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Behind The Scenes

Four Classic Books the La Matera Guys Think You Should Read NOW

La Matera’s founders—Brook and Alex Stroud—were both still in college when they embarked on the South American adventure that sparked their label’s founding. Which means that the belts they make are woven with both traditional Argentine fabrics and intellectual charm (duh). Here, Brook Stroud shares the books that really speak to them. —mattie kahn The Sun Also Rises“Out of all the Hemingway books I’ve read, this continues to be my favorite. Hemingway’s crisp and powerful descriptions of the people, places, and revelry that his narrator Jake Barnes experiences makes you feel as if you’re right there with him. From bull fighting in Pamplona, to fly-fishing in the Spanish countryside, to dancing and getting ‘a bit too tight in Parisian cafés, this novel is anything but slow.” The Killer Angels“You don’t have to be a Civil War buff to enjoy this novel, but if you are, that’s even cooler. What I like most about this book is how well author Michael Shaara brings to life and humanizes the various leaders of the Union and Confederate armies during the battle of Gettysburg.” Tender is the Night“This novel is not as potent and lean as Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, but it presents a powerfully complex and desolate relationship between psychiatrist Dick Diver and his wife-slash-patient Nicole. Fitzgerald’s poetic descriptions and the details of his writing make you want to stop and reread many paragraphs.” Into Thin Air“When long-time mountaineering journalist Jon Krakauer’s joined an expedition to Everest in 1996, he had no idea what horrible disaster would take place on the final push for the summit. This is a thoughtful and riveting story about the physical and mental perils of high-altitude climbing, the power of nature, and human will.” See the belt the La Matera guys made for us—an updated classic.
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Globetrotting Essentials for Dudes, From the La Matera Brothers

Since founding La Matera— Brook and Alex Stroud’s range of belts spawned by a trip to Argentina—the brothers have found plenty of excuses to exercise their passports. These are the four things—aside from the ones the guys make, course—that Brook never leaves home without. —mattie kahn Clockwise from top left: Patagonia R1 Fleece“This pullover is the most comfortable fleece I have ever owned. Lightweight and versatile, it’s the perfect pullover to layer with in the winter or wear on a cool night in the summer.” Norse Projects Aros Heavy Chino“I bought these at Pilgrim Surf + Supply in Brooklyn. Norse Projects—the company that makes them—is based out of Denmark, and their quality and detail are excellent.” Ledbury Button-Down“I first heard about this Richmond-based shirt maker while I was a senior at University of Richmond. Ledbury’s button-downs fit better than your run-of-the-mill oxford. Plus, the Italian two-fold cotton poplin they use is cool and comfortable—and it doesn’t wrinkle easily.” Blundstone #500 Boots“I bought these boots five years ago while traveling in Australia, and I’ve have been wearing them all the time since. Their slip-on design makes them very comfortable. They’re incredibly durable and equally suited for active use and for dinner.” Now for the perfect accessory to pair with this stuff! The Stroud brothers made us a belt that adds a little cool to most any getup.
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