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Behind The Scenes

Inside the Laugh Cry Repeat Studio

When William Anzevino discovered the space where his cool, coquettish line Laugh Cry Repeat now lives, he wasn’t hunting for studio space—he was looking for a party. “I went to an L.A. fashion week event—I didn’t know my partners Mitch and Michael were going to be there,” he recalls. “By the time we left, Michael asked, ‘Would you want to have a space here?’ Within a week, we were moving in.” Here, a look at what appeals about the spot, tucked into downtown Los Angeles, that William calls “a diamond in the rough.” —alisha prakash “This is the façade of the building. You can see it’s very nondescript—the space and neighborhood lends itself to this look and aesthetic. It’s extremely industrial.” “There’s a showroom and retail area when you walk in. It’s a shared space with a few other designers and artists. Thvm Atelier took over the building with the intention of turning it into a collaborative space.” “In terms of décor, all of us share a similar aesthetic. Reworked and repurposed vintage furniture is something we collectively gravitate towards. The furniture is very local—some sourced from warehouse sales, some from vintage stores, some from old selling factories.” “This is the stairway to the main Laugh Cry Repeat office. The rack is 70 years old—it was actually in my house for a long time.” “Here, you’re looking towards the back where we have all our cutting tables and sewing machines and where we do our sample-making. Laugh Cry Repeat was a combination of three different people coming together, so we all brought our resources together and made it what it is today.” See the edition William made from his under-the-radar studio: a heart tee that’s more free-wheeling than sweet.
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Meet Laugh Cry Repeat

Growing up in a small town, William Anzevino, the brains behind the slouchy-chic line Laugh Cry Repeat, learned to express himself through clothing. “The halls of my high school became my runway show,” he says. With no formal training in design—William had a background in fine arts—he began his foray into fashion making T-shirts for friends’ bands, turning his own photos, sketches, and paintings into textiles. Well, one thing led to another, and before he knew it, at 21, he got a call from the Andy Warhol Museum, asking if he was interested in creating tees that spanned the artist’s career. Interested was an understatement. Given the track William was on, it’s not a shocker that he launched his own line, Anzevino & Florence, soon after. His first customer: Barneys New York. Pretty quickly, the desire to make more accessible designs—styles that girls could wear every single day—led William to start Laugh Cry Repeat. “I take seriously my quality of life. I place it above my schedule. I’m personally more interested in making sure that I enjoy every day rather than how much I got done on my to-do list,” explains William of his ethos and the one that drives line number two. As for the name—that was simple. “It started as a painting of mine—I would take pages from my journals and sketchbooks and turn them into paintings,” William recalls. “One of them had the words ‘Laugh Cry Repeat.’ People were drawn to those three words together, so it was a no-brainer.” —alisha prakash Make sure you don’t miss out on William’s edition. He made a fresh take on his now-signature heart T-shirt just for us.
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The T-Shirt That Fuels William Anzevino’s Line

“I’ve always designed for a girl who changes her mind a lot,” says William Anzevino of the whimsically bold line Laugh Cry Repeat. This flip-flopping is perhaps most apparent in his now-classic heart tee, a design that’s been part of LCR since the start. “The idea of Laugh Cry Repeat and the cycles of happy and sad—that was the root of it,” he explains. Here’s a look at how that one signature piece has shifted and evolved since the it all began. —alisha prakash Don’t tell William, but the one he made for us is our fave: a pale pink silk heart on a gray jersey tee. Check it out now, k? “I designed this style almost four years ago—it was one of the first pieces I ever shipped under Laugh Cry Repeat. It became an overnight hit. I never expected it to become what it was. The black and white was the original version. It was really about the black heart; it had an emo-punk feeling.” “It becomes happier with the yellow and pink here. I liked this whole shoot—this lookbook was probably my favorite one. The story behind the lookbook was a girl treading through the East L.A. She stumbles across a yard sale, tries on a bunch of clothes, and gets changed to go out at night.” “It gets more luxe and glam as the seasons go on, which was a fun progression. This is a silk-chiffon shirt with a silk heart.” “The sequin heart is one of my favorite versions. It’s very day-to-night: You can go out at night and feel great, but you can also lounge around and feel great. It is bold, but, at the same time, it isn’t over-the-top.” “This is a new twist we haven’t done yet. [Ed: Just for Of a Kind! Get yours!] We started out with the black heart, which is representative of the cry in Laugh Cry Repeat. This time, we wanted something that would speak to the laugh side—something softer with a more positive energy.” “This one has a super regal feeling to it. The royal blue-on-white is very nautical, very posh. I love the idea of this black punk heart turning into one suited for a Westside girl on a boat.”
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