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Behind The Scenes

A Silva/Bradshaw Guide To Dope Interiors

Just because the two guys behind Silva/Bradshaw have turned their furniture-and-jewelry line into a bona fide hit doesn’t mean they’ve given up their day jobs. Matthew Bradshaw, who works as an interior designer, and Sergio Silva, who is a technical model maker, know their way around a room. Here, Matthew shares a few pointers for outfitting your home, Silva/Bradshaw-style. —carlye wiselWith its ability to light two different areas, that little lamp goes a long way in this well-anointed space.1) Nail the lighting.“To me, the most important thing you need for a good space is good lighting. It’s crucial. Good lighting will literally make you look and feel better! I would suggest a mix of highs and lows—and make it as indirect as you can. Direct light can be too harsh and actually make a space feel darker and more depressing than it is. But make sure you have a good direct light next to the couch or by the bed for reading—not enough light when you really need it is not so good for your eyeballs.”A room designed by Bestor Architecture, one of Matthew’s favorite residential architects.2) A little color goes a long way.“Color. Super important. But do not paint the largest room in your windowless Brooklyn apartment safety orange. It will make you crazy. My mother calls me boring, but I like white and grays for the walls and the ceiling. Add color through the things you put in the space. Throw down an interestingly area rug. Get a fresh little side chair and pair it with a relaxed sofa. Maybe layer a few funky pillows with the old blanket that grandma knit you way back when.”One of the first projects Matthew and Sergio collaborated on: the interior of the nature-fueled shop Still House in New York’s East Village.3) It’s your space, so design it that way“Most importantly, make it your own. If you like it and it makes you happy, then do it—unless it is sponge painting or any other kind of faux finishing. Don’t do that. Just buy nice lights and things that interest you, and you’re good. The way Urte [the Still House owner] has accessorized the space with the items she sells makes it feel very personal and intimate—like her own personal curio-cabinet of sorts. I think this very much speaks to the idea of making your space your own by simply buying the things you love, and mixing and matching things from every corner of your life.” See what the guys would recommend amp up your look: a completely stunning (and somehow unexpected) gold ring, made exclusively for Of a Kind.
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Silva/Bradshaw Gets Sketchy

Matthew Bradshaw finally made his jewelry designs happen when a former girlfriend urged him to bring the sketches that crowded his notebooks to life. Now, with the accessories arm of the business he started with Sergio Silva booming, Matthew is game to look back at how some of the greatest hits from the Silva/Bradshaw catalog—both the stuff you can wear and the pieces that would really amp up your home—got their start. —carlye wisel To score the stunning Ero ring the duo made just of us, click here.“The Kolme stool was a project I first developed studying furniture design in Copenhagen. I found the culture there to be incredibly inspiring—everywhere you looked, the simple and the mundane were designed to be aesthetically pleasing. The stool is based on the many windmills you see throughout the countryside in Denmark, and it took many, many iterations of scale models.”“The Cirkel ring was the first piece of jewelry we ever designed. At the time, I was interested in how shapes intersected one another and what the resulting shapes would be. In this case, the result was a thin band that some think is suggestive of a stone—which I enjoy, because I deplore the whole diamond engagement ring thing!”“The Cue bench was a project designed for the Cue Arts Foundation in Chelsea in Manhattan. It was the winning submission from a nationwide contest. I sketched and sketched different random patterns until finally I folded one of those pieces of paper and lopped the ends off at a slight angle, and voilà! The Cue bench came to be.”“The Ero ring we designed for Of a Kind goes back to the concept of the Cirkel ring. I was interested in the intersection of two similar but differently proportioned cylinders. The piece is so simple that it almost looks like a band was bent in half, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. Someone once called our work ‘simple, but not simplistic.’ I liked that, and I think it works here.” [Ed: Get one of these for yourself while you can!]“The Dyvel table was born from a variety of very 2D graphic sketches. It is actually a pretty sophisticated piece—the wooden legs conceal a handful of interesting mechanical parts that all need to function in concert with each other and the two glass panels to make the piece work.”  
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