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This Is Going to Make You Care About Numerology

Stuff We Love BY aleksa brown 05/19/2017
Agnes Baddoo's interest in astrology and numerology - or, as she calls them, "the ologies" - took root long ago. "I've been interested in signs and planets since I was very little, which eventually led me to patterns and randomness and then sacred geometry and numerology," she explains. What's all that mean, exactly? In her day-to-day, Agnes uses numerology as a sort of weather report to keep perspective and find empowerment in all sorts of situations, including when she's putting together a new collection of her cult-favorite, roomy leather totes and satchels. Below, her guide so you can use numbers as your guide, too. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

4 NYC Galleries These Art Fiends Always Scope Out

Stuff We Love 05/18/2017
Cover fisher parrish 1
Chen Chen and Kai Williams are designers of insanely cool, very functional objects like bulbous, bubblegum-colored planters and marble-slab lamps. But their unusual, way-surprising (in a great way) pieces could very much stand alone as sculpture, too - they've shown work at The Museum of Arts and Design and the Venice Architecture Biennale. So, yeah, these are exactly the dudes we want planning our next summer New York Sunday gallery hop, which is exactly what they've done here. READ MORE

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