nature-fueled jewelry line, Sophie Monet Okulick is probably getting fresh in the kitchen. Proof: Check out the a delicious evening she hosted for her buddies that was inspired by a trip to the South of France—with a pit stop at the Cannes Film Fest on the way, naturally. —genevieve angThe Inspiration“I went to France two weeks ago upon invitation from my best friend (and neighbor!). We went to Par... READ MORE »
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    Sophie Monet's Dangerous Tools If you thought jewelry-making was a delicate craft—well, read on.Sophie Monet Okulick’s elegant wood-and-rock designs might be polished, but the process of making them is as dangerous and messy as it is intense. “I cut myself all the time—my hands are so messed up,” she L.A.-based phenom explains. “But I just really like to work with my hands. Getting that end result is really satisfying and makes me feel so good.” These are five of the awesome-scary tools she uses along the way.“That’s my dr... READ MORE »
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    Sophie Monet's Guide to the Big Sur The California native is exploring her home state and letting it inspire her.Sophie styling her lookbook post-trip.Now that Sophie Monet has moved back West after a stint in New York, she’s doing some latitudinal exploring. Awhile ago, the designer, who makes earthy chic wood-and-rock jewelry, and her boyfriend headed up to the Big Sur. The jagged cliffs and the dramatic drop-offs got her so excited that she decided to try to mimic the rocky beach setting for a lookbook, shot in Malibu. Here,... READ MORE »