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Behind The Scenes

The Symmetry Goods (Home) Office

Because Ted and Gena have other creative projects in the works at all times—he’s a drummer and she’s a stylist—their space has to multitask. As Ted puts it: “It’s a working office. The rest of the house is very minimal, and the office is a free-for-all.” Ted: “The plaids are Woolrich fabrics, and there are a ton of different chambrays for spring—all of them are Japanese. Everything in that pile is either from America or Japan.” Ted and Gena created a scarf in materials that they sourced specially for Of a Kind. Check it out—and score one of the 23 in existence—here. Gena: “I haven’t been around a lot—I’ve been shooting. This area is a mix of everything from my styling work—so, inspirational stuff tacked around—and Symmetry. Both things happen there, which is why it’s a little…messy. There are usually a lot of clothes and accessories lying around, too.” Ted: “All of our tags are tied to the garments. You are actually supposed to take the tags off of scarves, but I don’t think people know that—or they never do it. So we made our tags so that you sort of have to take them off.” Ted: “For Christmas one year, Gena got me the bat—it’s a real vampire bat. Then, there’s this guy in Vermont who finds spider webs in the woods and goes out with glass and captures them. So that’s what you’re seeing in the background.”Gena: “That was part of the bat Christmas as well. It was a creepy Christmas.” Ted: “Angel’s our cat. She’s a 20-year-old and is very striking-looking. People kind of freak out when they come over because we have textbook-attractive pets.” Ted: “It’s an old drafting desk, and there are a few things above it that I like looking at. A friend of mine passed away last year, so that’s a picture of him on the wall. Various collages I’ve done are tacked around, and the chair next to my desk is where Angel usually sleeps.” Ted: “I grew up skateboarding—I was sponsored at one point when I was in high school—and Gena skateboarded, too. We both grew up in Southern California. There was a time a while back when I had a day job downtown, and I would skateboard to and from work—it was like four miles each way. That year, I got Gena a skateboard, and a friend of mine did the graffiti piece on it.” Ted: “I’ve had extraordinarily fancy drum sets in the past, but this has worked out to be what I use. The kick drum is from a set from the seventies. The snare drum I found on the street—but it’s actually really fancy. The cymbals I’ve had since college—17 years ago?”
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Seven Businesses Ted and Gena Can Get Behind

Designs from the Symmetry Goods fall collectionThe couple behind Symmetry Goods focuses a lot of energy on exactly how their new line of scarves (and, come spring, bags and other accessories) are constructed. They score wools in Japan, they design and cast the hardware in L.A., and they work with a seamstress just down the street. With such deliberate production, it’s no surprise that they have careful buying habits, too. “The beer that we drink, the food that we eat, the clothes that we wear—we really try to look for businesses that deserve our support,” Ted says. These are seven companies that they are more than happy to patronize. Engineered Garments“Though it’s not new anymore, E.G. will always be one of our favorites. It offers a Japanese take on a classic American aesthetic, with just enough Rei Kawakubo thrown in. And Nepenthes, the parent company, produces all of the Engineered Garments, uh, garments in the U.S. I could wear their work shirt every day—and often do.”The Bruery“The Bruery is a craft brewery in Placentia in Orange County. All of its beers are small-batch, and though they’re rooted in the styles of the Belgians, the company has managed to become one of the most innovative and interesting craft breweries in America. We especially love their very limited releases (Black Tuesday, Oude Tart, anything that spent time in a barrel), and the Christmas beers have become holiday staples for us. This year’s is 3 French Hens—the third in the series, of course.” Corter Leather’s Brewster rivet wallet Corter Leather“Corter Leather is a one-man operation based in New England. The guy behind it is named Eric, and he literally makes everything he sells—beautiful wallets and small leather goods that combine pure craftsmanship and modernity.” LAYERxlayer“Patrick and Leah are behind LAYERxlayer, and they design covetable bags, backpacks, rucksacks, and other objects. They produce entirely in America and are a quality-over-all-else operation. We really dig what they do.” Come meet us and LAYERxlayer at the mobile pop-up shop hosted by Brooklyn Based and The Shiny Squirrel on December 4th! Kristen Elspeth“Kristen is a dear friend of ours—she produces all of her jewelry by hand. We love her refined-yet-crafty aesthetic. She pays attention to even the smallest of details.” Sightglass Coffee“San Francisco is quickly becoming the American mecca of artisanal coffee roasters, and Sightglass is our favorite. They just get a really amazing flavor profile from all of their varieties—rich yet not too acidic, with a full body and good mouthfeel. We could go on and on. Everything they do is seasonal, only harvesting from small lots when it’s the right time.” The Way We Wore“The Way We Wore is the preeminent women’s vintage spot in Los Angeles. Selling everything from proper couture to expertly selected vintage textiles, this is the spot where you often see very famous designers looking for inspiration. The owner, Doris Raymond, has an encyclopedic knowledge of textile, fashion, and culture in general, and she only deals in pieces that you will want to keep forever.” If you’re reading this in your Tumblr dashboard, you should check out our brand-new site at ofakind.com. While you’re there, sign up for our newsletter.
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Ted Byrnes and Gena Tuso Are Close. Real Close.

