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Past Perfect

Past Perfect: 1979

Past Perfect BY jane gauger 10/17/2017
Cover sony walkman 1979 ad
Sometimes the only way to go forward is to go backward (uh, style-wise, at least - otherwise, bring on those progressive values!). Welcome to Past Perfect, where we take an aesthetic trip down memory lane to shout out the looks, books, and other enduring pop-culture creations from a particularly notable 12 months. We think it'll be way more fun than a high school history lesson - but only time will tell. READ MORE
Key to the City

One New Yorker on the Fine Art of Museum-Going (with Snacks!)

Key to the City BY aleksa brown 10/12/2017
Cover museum of art and deign
As a resident of New York's Upper West Side, Ariana Boussard-Reifel is pretty museum rich. "I'm within walking distance to dozens of world-class institutions," says the jewelry collector-turned-designer. She knows her way around the best in the area - big and small - and, despite her spoils, is even willing to borough-hop to get her fix (especially when promised a good tequila drink). READ MORE
Stuff We Love

How Journaling Can Help You Feel Better, According to One Impressive Lady

Stuff We Love BY liz 10/11/2017
Cover image 3
Esmé Wang knows a thing or two about writing: Her first novel, The Border of Paradise, landed her on Granta's 2017 list of best young American novelists. But she also spends a whole lotta time compiling journals no one's ever meant to read and uses that process as a way to manage the kinds of issues many of us struggle with but have trouble talking about - stuff like chronic pain and mental illness. It's been so beneficial to her, in fact, that she created an online class called Rawness of Remembering to help show others the way. We asked her to go deep with us on how putting pen to paper helps in every aspect of her life - and how we can get in on it. READ MORE

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