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Behind The Scenes

Elizabeth Yarborough Takes Us on a Color Tour of SF

Elizabeth Yarborough, the woman behind the woven-yarn bangles of Yarbie, thinks that color is, well, nothing short of magical. “I’m all about the interplay of colors and how emotionally we connect to that. And that never gets old to me,” the charming San Francisco dweller with a Southern drawl explains. “I’ve been doing this now for years, and colors never fail to dazzle me every single day.” Bonus: This is one source material that it’s pretty hard not to encounter everywhere. Here’s what made an impact over the course of one Saturday. “All of my Saturdays begin at the historic Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. It’s an explosion of color, and the Bay Area farmers handle their produce like works of art.” “The Blue Bottle Coffee stand there is always a mob scene, but it’s worth the wait. It’s the best coffee in the world, and I adore the bright blue logo.” “Long walks are another Saturday tradition. This is a favorite perch in my neighborhood where I’m always sure to find a flock of the legendary wild parrots of San Francisco [photographed here by Ingrid Taylar]. They are a riot this time of year.” “I am in love with primary colors. Mondrian used them to reflect the basic order of the world, and they are a great starting point when I’m designing something new. This edible art is from the rooftop café at the SFMOMA.” “Finally, my favorite stretch of waterfront. The Golden Gate Bridge is such an icon, but when it’s just outside your window, it’s an especially friendly sight.” Sign up for our email list to make sure you don’t miss out on the bright creation Elizabeth made just for us!
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Elizabeth Yarborough Hits the Books

Before Elizabeth Yarborough took up full-time jewelry making, she worked in publishing in NYC and, no surprise, has stacks and stacks of books threatening to overtake her San Francisco apartment. Though we’ve all been told it’s the insides that count, Elizabeth has a soft spot for killer covers, too, and these are works that she thinks deliver a one-two punch. “These are a few of my favorite vintage paperbacks. As much as I treasure my books, I beat them up pretty badly, turning them inside out and scribbling all over the margins.” “Super Sad True Love Story was my favorite read of 2010, and I’m also crazy about the cover. It was designed by the amazing Rodrigo Corral, who also designed the cover for A Million Little Pieces and the Chuck Palahniuk novels, among many others. I saw him give a lecture when I was 23 and have followed his work ever since.” “Edna St. Vincent Millay has been my favorite poet since I was 15, when I first read “What Lips My Lips Have Kissed, And Where, And Why.” This early edition from 1934 belonged to my grandmother, whom I never knew. She was exactly my age the year it was published. I discovered it among her things this past summer, and I love imagining her reading it and loving it as I do now.” “I love the art of book-binding, and this is one of many treasures that I found at the Strand in New York. It’s a little book of antique endpapers, which are the colorful papers that appear on the insides of hardcover books. These patterns go back to the 1500s and were hand-stenciled in fantastic colors or stamped with wood blocks or engravings. They are a true lost art.” Get on our email list so you don’t miss Elizabeth’s smartly designed edition, which we’ll release tomorrow at 10a EST!
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Elizabeth Yarborough Wears Our Bangle Like a Pro

According to Elizabeth Yarborough, it’s possible to develop a bangle problem, wherein you want to stack on so many bracelets at once that you run out of arm room (and possibly lose interest in owning long-sleeve shirts). Of course, the version she made for us—incorporating rich black cashmere, earthy brown tweed, and tomato-red angora—can also be worn all by itself to great effect, too. Here, she shows us how it’s done. Try it at home. Score one of her ridiculously cozy creations—exclusive to Of a Kind!—here. “Worn doubled-up or tripled up, these bangles create a cool, Rubik’s Cube look.” “This graphic cream and black top is a great backdrop. I love a neutral color palette with a single bright pop of color.” “The bangle’s red patch livens up this classic nautical look. And I like all the lines and angles—the way the stripes intersect with the stacked bangles.” “Color-blocking with neon makes a high-energy statement—and honestly, just makes me happy.” “Here is the bangle dressed down. This casual flannel shirt brings out the earth tones for an outdoorsy look.” “…And here is the bangle dressed up. It is timeless and ultra-feminine worn with a full brocade skirt and a sweet Peter Pan collar.” “Capes and shawls free up the forearms—perfect for bangle-stacking.”
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