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Behind The Scenes

In the Bag: Walk Up Press

The Company: Walk Up Press  The Founders: Elizabeth diGiacomantonio and Joseph Traylor The Story: You ready for this? The Brooklyn twosome behind Walk Up Press met because they were Craigslist roommates. That was 2006, and three years later, they launched a line of smart, witty, and not-too-cheeky letterpress cards. Course, their creations are great for mailing, but they also look pretty rockin’ framed and hung on a wall. Get some Walk Up Press goodness in our holiday grab bags! Now.
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In the Bag: Wondermade

The Company: Wondermade The Founders: Jenn and Nathan Clark The Story: The delicious, bouncy marshmallows of Wondermade were born via a little bit of NPR listening—and some holiday-shopping urgency. When brainstorming the ideal present for his wife, Nathan Clark caught a radio program that made him want to take to the stove. As he explains, “I learned we had everything we needed to cook our own marshmallows except for a candy thermometer and some know-how.” The one-off experiment quickly became an obsession, with the Orlando-based couple spending a year developing recipes—landing on flavors like chai, Guinness, and sugar cookie—and dreaming up their killer packaging. All to make finding a sweet little gift that much easier for you. Ready to get these fluffy treat…and a whole lot more? Check out our holiday grab bags, stat.
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In the Bag: Imperial Barber Products

The Company: Imperial Barber Products The Founders: Pedro Zermeno and Bryan Fisher The Story: How do the dudes behind Imperial know what barbers want? Because before they launched their collection of grooming goodness in January 2012, they had racked up 26 combined years of experience in the biz. The L.A.-based company is all about keeping things simple and functional: Right now, they have eight (simply packaged) offerings in their line—we’re talking a cluster of hair pomades, a no-nonsense shave soap, and a bergamot after-shave. Because having 29 hair product options is definitely not better. Get a bunch of Imperial shaving gear in our grab bag for boys! Score one while you can.
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