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The Hill-Side is making shoes! Real good ones. That girls with average-to-big feet can wear, too. —erica

Next Level Mesh


Brace yourself for the punniness ahead: These four pieces will have you looking like one hot mesh. —erica

LEVEL I: Just a sliver of see-through makes these Rebecca Minkoff loafers look a whole love more interesting.

LEVEL II: It’s like the strapless dress that you never have to hoist up, c/o Elizabeth and James.

LEVEL III: Thanks to this Steven Alan purse, you’ll know if you have your phone without even opening your bag.

LEVEL IV: Not only do the sleeves on this Jonathan Simkhai jumpsuit look fly, but they also allow for some serious air circulation. 

All the “Next Level” you can eat handle!


You know what’s a good name for a color? Terracotta. I’ll let this Crippen skirt sell you on it. —erica

So Fresh and So Clean All the Tips and Tricks You Need to Take Care of Your Leather


When you invest in a nice bag or a killer pair of shoes, you wanna protect it—you know, the world can be a harsh place! So we asked designers who have some skin in the game to share their best tactics for safeguarding against—and dealing with—the nonsense that’s bound to strike, from downpours to ballpoint-pen explosions. —erica


Marbled leather? Handmade in Vancouver? Whaaa? GET IT.


+ “We recommend using a natural leather oil (we swear by Obenauf’s!) to protect against water damage and get rid of any dust or grime on the bag.” —Jennie Engelhardt & Emily Harrison of Hare+Hart


The bottom of this sucker unzips and expands, allowing you to basically double the bag’s size. GET IT.


+ “I have successfully removed blue pen ink form the outside of a light brown leather bag three or four times by using a damp Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.” —Stacy Herzog Berk of frieda&nellie

+ “Mix a small portion of mild shampoo—such as baby shampoo or leather shampoo—with water in a bottle, soak a clean rag, and dab the spot. This is only for spot-cleaning. If your bag gets dirty without major stains, try using a damp cloth first. Depending on how the leather was treated or finished, you might just get the dirt off with a little bit of water. Just don’t soak the leather by applying too much water!” —Yegang Yoo of IMAGO-A

+ “It’s all about saddle soap!” —Tere Artigas of Gabriela Artigas


If you don’t have a casual clutch in your arsenal, you’re definitely missing out. GET IT.


+ “Small scratches can be removed by rubbing them gently with your finger—the natural oils on your hands will work nicely into the leather. For larger scratches and marks, apply a tiny amount of leather oil to the mark, let it soak for a few minutes, and wipe away the excess with a clean, soft cloth.” —Yegang Yoo of IMAGO-A


Don’t let the color scare you: Denim-y blue is absolutely a neutral. GET IT.


+ “Whether you are an extreme adventurer or just happen to be accident-prone like us, waterproofing is a great way to extend the longevity of a leather item. We recommend using a natural leather oil to seal in the natural oils found in the leather and then adding a waterproofing agent to really protect from the elements.” —Jennie Engelhardt & Emily Harrison of Hare+Hart

+ “If a leather bag or shoes gets soaked, do not dry it quickly—with hairdryer, for instance—as it will get stiff and crinkled. Let it slowly dry at room temperature. Make sure to keep it in the shape you want it to end up in while drying.” —Yegang Yoo of IMAGO-A

Note! With all of this stuff, spot-test first! Different finishes can react differently, and you don’t want to go making matters worse.

Did reading this make you want a new bucket bag or wallet? Well, have a look-see.


Short-sleeve button-downs are inherently dorky. And this Barque one embraces that. —erica

In Character Mrs. Euphengenia Doubtfire




Mrs. Doubtfire is a hilarious and wonderful movie—and not just when you watch it (over and over on VHS) as a 10 year old. Here, how to follow Kim K.’s lead and mimic the namesake character’s look. —erica


A shirt, by MSGM, that might catch fire when she leans over the stove.


A Sophie Hulme bag that is decidedly grown-up and dependable—just like this dad in drag.


Suno's loud floral blazer, worn with a matching dress, that looks even kookier next to Pierce Brosnan in his swim trunks.

It’s “In Character” madness over here!


Behold: a pair of grown-up—but still cool!—shorts. That’s a damn hard thing to achieve, Raquel Allegra. —erica


You know those days when you just CAN’T with anything? Even though the sun is shining and there’s a new episode of The Mindy Project? Mother of Pearl's palm print would help compensate for the grimace you're wearing. —erica

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