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Behind The Scenes

Meet Lindsey Thornburg

Lindsey Thornburg always wanted to be different. Growing up in Aspen, Colorado, in the nineties, she took up snowboarding—a new-ish sport back then—listened to underground punk, and scoured vintage stores for the tiniest T-shirts she could find. After design school, Lindsey moved to New York, where she pieced together flowing dresses out of scraps of vintage fabrics. But it was a trip to Machu Picchu—spurred by a “quarter-life crisis” (her words!)—that really molded Lindsey’s aesthetic into what it is now. Combining traditional Incan costume silhouettes with the motifs of her Western upbringing, she began cutting up her grandfather’s old Pendleton blankets, turning them into amazing Technicolor dream cloaks. “It’s really comforting to have a blanket around you all the time,” she says. “It feels good; it lifts your spirit.” That beatific philosophy has stuck with Lindsey as she’s grown her line to include otherworldly dresses, breezy sweaters, and David Bowie-worthy blazers—her designs are at once defiant and respectful. “It’s important to get down to the roots of nature and the planet,” she explains. “Just sitting by a tree and tripping out on why that tree is so beautiful…and taking all that information back and putting it into clothing.” —raquel laneri Lindsey’s jaw-dropping edition is here! This super-light cashmere wrap is straight-up stunning.
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Lindsey Thornburg’s Crazy-Fashionable Grandparents

For Lindsey Thornburg, style is woven into the double helices of her DNA. She created her cozy cloaks (the cornerstone of her line) out of her grandfather’s old Pendleton blanket collection—she also calls him her biggest style inspiration—and her grandmother is French. So, you know. Here’s their completely adorable tale. —raquel laneri “My grandpa was a military man, a navigator in World War II, and he was even in a concentration camp in Germany. But he’s the one who had all the Pendletons. He had the best style—classic button-downs, overall straps that matched his flannels. He taught me you can just as easily look cool and put-together harvesting a crop or working in your garden as you can just walking down the street. He was a gorgeous, distinguished man.” “My grandmother was stunning: dark hair, big red lips, really thick eyebrows. Her father was a French ambassador to the U.S., and she met my grandfather in a swimming pool in Tucson, Arizona. She moved to Great Falls, Montana, to be with him, but she always carried her French heritage with her. She’s now 87, and she still wears cashmere and pearls every day and has her orange juice and croissant every morning.” “My grandparents got married just two weeks after meeting. Her family disinherited her. She never got any of the money; she never got anything. But she left it all to be with the man she loved. They moved all over the world together and had nine kids.” “I have this photo on my desk at all times. My grandfather died when I was seven, but his impact—he was a really predominant figure in my life. He would play the piano, and we would garden together and pick snap peas and play airplane a lot. My grandmother is a quiet woman. She likes to read—she’s very cultured—and drink her rosé. Her whole wardrobe is just a pastel rainbow of all these different cashmere sweaters, and she has the most amazing taste in furniture. Her house is filled with all this amazing stuff from her and my grandfather’s travels—lots of Asian furniture and vases and calendars. I think having that exposure when I was young really affected me—or maybe my taste was just inherent!” See how Lindsey’s familial influences play out: Check out the crazy-amazing, ultra-light cashmere wrap she made just for us.
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The Photo Genius of Lindsey Thornburg

On top of designing rad ponchos and bohemian maxi dresses, Lindsey Thornburg is a rather accomplished photographer. The psychedelic print on the scarf she created for us is actually based on a snapshot she took while on vacation in 2006. This is the story of how it became the ultra-luxe scarf you’ll want to envelop yourself in year-round. —raquel laneri Get your hands on the stunning and unbelievably soft finished product right over here. “I took this photo in Idaho, I think. It was a brushfire—they happen a lot in places where there are droughts. But I actually found the photo years later going through a box. I was just doing my second ready-to-wear collection, and it made sense to use it as a print.” “We scanned the photo into Photoshop and distorted it so you could see the texture—so it would look more pixelated. We then put it into a digital printer and blew it up. Once we started messing around with it, it really looked like heaven and hell, fire meets sky. It looked like a dark angel or something. We made mirror images on either side to make the image more colossal so the fire was in the middle and the sky was on the side.” “I found this cashmere-modal fabric from an Italian company that makes digital prints. We sent them the blown-up image, and then they printed it onto the cashmere for us. They were awesome—but a little slow. They gave me a little bit of anxiety!”
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