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Behind The Scenes

Step Inside Kathleen Whitaker’s Crazy-Stunning L.A. House

Kathleen Whitaker’s clean and effortless aesthetic is as evident in her home as it is in her so-amazing jewelry line. Built in 1909, her sun-filled Echo Park casa is in the process of being renovated (with her husband doing all the work himself—whoa!), but she showed us around the parts that are not construction zones. Get ready to be very jealous. —koun bae “My husband and I have been in our house for a little over two years, and it was a really good time to buy in terms of the market. My father had actually just passed away, and I have this sense of it being divine intervention.” “And my husband has done everything with his own two hands, not taking an hour of work from anyone else which is crazy. If you really look closely at everything, everything is perfect! Which is really hard to do in a house that is over a hundred-years-old. We fixed the things that were obvious that the house was calling out for, like the location of front doors. It all just flows now beautifully.” “Making outdoor living spaces where you can take a nap and read a magazine—being able to do that in sort of a room outside has really appealed to me, and I set that up under a big oak tree.” “A very good friend of mine and I were at the Rose Bowl, and she stopped at this guy who had all these African textiles. They are called asoke fabric, and they are usually worn as clothing. I got really into these fabrics, and, of course, it was a no-brainer to wrap them around some cushions.” “This is the guest bedroom, and the bedcover is actually a rug that my mom had in our house. It was too white and was going to get dirty, so my friend suggested having it dry-cleaned and putting it on the bed. It just makes the whole room kind of cozy.” STUNNING, right? Just wait ‘til you see her edition, coming first thing tomorrow.
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Kathleen Whitaker Shows Off Her Mad Pottery Skills

Though she spends most of her time working on clean, supremely elegant jewelry now, Kathleen Whitaker’s first artistic love was pottery, which she studied at Tulane back in the day. In fact, requests for her ceramics roll in regularly still—which gives her an excuse to exercise those clay-molding muscles. Below, she shares a few of her very favorite pieces. —koun bae “This is an English porcelain thrown bowl. The wall is very thin, and then I intentionally cracked the edges and pierced different size holes in it with tools. It really becomes a sculptural piece—it’s not really to hold anything, and it’s not glazed.” “You can really do anything with clay. For some people, it’s just a canvas, and they make designs on it. For some, it’s all functional, and for some, it’s all sculptural.” “This is a mug with dents in it, so that it’s really nice to hold. Aesthetically, the way that the clay gets dented is really pretty, but it is totally functional and makes this perfect little handle.” Come back tomorrow for the (jewelry!) edition Kathleen made for us!
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