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shannon davenport and julia wilson

OF fortune favors the brave

“We have the same sense of humor—that’s where things kind of started,” says Julia Wilson (right), half of the team behind the unwaveringly cool jewelry brand, Fortune Favors the Brave. “We watched Daria and basically hung out,” adds her partner in crime, Shannon Davenport, of their time as undergrads at UC San Diego. After parting ways—Shannon went to fashion school, and Julia went down the investment banking road—a doe-eyed vision of independence and disdain for accessories “spiky or sparkly” brought the Cali gals back together and pushed them toward the Big Apple.

The cross-country move was especially fitting given their aesthetic, which is a perfect manifestation of East Coast-meets-West Coast (note the unerringly awesome reinterpretation of the concho that Shannon’s wearing). Rugged and polished, their designs are carefully culled for the girl who is at

once ambitious and mellow. “Our collection is a reflection of us. We wear heels to work, but don’t really brush our hair,” Julia says.

More impressive still, the dynamic duo both works and lives together, in a treasure trove of a Williamsburg apartment. Our only remaining question: Are they in the market for a third roommate? —alisha prakash


Behind The Scenes

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    Shannon Davenport & Julia Wilson’s Awesome Upstate Adventure You’re gonna want to be friends with these two—promise.“For us, inspiration is all about getting away,” says Julia Wilson, one-half of the ridiculously cool jewelry line, Fortune Favors the Brave. “Every summer, we plan a trip around Julia’s birthday with a group of friends,” adds Shannon Davenport, the Romy to Julia’s Michele. This year’s escape? A weekend at a badass barn in Tivoli, two hours from NYC. Way more on that—and the inspo they gathered—below. —alisha prakashJulia: “As you drive o... READ MORE »
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    On Vacation With Fortune Favors the Brave These two globetrot in the name of their work.The photo above—taken by Arnaud de Rosnay—pretty much sums up the duo behind the silver-fueled jewelry line, Fortune Favors the Brave. The shot of two carefree girls in braids, which is hung in Shannon Davenport and Julia Wilson’s immersive Brooklyn loft, doesn’t depict the two, but it may as well: Julia (brunette) and Shannon (blonde) travel the world looking for treasure—ideally in the form of inspiration for their line—as often as possible. “Sh... READ MORE »
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    Shannon Davenport and Julia Wilson on How to Rock Their Jewelry The two show us how to pile it on.Julia Wilson and Shannon Davenport of the chillaxed jewelry lined Fortune Favors the Brave have the kind of unique, gracefully cool style every girl wants to cop—and they make it look like it ain’t no thing. “Julia’s a little more tomboy, and I’m more bohemian,” says Shannon of what distinguishes their looks. “We are major wardrobe sharers, but we also wear things differently,” Julia adds. “We love jewelry because it’s something that can be passed down. Jewel... READ MORE »