Stuff We Love BY erica 03/27/2015
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For the back of this swimsuit, Base Range decided to mess with mesh - which turned out to be a very smooth move. READ MORE

Shop Of a Kind at 350 Target Stores (!!!)

BY erica 03/27/2015
Target collection 26
To fully express our enthusiasm for this news, I'd have to hold down the exclamation mark key for a solid four minutes, so in lieu of that, I'm going to just tell you this: There is a special Of a Kind collection available in the home decor department of 350 Target stores, starting now! Thrilling, right? You'll find wall art by Dealtry, animal bookends and wall hooks by Wolfum, and a whole bunch of coolness - from toothbrushes to flasks - by Izola. Scroll through below for just a taste of what's in-store (yah know, literally). Oh, and speaking of stores: Here's a fancy-pants map of the spots where you'll find the Of a Kind collection. It's not available online, so you'll need to hit up Target IRL - which I suspect you're doing already anyway. READ MORE

Stuff We Love BY erica 03/26/2015
Img 5276
Word on the street, white dresses are having a not-just-for-weddings moment, and this Caron Callahan one is making a very convincing case. READ MORE

The Insiders: Andrew and Gracie Foxwell

The Insider BY mattie kahn 03/26/2015
When Andrew and Gracie Foxwell were ready for a life change, the almost-too-charismatic couple hopped in a car, took off across the U.S. to find a new place to put down some roots, and, oh, started a business while they were at it. These days, they run their social-media consultancy Foxwell Digital out of Madison, Wisconsin, masterminding online strategies for the likes of the Grand Ole Opry, Post Planner, and, oh, you know, us - when they're not climbing mountains and eating questionable sandwiches, that is. READ MORE

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