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Grown-Ass Dressing

The Timeless Midi Skirt That I Still Haven’t Worn

Grown-Ass Dressing BY mattie kahn 05/25/2016
Cover skirt4
In the world of wardrobe woes, there's nothing worse than feeling like you need to upgrade absolutely everything you own (while throwing a Toddlers and Tiaras-worthy temper tantrum in front of your closet). Let Mattie Kahn be your spirit guide: Her first year in the workforce has involved re-capping Girls, covering this crazy election, and figuring out the key pieces of her #adulting style. Welcome to Grown-Ass Dressing. READ MORE
Get Outta Town

10 Especially Cool Swimsuit-Required Honeymoon Spots

Get Outta Town BY liz 05/24/2016
Cover longbaybeach
Whether you're doing the whole wear-a-white-gown, toss-a-bouquet bash or thinking more Monroe 'n DiMaggio at City Hall, weddings are sorta really stressful. Which is why we're hugely in favor of honeymoons where sarongs are totally acceptable eveningwear. Here are ten completely chill suggestions from people who have very good taste in all things (including umbrella drinks). READ MORE
In Character

In Character: Samantha Jones

In Character BY liz 05/23/2016
Cover 0 cover
A recent re-read of New Yorker critic Emily Nussbaum's defense of Sex and the City has me feeling nostalgic for Samantha Jones's unapologetic - and always stylish - crassness. So, a tribute to the woman who conquered the world (or at least the men of New York). READ MORE

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