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Behind The Scenes

Meet SFK

Before landing a gig as the accessories editor at Teen Vogue, Sarah Frances Kuhn worked as a stylist, a manager at the beloved New York vintage institution Amarcord, and a London correspondent for W. To log pieces that might find their way into upcoming issues, she had a camera on her at all times, and when its strap broke, she crafted her own, crocheting some spare bits of fabric onto a chain for a charmingly loud replacement that had more in common with a statement necklace than the standard-issue nylon camera strap that’s about as nice to look at as a seat belt. Less than two years later, what started as a DIY quick-fix has turned into a living: Now Sarah is at it full-time, and some of the components of SFK, her line of made-by-hand leather, fabric, and chain camera straps, are named for the sorts of people who use them, like Tommy Ton, Susie Bubble, Garance Doré, and Taylor Tomasi Hill.Given that Sarah lived in Nashville, Boston, Jerusalem, and London before settling down in Brooklyn, it’s only fitting that she weaves together a serendipitously sourced kaleidoscope of found fabrics and trim—some camo here, say, and some metallic rainbow leather there. And it’s even more appropriate that the girl who says she lives a little like a gypsy and feels more than a little comfortable bopping from place to place has seen her handmade creations pop up everywhere from South America to Kuwait on photographers with wanderlust of their own. —tamar anitaiYou’re going to want to get a load of Sarah’s edition: These paisley camera straps are chic as all hell.
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The Music-Video Underpinnings of the Next SFK Collection

 Sarah’s fave look in the M.I.A. video “Bad Girls.” Sarah Frances Kuhn’s fall 2012 collection is inspired by some of the most iconic women in music who’ve made some of  the most striking videos—yes, it’s that major. And this Brooklyn designer is in a position to judge: When she’s not buried in leather and chain making camera straps, she’s running around to band practice for her two projects, Open Ocean [Ed: We wrote about that one!] and Rockit From a Drone. Here, the videos that she thinks warrant SFK translation. —tamar anitai  The Video “Valse de Melody” by Serge Gainsbourg featuring Jane Birkin: “This video is the third song out of a seven-part series that was made for the album Histoire De Melody Nelson in 1971. She wore all white, and he wore black as they dance the psychedelic surreal night away.” The Strap The Video “Wuthering Heights” by Kate Bush: “Kate Bush is a fiery vision of romance in this dream-like video. Makes me want to head to a field and dance around!” The Strap The Video “Fire” by Lizzy Mercier Descloux: “This French avant-disco pop star from the late seventies/early eighties is in a class of her own in her TV performance of the super-catchy song. I love the black-and-white number that she accompanies with the best hair flips I have witnessed in a while…or ever?” The Strap The Video “Bad Girls” by M.I.A.: “This song recently came out, and I can’t stop listening or watching. She has both a unique style and sound—a mix of desert chic, rave, and diva but still sophisticated all the way. I particularly love her outfit 40-something seconds in.” The Strap The Video “Hey! Bo Diddley” by Bo Diddley featuring Norma-Jean Wofford: “The Duchess is the epitome of cool in her long, shimmery, body-con dress. Not only does she rock on guitar, she knows how to move!”  The Strap Dying to see what Sarah’s finished products look like? Check out the paisley camera straps she made just for us—and grab one before they’re gone.
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The Photos that Get Sarah Frances Kuhn Going

With just a few basic classes under her belt, Sarah Frances Kuhn calls herself an amateur photographer. We’re going to go ahead and call her humble. The multi-talented designer behind the line of way-cool camera straps, SFK, has an eye for aesthetics that sometimes earns her gigs as music-video director, and that sensibility, combined with a magpie-like attraction to renaissance men and women like herself, gives her high-functioning accessories an added zing. These are the works and the artists she pays tribute to with her creations. —tamar anitai These photos make you want to snap some winners yourself? The paisley camera straps that Sarah made just for us will further your mission.“I love how this photograph, ‘Dancer I’ by Stan Douglas, manages somehow to capture the impossible—the beauty in movement and dance.”“Freddie Mercury is an inspiration, and this shot by Mick Rock emphasizes his mastery of drama.”“This shows the photographer, Ruth Gruber, herself—I chose it because she looks so stylish! Her own work was incredible. She was the first journalist to travel to the SovietArctic and Siberian Gulag in 1935.”“Maya Deren is best known as a filmmaker, but she was also a choreographer, dancer, poet, writer, and photographer. Her vision was impeccable and forward-thinking. This is a still from her surrealist film, At Land.”“This image—‘Danseuse-Cancan, Moulin Rouge, Paris, 1931’ by Ilse Bing—truly captures a moment…the polka-dot dress, the spinning. You can hear the music just looking at it.”
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