Ted Byrnes and Gena Tuso know each other pretty well: They’ve been married for two and a half years. And though they never intended to go into business together, their appreciation of each other’s aesthetics has helped them to create a stand-out line of hardware-accented scarves that look equally cool on men and women. We asked them to play our take on The Newlywed Game. They laughed—then obliged.   “This is from right after we got married in Elysian Park—there are a lot of vendors that sell ice cream, balloons, and cotton candy,” Ted said.On Ted’s look…Gena’s answer: “Minimal, modern, specific, dark, and geometric”Ted’s answer: “I like things that look rustic—I’ve never been good at being polished—dark colors, and things that last a very long time.On Gena’s look…Gena’s answer: “Dark, minimal, structured, quirky-chic”Ted’s answer: “Eclectic and interesting.”On the worst thing about working together…Gena’s answer: “Making time to discuss all the boring details of running a business that neither of us likes to deal with.”Ted’s answer: “I wouldn’t say that there’s anything bad about it per se. We both have pretty strong viewpoints, which can be frustrating sometimes, but ultimately I think that’s what makes the brand what it is (or what its becoming).”On the best thing about working together…Gena’s answer: “It’s fun discovering new inspirations and conceptualizing ideas together that relate to both our business and life in general.”Ted’s answer: “Knowing that no matter what someone has my back.” 3Sixteen+ jeansOn Ted’s favorite piece of clothing…Gena’s answer: “A French army jacket he got when we were in Paris”Ted’s answer: “Probably my current jeans—I buy one pair a year and wear them every day. This year they are the 3Sixteen+ from Self Edge. They are aging very well and are developing interesting characteristics.”On Gena’s favorite piece of clothing…Gena’s answer: “It changes, but lately it’s been an eighties Missoni jacket that goes with pretty much everything.”Ted’s answer: “She just acquired a vintage Missoni jacket not too long ago that I know she’s really into.”On their first date…Gena’s answer: “Dinner at Café Stella in Silverlake then to The Troubadour to see some metal bands—but I can’t remember who we saw!”Ted’s answer: “We went to a French restaurant here in Los Angeles, Café Stella, and then went to see a metal show. I think we saw Big Business.”On the most embarrassing music Ted owns…Gena’s answer: “Stephanie Mills’s ‘Bit By Bit’ from Fletch”Ted’s answer: “It’s hard to say as most of what I listen to is either free improvisation, contemporary classical, noise, or metal. But I will tell you that I know all the lyrics to ‘Wannabe’ by The Spice Girls.”On the most embarrassing music Gena owns…Gena’s answer: “Scorpions’s ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’”Ted’s answer: “I have heard Tears for Fears coming from her computer speakers on more than one occasion—although I would rather have it be that than, say, Lady Gaga.” If you’re reading this in your Tumblr dashboard, you should check out our brand-new site at ofakind.com. While you’re there, sign up for our newsletter.
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