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Behind The Scenes

See How Annabel Inganni Makes Color and Pattern Magic

“I feel a bit like a mad scientist—I never know exactly how something will turn out,” says Annabel Inganni, who dreams up totally fly color combos and geometric motifs for her home line Wolfum. The pillows, coasters, glassware, and trays are always a little surprising, spicing up any space as a result. Check out the process involved in turning up her consistently unpredictable results. —alisha prakash Pre-Design Prep “There is nothing more inspiring then a beautiful book. I collect any and all on fashion, photography, architecture, graphic design, and, of course, pattern and textile history. It’s always important to reference the origins of printing and textiles while simultaneously looking forward at technology and new techniques.” “I love looking through magazines. I find the simple pleasure of ripping pages out and making collages satisfying. I can find inspiration for color, a new product or graphic, or just an overall concept. I put it into a book so I can revisit it at any time. I create a story in each few pages and suddenly a concept is defined, a mood articulated.” “Lists, lists, lists—I love them. I like the physical action of writing them and then crossing things off. I thrive on organization—and am pretty hyperactive—thus I multitask all the time. I have a bunch of notebooks where I keep my concepts and ideas, in some sort of nonsense order.” Color and Pattern Concepting “I always start with Pantone chips—picking way too many and then narrowing down to a group…and then within that, even smaller groups that I know will be unexpected yet look wonderful together. The colors always look so different on fabric than on the wood once they are processed, so it is imperative to test each color individually so that I can create the right combinations. It becomes a little game of mix-and-match.” “I don’t have a true work space, so I often take my laptop to the library or just to the couch, to draw. Working on the computer allows me to easily change up colors or scale. I do all my sketching in Illustrator. I am a control freak and like the organization and discipline of working on the computer. I start with a concept, whether I am playing with a shape or brush stroke. Once I find an element I like, I play with scale and manipulate it a million different ways until I see what it is meant to be.  Sometimes this is a quick process and other times it takes weeks to perfect the print.” “These are my fabric color test swatches. I have a hard time deciding what colorway or scale to use in the collection, so it helps to print them out. This way I can arrange and re-arrange to find a perfect balance.” Finished Products! “My napkins reflect the breadth of my graphic work. I love seeing them all stacked together. It reminds me to revisit my past designs and look for fresh elements in my older work.” “Since I design each graphic specifically for the item, it’s always a bit of a surprise how the print will come out. With the coasters, each one within the set has an element of the larger image, so when they are put together, they end up being somewhat of an art puzzle for your tabletop. Since I pre-test all my colors on scraps of wood, I design into the colorways I think are most striking and then run several samples. As soon as I see The One, I know it and can build from there.” Add Annabel’s latest rad pattern to your home now!
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Explore Annabel Inganni’s Los Angeles Hideaway

When East Coast girl Annabel Inganni headed to Los Angeles 15 years ago, she very quickly, as she puts it, “released some of my inner bohemian.” For her, that means making the outdoors as a huge part of her living sitch and getting down with sunny colors (also evident in her killer home goods line Wolfum!). See how she keeps things chill and airy at her Monterey Hills pad. —carly pifer “Our house is small, but we have expanded by designing our deck to be our outdoor living space. This is our only dining table, so we often enjoy our meals outdoors, lighting a fire in the winter. Garden boxes, where I grow different veggies and flowers year-round, edge the deck to keep my daughter safe.” “Since our house is below the street, nestled in the hillside, most people miss our stairway down. I love how it twists through the yard—its design and materials echo all the natural elements. It feels so good in Los Angeles to be surrounded by so much green.” “Gardening is a passion of mine, and I have several boxes throughout the deck and yard. Two are dedicated to herbs, while several others have fruits and veggies in rotation—mostly lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes, and now strawberries for the summer!” “I found this orange velvet fabric in a thrift store and had our vintage Knoll by Eero Saarinen chair reupholstered. Since I am married to a furniture designer, most of our house is built-in, so I love adding these bright, unique pieces where I can.” “Immediately when you enter the house, you are greeted by this vintage Marimekko fabric that I stretched to hang over our couch. I love the simplicity of the Lokki print, which, again, reflects the organic nature of our home.” “Our bedroom has a wall full of art collected throughout the years. The portrait is of my grandmother, Barbara Bird, whom my daughter Birdie is named after. Others are from travels to Paris and Rimini, Italy, as well as finds from local thrift shops. There is also a vintage Audubon print, which I adore.” “Our vintage Verner Panton Flowerpot pendant lamp is one of my favorites. Not only is it orange—my favorite color—but the shape is also sleek and sweet at the same time. It gives off a very romantic, soft light.” Clear some space, you’re gonna want to fit in Annabel’s latest tray and coaster set!
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