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Behind The Scenes

See the Dope, Textile-Fueled Mary Meyer x Purush Collab

“Purush’s workshop in India—it’s a relaxed and inspiring environment with beautiful light and textures,” Mary explains. “I met Purush designer, Vaarun Vohra, the very first weekend my shop was open in Bushwick,” recalls the crazy-talented artist-slash-designer Mary Meyer. “He walked into the store, and I told him I loved his shirt—an exquisite necklace collar button-up in an oatmeal grey linen-and-silk. He told me it was his design.” Well, clearly, they had to find a way to work together: After Mary started selling Vaarun’s designs, they teamed up on a collection. Mary got busy with the silhouettes while Vaarun worked on the materials—handmade by artisans in India. “Since I started my line, it has been important for me to make the brand as sustainable as possible. I feel lucky to have access to special fabrics I normally couldn’t find,” Mary says. “Hopefully, I’ll be able to go to India with Vaarun soon.” Here, take a look at the results of this two-continent collab. —alisha prakash “This is the Crazy Jacket. It’s amazing! The fabric is made from recycled silk and is a thick, loose weave. When designing this jacket, I started with the fabric, which is very extreme and bold. I wanted to make it clean, trim, and simple—so that the jacket would be bold, but wearable.” “This is the Erin Jacket, a classic MM silhouette—bat wing and flowy. The fabric is that oatmeal grey linen-and-silk material that first attracted me to Purush. I like to think of this silhouette for a gallery owner—big, oversize shapes and artistic prints for someone who’s rich as hell, super-successful, and very smart.” “The Zipper Dress is made from this amazing ikat. Lightweight and flattering, this dress has been one of the best sellers from the collab. For me, it would be a perfect summer picnic or rooftop party dress. Make it grungy with Docs or sexy with a chunky heel.”  Get the hyper-graphic edition Mary made for us—a total MM classic in the making.
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How Mary Meyer Got Her Look

Mary Meyer, master of the graphic print, was quite the happening kid, never afraid to take style risks. “When I was in second grade, I had hair to my butt. Then I saw a picture of this girl in a magazine, and I cropped it to a pixie cut,” she says. Here, she explains the three different worlds she was brought up in and the aesthetic takeaways that influence her designs. “What is this look I’m rocking? These shoes—look at how big they are on me. They were my mom’s, and I refused to not wear them. I was about nine.”Growing up in Venice Beach“I was born in the woods in Northern California, but when I was young, my mom and I moved to Venice—we lived a block from the boardwalk in the eighties. So at six, seven, eight—when I was just starting to go out and be by myself—Venice Beach was such a huge influence, with all the graphic tees and the surfer, skater, punk, and rebel aesthetics. I was totally obsessed with it.”At right, wearing a very eighties, very Venice T-shirt.Hanging Out in Hollywood“My mom was in the film business in late-eighties/early-nineties L.A. The women were wearing big shoulder pads, and my mom had a perm. The party she took me to that was the craziest—and maybe that’s just because I was a kid—was the wrap party for Big at Penny Marshall’s house. Remember that scene from Big where Tom Hanks’s character gets his first paycheck, and they buy that spray confetti stuff? They had tons of that left over. I was allowed to bring a friend to the party, and we went nuts with the spray confetti.”“That’s my ninth grade class photo. I like it because it’s so nineties.”Traveling to NYC“My father was from Manhattan, and my grandparents lived on the Upper West Side—I would come to New York a few times a year. Everything was so glamorous. When I was 12, I came out without my parents. My uncle, who lived in the Chelsea Hotel and was a very cool guy, took me shopping and to the museums. He was a party guy, so we were hanging out with all kinds of art-scene people.” Ready for Mary’s latest edition? Get her B&W, cool-as-hell dress now!
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