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Behind The Scenes

The Musical Stylings of Kristina Angelozzi

Kristina’s BF’s band, J Roddy Walston & the Business. Not only is Kristina Angelozzi’s main squeeze the drummer for the bluesy, rock band J Roddy Walston & the Business, but the creative force behind the Americana-inflected line Fischer has also outfitted a slew of her favorite up-and-comers­ like The Lumineers and The Mates of State. “Music and fashion are both these creative formats,” she says. “So it’s nice to dress likeminded people. It’s like, ‘Here’s what I do, and I respect what you do.’” And the very in-the-know maker was down to share a cherry-picked playlist just for us. —mattie kahn 1) “Moonbeams” by Princeton: “Listening to this is like laying on the beach and wanting a margarita—but not quite caring enough to get up.” 2) “A Picture of Dorian Gray” by Television Personalities: “This song inspired me to read the book by Oscar Wilde, which inspired me to listen to the song some more.” 3) “Let’s Spend the Night Together” by the Rolling Stones: “When I drink enough to brave karaoke, this is my go-to.” 4) “Aiko-Aiko” by Jullie D: “From the compilation album Hot French Chicks in the Garage.” 5) “Thinking About You” by Radiohead: “My musical taste began and ended when I was 15. I still love this.” 6) “Girl Next Door” by Nervous Eaters: “Sappy-meets-sleazy in this late-seventies punk love song.” 7) “Talkin’ ‘Bout You” by The Animals: “Eric Burdon. Done.” 8) “Use Your Language” by J Roddy Walston and the Business: “Love this for the slide guitar and steam engine drums (that’s my boo!).” 9) “Slug” by The Ramones: “Sweaty, summery haze. Yeah…I don’t really believe it’s about a slug either.” 10) “The Birds Were Singing with All Their Might” by Love is All: “It kind of sounds like how a bird might feel flying.” 11) “Eviction Party” by Darlings: “Gotta rep the Brooklyn music. And who doesn’t love a little immature reckless abandon?” 12) “Gamma Ray” by Beck: “This is the song I’ll put on when I ride to outer space.” 13) “Grazing in the Grass” by Hugh Masekela: “Never fails to make me wish I could dance.” Come back tomorrow to see (and score!) Kristina’s Of a Kind creation. Getting on our email list is the best way to make sure you don’t miss out!
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Fischer Loves America

Despite decades spent earning her indie street-cred, Brooklyn-based designer Kristina Angelozzi is a sucker for old-school Americana—a fascination that finds its outlet in her line Fischer, stocked with chinos and button-downs that could make up the bulk of your wardrobe. Here, Kristina deconstructs the U.S. of A. roots behind her Of a Kind edition. —mattie kahn Like what you see below? Now’s your chance to scoop up one of Kristina’s henleys… Comfy gray jersey, produced in North Carolina. American-Made“For the edition, I used U.S.-manufactured jersey. The cotton is grown all over the United States, but the factory is in North Carolina. I try to source my fabric domestically whenever possible. Most of the companies that I work with—most of the mills and the factories—are still pretty small and independently owned.” Contrast-collar inspiration, c/o the 1920 Detroit Stars. America’s Pastime“The shirt is kind of based off of a twenties, baseball-style tee. It’s really simple, clean, and athletic. I’m not a huge sports nut, but I love the history of uniforms—how they’ve evolved over the years and how they’ve been styled. My boyfriend and I are both from Baltimore, so he’s a die-hard Orioles fan. It’s fun to root for the underdog. I’ll tag along for the games and buy peanuts, of course, and a cold beer.” Corozo fruit from the Tagua palm. WWII Detailing“The buttons on the shirt are really rad. They’re called Corozo buttons, and they’re basically a kind of palm tree nut. Nowadays, companies tend to use buttons that are polyester-based and manufactured using a ton of chemicals, but these are totally natural and super durable. They’ve been around since the 1800s, but they got to be pretty major during World War II when they were used on U.S. military uniforms. One of my favorite things is how practicality and the nuances of design and fabric come together to make something aesthetic. This is a perfect example of that.”
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