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Key to the City

How to Have the Greatest Time in Portland, Maine

Key to the City BY neha kulsh 09/23/2016
Cover drifters wife  1
Hearing about Chloe May Brown's lifetime of sun-kissed summers in Maine is enough to compel even the most dedicated Californian to drop everything and hightail it for the East Coast. "I grew up right by the ocean - we would walk to the beach from my house, and it was such a part of my life," says the ceramicist who returned to her old stomping grounds after honing her art skills in Chicago. "It's the most rejuvenating place - I can go for a dip in the saltwater whenever I want, and I instantly feel better." Here is where you'll find her around her always-new hometown when she's not seaside. READ MORE
Get Outta Town

How to Class Up a Canoe Trip

Get Outta Town BY olivia martin 09/22/2016
Cover screenshot 2016 09 19 23.18.28
If you think about it, canoeing is really just the upgraded version of hiking. You don't have to deal with the heavy backpack thing, and being off your feet keeps blisters at bay. But the thing that sold Bridge & Burn founder Erik Prowell on exploring his native Oregon with oars? "You have more space to pack more creature comforts," he explains. Erik grew up boating and camping at Sparks Lake near his hometown of Bend, Oregon (it's still a favorite destination), and he designs very good-looking outerwear for a living - so it's not surprisingly that his gear game is strong. Here are the six things that he won't leave shore without. READ MORE
Couple Up

Couple Up: Chanel Iman and A$AP Rocky

Couple Up BY liz 09/21/2016
Cover 3.0
Let me put it this way: If A$AP Rocky had been around when I had a teenage bedroom, it woulda been wall-to-wall papered in his face. Soooo when he got a girlfriend, I took a natural (totally healthy, I swear) interest in her. And she turned out to be Chanel Iman, probably the only woman in the world who could both those names justice. I mean, c'mon - even their breakup was in good taste! READ MORE
Look Alive

Look Alive: Backpacks

Look Alive BY liz 09/21/2016
Cover 072816 sr ofakind web08 b3p9435 a
Backpacks haven't gotten this much love since 10 Things I Hate About You. Maybe it's because we're all carting around so much damn stuff these days, but there's never been a better time to rock one - heck, it's even cool to use both straps nowadays. We're sweating Hare + Hart's leather-and-woven take, above, and we've rounded up some other hot shots below, too. READ MORE
Key to the City

6 Super-Well-Priced Activities to Do All Around NYC

Key to the City BY liz 09/20/2016
Cover the met
Loup's Danielle Ribner is a firm believer that living the good life doesn't have to cost a milli - and that's reflected in her line of richly textured, impeccably cut clothes that won't make your debit card break a sweat and in her outta office activities. Over more than a decade spent living in NYC, Danielle's honed a master list of ways to recharge - all for less than the cost of a movie and a bucket of stale popcorn. READ MORE

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