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Behind The Scenes

Lina Rennell Brings her Textiles Home

Lina Rennell is a practice-what-you-preach kind of girl: Not only does she wear the custom textiles she makes for her line like mad but she also uses them to add some oomph to her beach-adjacent Northern California pad. Here’s a look at how they do with interiors—feel free to rip off her ideas. —allie wood Now’s your chance to score not one but two of Lina’s prints: She made a pair of statement-making totes that will make any spring jaunts that much more fun. Linens: ”These sheets are made of my Ballet print in mint and peach from the spring collection. I get dizzy with pleasure looking at the sherbet colorway. I’m on board with the pastel movement and think it works well in the bedroom.” Curtains: “This is one of the first prints I did called Helsinki Tents that I made into curtains that hang in our front window. It’s neutral without being cookie-cutter basic.” Pillows: “Love my prints as pillows! The top pillow is the Pink Marble print from my spring collection. The bottom pillow is in the lilac and gold Triangle print from my Big Sur collection.” Rug: “This rug in my daughters closet was made from various leftover scraps of my textiles knitted together. I love all my prints. and this use of scraps made sure they didn’t go to waste. It was fast and fun and made me feel like I could do no wrong.”
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Flip Through Lina Rennell’s Inspiration Books

For many designers, cataloging creative inspiration results in bulletin boards pinned like porcupines or notebooks filled with haphazardly pasted cutouts. Not so for the Cali creator Lina Rennell, whose photo hoarding is organized oh-so-sleekly in bound books from Snapfish.com. They not only serve as an encyclopedic reference to Lina’s whims through the years, but they also make for some damn fine coffee-table reads. Here, some of her favorite page views, for your ooh-ing and aah-ing pleasure. —allie wood “I took this photo—a dried plant from the beach where I go almost daily. I live in Santa Cruz, a few blocks from the beach. The quote by Picasso—’It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child’—really hits me now that I’m a mother to two girls, six and ten.” “This girl…she’s romantic, and I’ve always been a sucker for the mix of bare necessity—the raw mattress—and luxury—the gown. Messy hair is good, too.” “I like the print of the shirt quite a bit and the messy—again with the messy!—but opulent vibe of her living space. This is the girl I create for and daydream that I am myself.” “I have a home thing, and I actually half wish I had gone into architecture. Being a big daydreamer, spaces like these get my mind and feelings flowing. In this photo, it’s all about the soft blue and metallic, the old, the grandness, and that mix of high and low.” “Color, color, color…and texture. The print is amazing! Tribal gone modern, light and dark.” “That’s my daughter on the left up-close with food hanging out of her mouth. I didn’t ask her to pose like that. I just said, ‘Don’t move,’ and took the photo. The drawing is mine—it’s her as a cat.” “More beach finds! This is an abalone shell.” “I would love to wear this photo as a print.” “I’ve been in love with those little canoes for years. Each one is different, and grouped together, they’re like candy or like something from a dream.” To make sure you don’t miss out on Lina’s edition: Stunning (inspiring!) patterned totes.
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Meet Lina Rennell

Lina Rennell went about launching her line in a kind of backwards way—like the fashion-world equivalent of a movie inspiring a book. In Lina’s case, it was her website, the online boutique Beklina that she unveiled in 2006, that led to her namesake label. “I was a writer doing creative non-fiction and technical writing in Silicon Valley, the market was down, and I wanted to nix the commute and be at home with my baby,” Lina says. “In interacting with the designers for the store and seeing their process, I fell in love with textiles and fabrics—particularly organics and beautiful, high-end cotton silks.” As her fabric fixation overtook Beklina’s stock—“It’s definitely the print website,” she admits—Lina worked up the nerve to start creating pieces of her own, like sophisticatedly poppy silk dresses and watercolor-inspired canvas pouches.The transition from writer to buyer to designer isn’t so nutso for someone with Lina’s background, as it were. “I’ve always been artistic, dabbling and mixing in different mediums. I could never stick with just one thing and say, ‘I’m only going to do photography, plays, ceramics,’” she explains. That tendency toward tinkering has not worn away at her material lust, though. “It always starts with fabrics,” Lina says. “My print work is the antithesis to mass computer-generated prints. I want my designs to survive long enough to be vintage.” —allie wood Lina’s edition pays tribute to her love of prints. She made super-special totes just for us, and they’re right over here.
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