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Key to the City

6 Delicious, Design-y Reasons to Move to Atlanta—or at Least Visit

Key to the City BY katie nave-freeman 04/25/2017
Cover ticonderoga club
If you haven't spent time in Atlanta lately (that ATL layover doesn't count), it's time you make the trip. Even before hitting the cultural zeitgeist thanks to Donald Glover's excellent show, the birthplace of Coca-Cola was undergoing a creative renaissance thanks to a zillion new restaurants, a super-cool greenway, and a whole bunch of other awesome things that Megan Huntz, clothing designer and native of the super hot city (which you should never, ever call Hotlanta) is about to tell you all about. READ MORE
Listen Up

Listen Up: Why We Should All Go to Austin—and Listen to Tamar Adler's Kitchen Tips

Listen Up 04/24/2017
Cover afewthings ep86sc 3
On the mind this week: vacations and overflowing farmers' markets. Just in time for the end of SXSW (because that whole thing is kind of overwhelming, anyways), we're sharing our guide to Austin, Texas. And just in time for fresh vegetables and fruit, the totally brilliant Tamar Adler drops by to talk about how she turns even the most boring this (parsley stems!) into delicious dishes, and what we can look for her in her new book, Something Old, Something New. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

Astronomically Awesome Ways to Learn About Space

Stuff We Love BY tess falotico 04/22/2017
Cover nasa2
Been dreaming about gettin' deeper into space but haven't found enough change in the couch cushions for a Virgin Galactic ticket? Same. Céline Semaan, whose company Slow Factory prints NASA images onto delicate, ethereal silk scarves, is a outerspace obsessive, and she has plenty of reading/viewing/scrolling recs. Amateur astrophysicists and aspiring stargazers, right this way... READ MORE

An Oh-So-Seasoned Traveler’s Guide to Flying Solo

BY liz 04/20/2017
Cover jen malta
Jennifer Stilwell is an old hat at traveling alone - like, she's been at it since childhood. Her parents separated when she was a kid, and she would regularly go back and forth between her mom's home in Argentina and her dad's place in the States. "One parent would take me to the airport and deposit me on the plane, and the other parent would pick me up on the other end. These were never direct flights - once I had a 15-hour layover in Chile," she remembers. Those formative early days shaped her lone-wolf approach to the international jaunts she plans to places like Oaxaca whenever she can get away from her L.A. studio, where she hand-sews sturdy and striking leather and canvas bags. Here, her seven tips for joining her in going at it on your own. READ MORE

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