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dana arbib and farah malik

OF a peace treaty

Two bright ladies from separate ends of the religious and occupational spectrum—Farah Malik (right) is a Pakistani Muslim who had been working in human rights, and Dana Arib is a Libyan Jew with a background in textile design—met, and like Team Captain Planet, they combined their talents to better the world. Their weapon of choice: accessories.

“When Dana and I first met, we both found that while working for other people, we were coming up against certain types of barriers that weren’t allowing us to do what we wanted to do. We brainstormed, and decided to start a company,” said Farah. A Peace Treaty’s fundamental mission is supporting the work of craftsmen the world over, whose work and centuries-old traditions have otherwise lost market value. As Farah explains, “It’s about getting the maximum amount of profit to the artisan. The majority of what we do is about

ensuring income generation and above-fair-trade rates for the people we work with.” This lofty, ahem, treatise, originally began humbly, as more of “a side hobby, or an experimental venture,” as Farah puts it, with handmade scarves. But by 2010, the duo was itching to use their newly honed international-sourcing prowess to create a jewelry collection. “There’s a lot of jewelry out there, but we knew we had such a different voice and perspective. We didn’t think people would respond in such a huge way, but they really have,” Farah notes. “Now we’re in seven countries, with projects encompassing everything from metalsmithing to textiles.” Next up: Uruguay for Fall 2012. And with their many farflung aspirations, we’re psyched to see where these designers without borders go next. —lauren benet stephenson


Behind The Scenes

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    Where in the World is A Peace Treaty? This twosome and their adventures put Carmen Sandiego to shame.In their pursuit to make the most stand-out, thoughtfully-sourced jewelry and scarves possible, A Peace Treaty has racked up some serious frequent-flier miles. Here, co-founder Farah Malik gives us a global tour of the sites where she and co-founder Dana Arib have worked. —lauren benet stephensonAfghanistan“While in Afghanistan, we focused on embroidery, using their cultural design aesthetic for inspiration. We’ve worked with a wi... READ MORE »
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    Explore A Peace Treaty’s Picture-Perfect Instagram Inspo You’ll want to heart each and every one.Dana Arbib and Farah Malik, the industrious duo behind the socially conscious line A Peace Treaty, produce their dreamy scarves, earrings, caftans, and necklaces all over the world—and, wow, do they encounter some awesome stuff along the way. Lucky us: They post their top discoveries to their brand’s Instagram. Ready to get double-tap happy? —alisha prakashFarah Malik: “El Anatsui is a Ghana-born artist who’s inspired by the kente cloth of the Asante pe... READ MORE »
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    The Making Of a Peace Treaty Jewelry There’s nothing easy about creating this line, and that’s how the designers like it.When Farah Malik and Dana Arib decided to grow A Peace Treaty beyond the stunning, ornate scarves they had become known for and add jewelry to the mix, they didn’t look for a local producer to realize their vision—that’s not how they roll. Instead, they hunted down artisans abroad who could lend a unique vision to their pieces, and, with every collection, they employ different makers and methods. “Sometimes it... READ MORE »