How to Start Knitting, Like, Now

Hone Your Craft BY erica 03/03/2015
Over the past year or so, Claire and I have both gotten real into knitting. We've spent more money on cushy yarn than we care to admit. We've made hats and blankets…and are trying to wrap our heads around socks. Why the sudden interest? Well, for one, it feels good to make something - to, you know, pick up a new skill that results in something cozy and useful, both. Also: Turns out it's a weirdly great plane activity, and - get ready for the big sell - when you're busy with your needles, it's really hard to look at your phone. WIN. READ MORE

In Character: Gracie Hart

In Character BY erica 03/02/2015
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The marker of a solid weekend this time of year: Being able to watch a movie like Miss Congeniality with 1) the coziest blanket you own and 2) enough groceries on-hand that you don't have to leave the house. In case the last couple of days failed you, here's your chance to hang with Gracie Hart on a Monday. READ MORE

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