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Now, listen, this is some serious layering, c/o Raquel Allegra. —erica

In Character Rachel Green




Admit it: A lot of your nineties outfit inspo comes from teenagers, fictional or otherwise (see: Rayanne Graff, Drew Barrymore, Cher Horowitz, Fiona Apple). But if you’re looking for someone who really nails the I’m-trying-to-be-an-adult-ok? thing, Rachel Green’s your girl—especially during season one of Friends, which premiered 20 years ago this week (WHAT). —erica


A 3.1 Phillip Lim sweater, for snuggling Ross and/or Marcel.


One last dress—from Rag & Bone—charged to her dad’s credit card.


A Band of Outsiders button-down that can cappuccino spills from waitressing at Central Perk.

There’s a whole lot more where this came from!


The scarf on this Creatures of Comfort top is both matching and detachable—yup. —erica

Double Take Kid in a Candy Store


Listen, you might be too old for Lisa Frank folders, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have some candy-colored fun. This Flat Vernacular wallpaper is comprised of thousands of stickers, each placed by hand, and Jellio's Candelier (ha) is made of 15,000 gummi bears—don’t worry: acrylic ones. —alex ronan

Think this is sweet? Then you’ll like this, too.


Um, this Proud Mary backpack is SPOT-ON. —erica

Weather Vain Minneapolis, Minnesota - 69 and Clear


Last week, Claire and I went to Minneapolis. We love ourselves a Midwest work trip—and, somehow, I’d never been to MN. So, my question is, when do I get to go back? —erica

Clockwise from top left:

+ A ring by Kelly Wearstler that makes any outfit, really.

+ A Veda jacket that would be a total hit on the Target campus.

+ A wallet from Eayrslee with the sort of no-nonsense design the crew at The Foundry Home Goods would appreciate.

+ This Dealtry scarf + dinner outside at Borough before nice weather’s a thing of the past = a G.D. perfect night.

+ A Tibi dress that’s as cheery as the (amazing) cloud wallpaper at Marvel Bar.

+ Dream boots, really, from Loeffler Randall.

More of this! Bunches more!


Talk your boyfriend into buying this Saturdays coat so you can borrow it, why don’t you? —erica


Ok, brilliant: trompe l’oeil saddle shoes from Band of Outsiders. —erica

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