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In Character

In Character: Belle

In Character BY liz 09/26/2016
Cover 2.0
Okay, who's watched this trailer more times than is probably healthy? Who hasn't, amirite?? To tide you over 'til 2017, here's an homage to the independent bookworm whose style is a tale as old as time - or as we like to think of her, the Of a Kind princess. READ MORE
Key to the City

How to Have the Greatest Time in Portland, Maine

Key to the City BY neha kulsh 09/23/2016
Cover drifters wife  1
Hearing about Chloe May Brown's lifetime of sun-kissed summers in Maine is enough to compel even the most dedicated Californian to drop everything and hightail it for the East Coast. "I grew up right by the ocean - we would walk to the beach from my house, and it was such a part of my life," says the ceramicist who returned to her old stomping grounds after honing her art skills in Chicago. "It's the most rejuvenating place - I can go for a dip in the saltwater whenever I want, and I instantly feel better." Here is where you'll find her around her always-new hometown when she's not seaside. READ MORE

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