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Behind The Scenes

Saturday Mornings With the Sovereign Beck Twosome

Between hustling for their tie brand Sovereign Beck and working their respective full-time jobs—Ryan Sovereign is a print designer for an apparel company, and Will Beck works at Gramercy Park’s Vintage Thrift—these guys try to carve out time all for themselves. “We spend a lot of time together, and some of our best ideas have come out of hanging out socially, without all the tie stuff,” Will says. “But I have no idea what Ryan does in the morning.” Spend a typical Saturday A.M. in the life of the Sovereign Beck boys—separately. —lauren caruso Get the tie these guys made for us—as good for days off as ones at the office. WILL  “I usually wake up around 9 on weekends. Sometimes I’ll go down to the flea market, go grocery shopping, or take a nice long walk. The mornings are usually a pretty low-key affair.” “Since I work at a vintage store, I have a little more freedom to dress how I want. When it gets cooler out, I like to wear a tie, but during the summer, wearing one is certainly not my favorite thing. I like to dress up when I go out on the weekends though.” “This is my backyard in Brooklyn. An outdoor space was something I was definitely looking for in an apartment, and I spend a lot of time out there. It’s got the bamboo fencing all around, and it was kind of bare when we moved in. I’m always out there trimming stuff and weeding. There’s definitely a creativity factor to it, and there’s also that nice peacefulness to simply being outside in nature and relaxing.” “The Triple Decker is a weekend favorite. It’s a huge menu, so they have everything from your basic bacon egg & cheese to their own burger concoctions.” “We usually meet at our studio, which is also Ryan’s loft, on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings. On my walk there, this is in between Greenpoint and Sunset Park where it gets a little more industrial. Along that stretch, there’s a lot of big walls with work that’s constantly changing.” “This is where we do our magic. Oh, and also clean with Windex.”  RYAN  “This is a day in the life of me…on vacation. I’m in Maryland with my girlfriend, who’s a singer. She’s performing with her mother tonight. And I’m going to wear a tie! Of course, I spent the morning drinking coffee next to a ceramic cat on the porch.” “After breakfast, we went out to a thrift store. Half of it was dedicated to Halloween, so I saw it as a prime opportunity to do some holiday shopping.” “During a weekend thrift run, I usually comb every single aisle except for kids’ toys. Housewares are usually my first stop followed by electronics, though I never buy anything there because it never works. But it’s cool to check out VCRs and record players. I didn’t buy this album, but I should of.” “I always check the neckties. We have a whole drawer of ties we just like.” “This is a portrait of 50 Cent, who I have a soft spot for. I didn’t buy it. I would not want it in my apartment. Maybe we should do airbrushed portrait ties…” “When we got back from the thrift store, I just saw a pile of leaves and a rake sitting there, so I just got to it. I haven’t raked leaves in about 15 years. It was a lot more satisfying than I remember.”
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Sovereign Beck Gets Sketchy

“My mom used to make ties for my dad back in the sixties and seventies, so I’d always wear one of his oversize, printed styles,” explains Will Beck of his all-boys-school wardrobe essential. Decades later, he and his partner in crime Ryan Sovereign (who was into comic-book-style drawing during his junior-high days) have built a neckwear line around their affection for the classic three-inch tie and mathematica-inspired print design. Here, see how the latter comes to life. —lauren caruso Ryan: “Sometimes designs start with a little Post-it doodle. Sometimes it’s pretty laborious, and we spend a ton of time redrawing and finessing the sketch. I can’t really remember where this one came from, but I probably saw something somewhere that inspired it and wanted to sketch it before I forgot. Or could have just been: Draw a line, draw another, and keep adding.” Ryan: “Often, when a pattern idea sparks, we’ll hand-draw it…and then we’ll think maybe it’d be done better in Illustrator. Sometimes it’ll start off one way, and once it’s scanned into the computer, it’ll end completely differently.” Ryan: “I don’t know that we have a color palette that we really gravitate to. There are colors we don’t like—like orange, green, and tan—so that usually narrows it down. Pink seems to come up a lot. It matches everything.” Will: “Our ties are hand-cut and -sewn, and we only work with all-natural fabrics like silk, wool, cotton, and linen. It’s best to see the fabrics in person and feel them—if they’re too thick, then the tie won’t tie right. In terms of width, 2 ¾ to 3 inches looks right to us. A lot of our bigger, bolder patterns would look disproportionate and, well, downright silly on a skinny tie.” Don’t miss out on the style they made just for us! It’ll be up for grabs tomorrow, via our email list.
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