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The Design Books That Will Get You Psyched About Seventies Interiors

BY liz 07/29/2016
Cover thehousebook1
John and Linda Meyers are ahead of the curve, always. They left their New York City art circle and decamped to Maine in 2004, almost a decade before Portland's indie design and restaurant scene started being referred to as Brooklyn-esque. The couple, who make sleek, handmade soaps shot through with color under the name Wary Meyers, have mastered the art of laid-back seventies cool in every aspect of their lives - they even wrote a book, Tossed and Found, which includes instructions to DIY a Ziggy Stardust-inspired chair. Much of their fuel, for their work and for their incredible Instagram feed, comes from interior-design books from the era that you're invited to pore over, too. READ MORE
Get Outta Town

5 Steamy, Dreamy Hot Springs Worth an Oregon Adventure

Get Outta Town BY liz 07/28/2016
Cover view for the tub at summer lake hot spring
Water is key to Natalie Joy's jewelry-making process: Each one of her angular pieces is shaped using a super strong jet stream, and, when she's not making earrings that look like a chic T-square or triangular brass pendants, trips to local hot springs help her relax and come up with new ideas. "I'm a water sign, and I feel like I only get fully charged from soaking," explains the longtime Portland resident. Get your feet wet - heck, your whole body, even - with her guide to Oregon's greatest natural hot tubs. READ MORE
Interior Monologue

Interior Monologue: Get That Cup Off the Coffee Table

Interior Monologue 07/27/2016
Cover caroline hurley cork set warmer 7
Whether you are fresh off commencement and living with your first Craigslist roommate (wash your dishes!) or you just re-signed your lease for the fifth time, chances are your home could stand to grow up a little. Welcome to Interior Monologue, where interior designer and Ace Hotels alum Whitney Parris-Lamb and architect Amanda Jesse - who together run the way chic dream home delivering firm Jesse Parris-Lamb! - share for their greatest tips for fixing up that flat, stat. READ MORE
Eat This

How to Whip up Some Great—and Great for You—Matcha

Eat This BY christina pellegrini 07/26/2016
Cover img 2736
Three years ago, jeweler, potter, and artist Elana Noy considered coffee her lifeblood (sound familiar?). But after half a lifetime knocking back lattes and red eyes, the effects went from amazing to ugly. "I started working as a barista when I was 25, and my usual two cups a day turned into about five. I actually started feeling sick," she remembers. Reluctantly, she gave up her daily java - "I accepted the fact that I would living a sad, tired life," Elana says. "Then I found matcha." Turns out, the powdered, jade green tea has a respectable 70 milligrams of caffeine (to coffee's 100 milligrams) and contains an amino acid that slows the release - meaning the jolt is jitter-free. So, let's have her show us how to make some, yah? READ MORE
Couple Up

Couple Up: Martha Plimpton and River Phoenix

Couple Up BY liz 07/25/2016
Cover 0 cover
There's something nostalgic about a heat wave - maybe because the best ways to beat them involve eatin' popsicles, jumping into some cool body of water, and, for me, re-watching movies like Stand By Me and The Goonies. Another send-up to the stickiest season: commemorating the totally on-point style of River Phoenix and Martha Plimpton, two of those movies' stars who had a thing going on in real life. READ MORE

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