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Couple Up Ben Stiller and Janeane Garofalo


Listen, the internet doesn’t know a whole lot about these two as a couple—except that they happened (briefly). It does, however, know a whole lot about their professional, comedy-making relationship, which started with The Ben Stiller Show (Janeane’s big break) followed by Reality Bites, The Cable Guy, and Mystery Men. What can we contribute? That the whole thing makes us happy. —erica

Janeane Garofalo: An Anndra Neen choker, a Joseph slip dress, and a tank from T by Alexander Wang.

Ben Stiller: A blue button-down by Kenzo, a windowpane Hickey Freeman blazer, and some slick Carven shoes.

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In my next life, I’m gonna dress like this, c/o Black Crane. —erica

The Insider Sara Zucker


Sara Zucker is the girl you tried really hard to befriend on your first day of college: She has enviably tousled hair, knows where to get the best coffee in Queens, and named her style blog Farpitz—Yiddish for “all dressed up” and code for “just plain cool.” And when she’s not doling out wardrobe wisdom over there? Lady manages all sorts of media for NARS Cosmetics. Get to know this mensch, here and now. —mattie kahn

Q: What is your first powerful memory of makeup?

A: My mother never left the house without lipstick on, so I always kind of grew up wanting to be that kind of a woman who, you know, cared enough about her appearance to always have her lips covered. Now, I’ve become that person where I feel naked without lipstick. It automatically makes me feel classy.

Q: So, what color do you reach for for a night out?

A: It depends. If it’s a date—because men are afraid of lipstick—I will go with something neutral and kind of sheer. I don’t like lip gloss, because it’s sticky, so I’ll go for, like, NARS Damage Sheer Lipstick. And then if I’m going out with my girlfriends, I’ll usually do NARS Short Circuit Cinematic Lipstick. It doesn’t exist anymore. We launched it for our holiday collection, and the formula was so good that I stockpiled it. [Writer note: Sara swears NARS Geraldine Audacious Lipstick is a worthy substitute.]

Q: The MVP of your closet right now is…?

A: I bought a Thakoon short-sleeve wrap coat at a sample sale two years ago, and I didn’t wear it until two weeks ago. Now I can’t stop wearing it. Now I’m like, “Why did I wait two years? I don’t understand!”

Q: You have fairly remarkable hair. What’s the secret?

A: A really good cut. I go to Devachan in Soho, and they really cut my hair very, very well. I just find that the cut makes all the difference. As long as your hair grows down instead of out as a curly-headed woman, then you’re good to go.

Q: If you could splurge on a five-figure purchase, what wouldja get?

A: Hmm…In New York, that’s not enough to buy a house, so I would say a storage unit. I would buy a storage unit, because that way I won’t have to worry about monthly payments—and then I can always swap out my closet each season. I always run out of space.

Q: It’s 4 P.M. What’s your in-office snack of choice?

A: Plantain chips and guacamole. The key is you use the plantain chips as tortilla chips, but they’re better for you, because they’re plantains!

Q: It’s basically a salad!

A: I mean, they’re still fried, but I lie to myself when I’m eating them. I’m like, “No! They’re healthy!”

Q: Any Of a Kind designers that you’re super into right about now?

A: Um, yes! Welcome Companions. I’m newly obsessed and love everything that they do and wish that I had a larger savings account. And Palomarie. I bought one of her necklaces some months ago, wore it to death, and plan on buying the last edition that she did for Of a Kind as well. 

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Why wear some flowers when you can wear the whole garden? That’s the Julie White take. —erica


It’s tough to get excited about most iPhone cases, but this Mansi Shah one is another story. —erica

Next Level Beet


Cranberry sounds so…early aughts. And maroon has a certain team spirit vibe. But beet? Now that feels right for fall—maybe paired with outwear in a nice goat cheese or sherry vinegar. (I know–ha, ha.) —erica

LEVEL I: One of those perfect sweaters, c/o Isabel Marant, that can do apple-picking or office.

LEVEL II: A so-sleek Alexander Wang purse that would give even your grungiest jeans some polish.

LEVEL III: A dress from Carven that would look almost impossibly put-together with sheer black tights.

LEVEL IV: Opening Ceremony shoes that put a little stomp in your step.

More of this “Next Level” madness!


Dontcha think these suckers, from The Palatines, would make the ideal first-day-of-school shoes? —erica

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