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Behind The Scenes

Go on Set with Vera Balyura

Vera Balyura might spend a lot of her time working with gold, silver, and brass for her edgy-quirky jewelry line VeraMeat, but she also dabbles in music, fine art, and, most recently, film. This summer, she wrapped production on Salad Days, a feature-length movie that Vera directs, produces, and stars in about a semi-supernatural road-trip that she describes as “an epic tour of debauchery and mischief.” Intrigued? So are we. Get the scoop on Salad Days here, and then sign up for VeraMeat’s “cool, totally not lame” newsletter to stay in the loop. —mattie kahn “Here we have my co-star, Megan Nugent, and I in the white sands of Arizona making a plan to keep driving through the U.S. from New York to California.” “I am applying blood to Spencer Reagan—our heartthrob in the film. Just before this scene, I have a nightmare because I think I’ve killed him and become a monster.” “Here, Megan and I are in disguise as I try to give up my vice, smoking, and she tries to give up hers, stealing.” “Dan Kanes, the cinematographer, and I discuss the last shot of the film, which is the most romantic scene in the whole movie. Spoiler alert: You may see some lip action.” And now it’s time to watch the trailer! Don’t miss Vera’s newest edition-it’s so flipping cute!
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VeraMeat Knows the Coolest Chicks Around (No, Really)

After crossing paths at Coachella some years back, Chloë Sevigny sent Vera Balyura a gushy note to let her know just how much she loved wearing the designer’s jewelry. Our reaction: !!!!! But Vera’s customer base is pretty packed with the sort of people who make us want to O.D. on the exclamation points. Meet a few of them. —mattie kahn “Alexa Chung comes by our East Village store a lot, and we hang out when we see each other. She’s been really supportive and really nice. She actually lives right in our neighborhood.” “Greta Gerwig I met in L.A. while traveling. She wears our Mystery Hugs ring and supports our new film [Ed: More on that here!]. She is a role model for me and is so wonderfully gracious in person—a true talent.” “I feel like Chloë Sevigny embodies the brand because she is a triple threat. She’s designed clothing, modeled, and acted. I also design, direct, and write, so I understand the ‘multi-creative-outlets’ vibe.”    “Miranda July and I met at a screening at the Los Angeles Film Festival. She just came up to me to say that she liked my Dino Eating a Bone necklace. I couldn’t believe she wanted to come chat about it. She’s just crazy, crazy inspiring.” “The model Ashley Smith is a friend and customer. She comes into our stores all the time and has such a unique look and intelligent energy. She actually sings to our mascot, Fred, sometimes, and it’s awesome.”   It’s here! Get Vera’s adorable Frenchie Ladder Cuff now!
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