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Behind The Scenes

Sisters Amanda and Melanie Kain Grow Up

Like many sisters who are three years apart, Amanda and Melanie Kain—who now helm the sophisticated-but-chill line Kain Label—weren’t exactly pals for most of their childhood. “We had completely different personalities and interests. It wasn’t until I went to college that we began to connect,” Melanie explains. “Now we’re best friends, and we always like to joke that we’re the same person.” But it turns out photos do exist of times when they weren’t fighting over who got to play the princess and who got stuck with the witch. Relive some of that good stuff right here. —monica derevjanik  Amanda: “I can’t believe we’re guilty of the matching-outfit trend. Melanie’s haircut is pretty epic. My mother has had this same exact haircut for more than 30 years!" Melanie: “The sisters Kain just say no to superstitions.” Amanda: “This photo pretty much sums up our childhood. Mel was always the angel, and I always had attitude about everything.” Amanda: “Here I am again with the attitude! She’s three years older than I am, and I always looked up to her when it came to style. I have vivid memories of her being completely immersed in her issues of Vogue. She taught me everything I needed to know about all the cool trends and designers, but I like to think the roles are somewhat reversed now!”   Melanie: “Sisters that vest together, stay together!” Amanda: “The only person in the world I can travel with is my sister. This picture was from our recent trip to Paris. All we did was shop and eat! She’s the only person in the world that appreciates the same exact things that I do.” This adorable duo is all grown up and made one gorgeous edition! 
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Behind the Road Trip That Inspired Kain Label’s Entire Summer Collection

Family road trips have the potential to really suck, but Amanda and Melanie Kain, the sister act behind the sleek, comfy clothing line Kain Label, know how to do it right. Check out eight of the truly amazing places the girls stopped on the cross-country adventure that fueled their latest collection. —monica derevjanik  Mill RunMelanie: “We traveled through Pittsburgh for the Andy Warhol Museum before heading to Fallingwater in Mill Run, Pennsylvania—a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It was built between 1936 and 1939, but it feels like a historical and contemporary house. The details and innovations he incorporated into the house show how forward-thinking he was. We loved the natural light and the burnt browns and Cherokee red seen throughout.” CharlestonAmanda: “Charleston really makes you feel that you have arrived to the genteel South. We saw dear friends get married, and the walk to the church led us right through Charleston’s gorgeous historic district at dusk. We spent the next day not hurrying anything: brunch at Husk Restaurant, a stop into Billy Reid, and a mosey around Meeting Street. That night we drove out to Folly Beach for an authentic low-country boil at The Crab Shack. We sat outside, ordered strong Long Island Iced Teas, and got seriously messy peeling shrimp and cracking crab claws.”   SavannahMelanie: “We toured the historic district during a very wet Southern storm. Luckily, it turned sunny a half hour later, and the dripping gardens started to shine. The Savannah College of Art & Design store cannot be missed—everything inside is made by current and former students. Broughton Street is also great for shopping. We found an amazing oversize photograph at Sylvester & Co. We took a drive to Tybee Island to catch a glimpse of Cockspur Island Lighthouse and Tybee Island Lighthouse.” AtlantaAmanda: “We spent a wonderful day at the Georgia Aquarium with our four-year-old niece. Out of all the incredible regional food we sampled, the hands-down best dinner of the trip was at Hugh Acheson’s Empire State South. From the In Jars starter to the decadent Georgia Coffee, it was all damn good.”   Louisiana BayouMelanie: “We had been to New Orleans before, so this time we went looking for an authentic bayou experience. Our day started with lunch at Bayou Delight, where we sat on the patio a bit nervously next to a sign that read: ‘CAUTION Alligators in Bayou; Please Do Not Feed The Alligators.’ We booked an airboat tour for the afternoon with the most hilariously endearing character named Junior. He mostly does tours in the gator-hunting off-season—and only when he feels like it. We were completely blown away by the wildlife and changing landscape. We didn’t see anyone else on the bayou, which only increased the feeling that we had entered into another, surreal world.” MarfaAmanda: “Marfa is a total badass mix of abstract, modern art set against the unrelenting Texas prairie landscape—you can feel the landscape getting more intense the longer you stay. We first fueled up for the day with breakfast burritos at Marfa Burrito, which is two Mexican ladies cooking in their home. Then it was off to see Donald Judd’s collection and the public museum he founded, The Chinati Foundation. The best way to see it is with Ralph as your guide. His passion is a slow burn, but he will keep your energy steady for the whole day. Later, we bought vintage Bolivian blankets at the gift shop at El Cosmico, where you can stay in teepees or airstream trailers.” Santa FeMelanie: “The Land of Enchantment, indeed. Santa Fe is simply a happy place. The air in the city is already extremely fresh; driving up into the hills is a complete high. On our first morning, we stopped to buy chiles and dried lavender bunches at the farmers’ market and visited the French linen store Bon Marche at the Railyard. We spent the afternoon getting hot-stone massages and body scrubs at Ten Thousand Waves, a Japanese spa high up in the mountains above the city. Then it was off to Shiprock, which we learned about from Fathom, to check out the exquisite Native American-inspired jewelry, textiles, and vintage Chieftain blankets.” Mesa Verde National Park and Monument ValleyAmanda: “The drive from Santa Fe to Los Angeles had the most natural beauty of the entire trip. The Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado has over 5,000 ancient Pueblo ruins that date back to 600 A.D. With park rangers, you climb down from the flat mesa top into the canyons to see the ruins. Monument Valley is Navajo Nation land. We stayed on the Utah side and traveled into the Arizona Valley with a Navajo guide. We spent the day in an open-top jeep to view the mesas and buttes, some of which stand 1,000 feet. Our guide’s personal history really made the day. At the end of the tour, he showed us his family’s hogan, which is the Navajo’s sacred home. It seemed like an appropriate last stop before making for home ourselves.” You’re going to love what Amanda and Melanie did with all this inspiration!
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