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Behind The Scenes

Hang Out in Annabel Inganni’s Woodshop

Annabel Inganni spends most of her days in her woodshop in L.A., building all the perfect little pieces in her home decor line, Wolfum—we’re talking coasters and trays (like the ones she made just for Of a Kind!) and all kinds of glorious goods. Here’s a peek into the place where it all goes down. —carly pifer “Endless planks of maple, birch and pine line our walls. So cozy.” “The shop can be described as organized chaos.” “We cut the coasters and trays with a CNC, which is an amazing milling machine that uses rotary cutters. I call it ‘the paw’ due to the oversize arm that moves gracefully over the wood and looks like a giant robot. These are the remnants of the coasters once they are cut. The patterns that are created when they are all stacked is almost a work of art in itself.” “Each of my prints is designed and engineered for the product. Each coaster within the set has a different element of the print on it. It looks like a little art puzzle on your table.” “Look how yummy this stack of Of a Kind trays looks—they remind me of candy! These are the printed centerpieces all ready for assembly.” “We hand-brand each tray and coaster set with our logo—time-consuming, but it adds a personal touch and gives each piece a rustic edge.” We can’t get over how good Annabel’s latest tray and coaster set is!
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Explore Annabel Inganni’s Los Angeles Hideaway

When East Coast girl Annabel Inganni headed to Los Angeles 15 years ago, she very quickly, as she puts it, “released some of my inner bohemian.” For her, that means making the outdoors as a huge part of her living sitch and getting down with sunny colors (also evident in her killer home goods line Wolfum!). See how she keeps things chill and airy at her Monterey Hills pad. —carly pifer “Our house is small, but we have expanded by designing our deck to be our outdoor living space. This is our only dining table, so we often enjoy our meals outdoors, lighting a fire in the winter. Garden boxes, where I grow different veggies and flowers year-round, edge the deck to keep my daughter safe.” “Since our house is below the street, nestled in the hillside, most people miss our stairway down. I love how it twists through the yard—its design and materials echo all the natural elements. It feels so good in Los Angeles to be surrounded by so much green.” “Gardening is a passion of mine, and I have several boxes throughout the deck and yard. Two are dedicated to herbs, while several others have fruits and veggies in rotation—mostly lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes, and now strawberries for the summer!” “I found this orange velvet fabric in a thrift store and had our vintage Knoll by Eero Saarinen chair reupholstered. Since I am married to a furniture designer, most of our house is built-in, so I love adding these bright, unique pieces where I can.” “Immediately when you enter the house, you are greeted by this vintage Marimekko fabric that I stretched to hang over our couch. I love the simplicity of the Lokki print, which, again, reflects the organic nature of our home.” “Our bedroom has a wall full of art collected throughout the years. The portrait is of my grandmother, Barbara Bird, whom my daughter Birdie is named after. Others are from travels to Paris and Rimini, Italy, as well as finds from local thrift shops. There is also a vintage Audubon print, which I adore.” “Our vintage Verner Panton Flowerpot pendant lamp is one of my favorites. Not only is it orange—my favorite color—but the shape is also sleek and sweet at the same time. It gives off a very romantic, soft light.” Clear some space, Annabel’s edition is ready to spice up your home!
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