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Behind The Scenes

Creatures of Comfort Takes Hong Kong

The thing Jade Lai misses most about Hong Kong—where she was born and raised—is her family. But for the Creatures of Comfort phenom, there are also a handful of have-to-visit places that she tries to hit every time she heads back—a few times a year, if she can. These are the six tried-and-true spots that should absolutely be on your HK itinerary, too. —olivia seely Score Jade’s Of a Kind edition now! This custom-dyed tee would look as cool in HK as BK. Lei Yue Mun Fish Market“For those looking for authentic Cantonese seafood, I recommend going to Lei Yue Mun. I remember going there with my family a lot growing up. On the way to whatever restaurant you choose, you pick out live seafood along the strip. The food is delivered to the restaurant, and they cook it up right there for you. It’s super fresh, and the method of preparation is usually really simple. I’m hungry just thinking about it!” Mak’s Noodles“This is one of the best wonton noodle places in Hong Kong. There are about three locations now, but I go to the one in Central, which is the original location. The noodles come in tiny bowls, and I usually get the wonton soup noodles and a dry lo-mein.” The Peak“I love taking friends to The Peak. You take this really sketchy cable car from Central through Mid-levels, and when you get to the peak, you can take a little hike and see all of Hong Kong from there. It’s exquisite at night.” Repulse Bay“I love to go to the beaches in Repulse Bay and to have high tea at the Verandah. It’s amazing to see this vast beach alongside a hill covered with 50-story apartment buildings. It looks like one of those traditional Chinese water paintings, full of currents but serene at the same time. It’s pretty special.” Wanchai off Ship Street“There is a new area next to Pacific Place 1 in Admiralty that has some of the coolest shops in HK right now. It’s nestled within a quiet residential neighborhood. There are vintage and modern furniture stores, rare bookstores, a Visvim, a Monocle, and one of my favorite boutiques, Kapok. I want to open a Creatures of Comfort HK there!” Sushi Kuu“Sushi Kuu is great for the sushi and the people-watching! Chef Satoru San is famous for his innovative cooking and really fresh sushi! It is definitely on the trendy side. This is my go-to spot to meet friends for dinner in HK. It helps that I can always get a reservation since my little brother owns the joint.”
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Jade Lai Whips Up Her Fave Comfort Food

As if running two stores and designing a line of cool-girl clothing isn’t enough, Jade Lai is considering a side-career as a restaurateur. But her tastes in that realm are a little more contained: “I eat the same thing for lunch every day—Hampton Chutney,” she says. Her brand of eatery would be equally straightforward. “I think it would be cool to serve only five dishes. Comfort food that people want to eat,” she explains. “One of my favorite is ochazuke, a rice and tea broth dish. It’s great for warm weather, and I can usually whip it up with ingredients that are already in my fridge.” Here, she shares the recipe for what could someday be a menu staple. —olivia seely Ingredients:1 1/3 cups of sweet brown rice, dry1 genmaicha green tea bag1 dashi pouch8 umbeboshi (Japanese pickles)8 radish pickles4 handful spinachA dozen slices raw salmon (optional)4 handfuls crushed noriSalt, to tasteWasabi, to taste Directions:Cook the sweet brown rice—you can use rice you have left over from the day before, too. You want four cups cooked rice. In a pot, combine 6 cups of water, the genmaicha green tea bag, and a dashi pouch and bring to boil. In each of four deep bowls, add 1 cup of brown rice, 2 umeboshi, 2 radish pickles, a handful of spinach, a handful of crushed nori, and a few slices of raw salmon. Pour 1 ½ cups of the tea broth over the rice bowl. Add salt and wasabi to taste. Serves 4. Come back tomorrow to see what Jade cooked up for us! And get on our email list so you don’t miss it.
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