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Behind The Scenes

Jaclyn Mayer and Orly Genger Borough Hop

The Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer collaboration—a range of strong, streamlined rope jewelry—is more than just a story of two friends. It’s a tale of two cities—or, well, two boroughs, to be exact. Jaclyn, an accessories designer, works in Manhattan and lives in Brooklyn; Orly, an installation artist, works in Brooklyn and lives in Manhattan. They met many moons ago, when Jaclyn was managing an art gallery in Chelsea where Orly was showing her work, and here, the girls share six of the places they keep coming back to, on both sides of the East River. —lydia wooleverMANHATTANTakahachi SushiJaclyn: “This has been a favorite sushi restaurant since college. They have the best fresh fish, and you can look out the window and see different people in the East Village doing their own thing—from young kids to people who’ve been there since the sixties. There’s always interesting style and energy.” (takahachi.net)Madison Square ParkOrly: “When the weather’s good, we just hang, sit, chat, and watch the art here. We really loved Jim Campbell’s ”Scattered Light” installation last year—it was all these lights strung on rope in a really beautiful form that somehow echoed the intensity of the crowd.”Doyle & DoyleJaclyn: “This is a lovely fine jewelry store with an amazing collection, all antiques. Their stuff is totally different from our work, but we can still appreciate it.” (doyledoyle.com)BROOKLYNSpuyten DuyvilJaclyn: “We like the casual environment at this Williamsburg spot, and we’re both big wine and cheese lovers. It’s a nice place to talk, have a glass of wine, and discuss ideas. Plus, in the summer, they have a great outdoor seating area.” (spuytenduyvilnyc.com)Orly’s StudioOrly: “The Greenpoint studio is, first and foremost, the place where we hang out and get ideas. It’s a safe place to get really dirty and try new things.”Prospect ParkJaclyn: “We meet here to talk about ideas, have picnics, and listen to live music from the bandshell. It’s right across the street from where I live. From one side of my rooftop, you can see the park. And from the other, you can see over the rooftops to the city.” Score the men’s bracelet the NYC duo made for us! It’s some rope and enamel coolness. 
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