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Behind The Scenes

A Sick Tour of the Historic Draught Dry Goods Studio in Portland

Tucked away in the John Deere Plow Building—a 102-year-old warehouse on the National Register of Historic Places—sits 7K Studios, the 2,700-square-foot space where Caesy Oney and his “dream team of designers and artists” create all kinds of leather-y goodness under the label Draught Dry Goods. Check out their very enviable slice of Oregon. —jackie varriano “We have a really great view of Portland—which is hard to find.” “We found the space about six months ago, and it’s located in the SE industrial area of Portland, Oregon. We travel up to the seventh floor by way of the historic John Deere tractor elevator, which can hold 75 people at a time, or something like 125,000 pounds. When we throw a party, we can ostensibly kick everybody out at the same time in one elevator.” “This is my sewing station. It features a sewing machine that has been through a fire, a chair from my mother’s old antique shop, a retired Wallace jersey that I sometimes pull down and wear in the summer, some art I made for an event at the Ace Hotel, a nudie lighter, well-worn leather grips and tassels that used to be on my motorcycle, a Tupac poster that my friends at Blood Of The Young Zine did, a glamour photo of my girlfriend when she was 14 years old, and a couple skateboards that my friends designed.” “This is Thomas Bradley’s work wall. Thomas is the co-owner of Pizza Friday, a small branding agency that shares the space with us. You can see the original ‘Summer Somewhere’ illustration that he did for my fourth collection.” “These are the art boards of Tom O’Toole, who’s the other owner of Pizza Friday. For the last three collections I’ve cut, I’ve alternated between Tom and Thomas for a brushy illustration that I can use to help brand the collection. Somewhere in here, you can probably find the one we pulled for the current collection, ‘Five Finger Discount.’” “This is our conference room. It features another Pizza Friday illustration on the wall and a painting that my mom commissioned of me in Mexico, 20-plus years ago. I didn’t know that it existed until about six months ago, when she found it in storage and gave it to me as a gift. Needless to say, it’s pretty much my favorite thing.”   “Here’s a rack of the things that I am currently working on. It rolls around in the conference room to wherever I can most easily smoke cigarettes and stare at it critically.” “This is what you see when you exit the space. Having Pizza Friday in-house makes these types of projects really fun and beautiful. ‘Make yourself scarce’ is a good daily reminder that I should spend less time working and more time outside. It also is a pretty effective warning to our enemies—if we decide to make any.” The edition made in this rad space is here! Get Caesy’s stellar, handcrafted iPhone wallet now.
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The 3 Very (Very!) Best Places in Portland, According to Caesy Oney

If you happen to be skulking around Northeast Portland, you just might catch a glimpse of the Draught Dry Goods main man, Caesy Oney. All his favorite haunts happen to be within walking distance of both his studio and his apartment—but they’re all worth a trip if you aren’t quite as lucky. —jackie varriano Nong’s Khao Man Gai“This is hands-down my favorite lunch in Portland. There’s a food cart downtown proper, but I generally visit the spot in lower SE, as I can walk there from the workshop. Their Khao Man Gai, commonly known as ‘paper chicken,’ is a really simple dish of broiled chicken and rice, and their house-made sauce is a garlic-ginger-chili combo that is mind-blowing.”(609 SE Ankeny St., Suite B, khaomangai.com) Club 21“This is my neighborhood dive—standard bar fare and stiff drinks. Lots of shit on the walls. Great neon sign out back that is from a long-forgotten steak house.”(2035 NE Glisan St.) See See Motor Coffee Co.“This is the coffee-slash-motorcycle shop that is run by my friends. It has delicious coffee and snacks—and of course tons of motorcycles and motorcycle things. They are also really active in the community and have events and parties often. A true Portland treasure.”(1642 NE Sandy Blvd.; seeseemotorcycles.com) Caesy’s made-in-OR edition is here! You don’t want to miss his made-by-hand iPhone wallet.
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