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Hone Your Craft

A DIY Jewelry Dish You Can Make With 10 Minutes and a Trip to the Hardware Store

Hone Your Craft BY christina pellegrini 02/16/2017
Cover img 5679
Sofia Ramsay might make her living in the realm of delicate beads and fine chains, but that doesn't mean she can't get down with tougher materials, too. "At hardware stores, there are so many cool objects with functional forms that can be abstracted," she says. On her most recent trip, she found a way to turn electrical and plumbing fittings and gardening supplies into utilitarian trinket catchalls. "The pipe forms are great to drape chains over so they don't fight and tangle," Sofia explains. Ooh, yah, sign us up for that. READ MORE
Key to the City

An L.A. Designer Makes the Case for Moving to Montreal (Visiting’s Cool, Too)

Key to the City BY genevieve ang 02/14/2017
Cover biosphere4 parcjeandrapeau1
Though she'd carved out a pretty amazing homebase for herself and her delicate jewelry line Kyyote in L.A., Canadian Amanda Loos was growing increasingly homesick over the last few years. The solution? She now splits her time between the city of sun and the cobblestoned streets of Montreal. "One of the best things about Montreal is the nice drivers here," Amanda laughs. "They take their time, let others in, and rarely honk their horns - it's so different from L.A.!" But the lack of road rage is far from the only reason to head north - here are 11 places worth brushing up on your French. READ MORE
Listen Up

Listen Up: How We Consume the News and What Goes Into Making Outstanding Innerwear

Listen Up BY courtney conway 02/13/2017
Cover 01 18 17 juliarobbs1515
Ugggh, the news RN. How, when, and where are you consuming it? That's an ongoing conversation Claire and Erica have been having, so they're talking out how they're attempting to stay informed...and also sane here. Then Iva Pawling schools us on innerwear (see: her snuggly line Richer Poorer) and fitnessing socks (her second label, Pointe Studio), solving problems we never knew how to articulate. READ MORE
Got It Made

How One Designer Built a Team When She Was Used to Doing Everything Herself

Got It Made BY katie nave freeman 02/10/2017
Cover seaworthy studio
When Marisa Howard, then a commercial lighting designer, first started making her own jewelry by watching YouTube videos, she never imagined she'd be in a position to support herself full-time on the hobby - let alone others. But interest in her minimalist, rune-like metal creations - which now go by Seaworthy - grew in a flash, and, BAM, she's now the head of a team of four. Here's her bosslady approach to getting there. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

The Seventies Inspo Behind Alynne Lavigne’s Latest Jewelry

Stuff We Love BY genevieve ang 02/09/2017
Cover corvette
Yah, Stranger Things has us all feeling super nostalgic for the eighties, but Alynne Lavigne and Eve Tobolka, the BFF pair behind the metal-centric jewelry line Alynne Lavigne, are here to make an even stronger case for the seventies. To get in the mood to design their way-groovy new collection, they put Donna Summers on blast in their Toronto studio and got down with what follows - 'cause if you ask them, the decade is stayin' alive in a major way. READ MORE

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