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Hone Your Craft

How to Set Yourself up for Entertaining Success

Hone Your Craft BY kate cavanaugh 12/13/2017
Cover slack imgs 2
Ian Collings and Greg Buntain of Fort Standard know a thing or two about making a house a home - their minimal-yet-cozy furniture and homeware designs and their own charming digs in Williamsburg and Fort Greene provide ample proof. As it turns out, much of what this duo creates in the studio is influenced by how they entertain in their own spaces. Their families are growing - Greg got married in 2016, and Ian and his fiancé just had a baby - and they're both into a the-more-the-merrier approach to gatherings. Key to that: keeping things low-key. A half dozen of their hosting tenets below. READ MORE
Key to the City

A Guide to Cleveland From a Fourth-Generation Resident

Key to the City BY tess falotico 12/12/2017
Cover malleys1
"Cleveland has a reputation for being gray - both for the industrial buildings and the weather - but there's actually so much color and art throughout the city," says Molly Fitzpatrick, who brings a similar paint-splashed vibe to DittoHouse, her line of cheery, graphic textiles. Molly's family has had roots in the rock-and-roll capital since her great-grandparents moved there decades ago, and as a local small-biz owner (and mom to two!), her hometown pride is especially strong. Here's her pizza-filled, art-happy, kid-friendly guide to her city. READ MORE
Top of Mind

Top of Mind: Natalie Joy on Working Past the Tough Stuff

Top of Mind BY liz 12/08/2017
Cover natalie joy topofmind
Welcome to Top of Mind, featuring a designer who's been a part of the Of a Kind fam since wayyyyyy back (like, before Snapchat). This round, Natalie Joy, who turned her background making amazingly intricate sculptures into a super-successful collection of clean-edged earrings and mobiles, is here spill on the mom advice she still turns to and the silver linings of limitations. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

How Two Designers Kit Out Their Extremely Cute Kid

Stuff We Love BY olivia martin 12/07/2017
Cover baby accessories
When husband and wife Kofi and Kristin Essel started their striking, textural jewelry line, they dubbed it Third Crown to represent their shared creative vision. Now, there is a third member of group IRL: the couple's two-year-old son Gareth. We've long admired Kofi and Kristin's super covetable style, so it's no surprise that Gareth's looks are too cool for (pre)school. More on their go-to kid gear and tips below… READ MORE

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