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How One Designer Works From Home with Her Toddler

BY tess falotico 10/20/2016
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Molly Fitzpatrick - the woman behind DittoHouse's graphically modern, you-can't-help-but-smile throw blankets and pillows - makes working from her sunny, exposed brick-lined Cleveland house with a two-and-a-half-year-old boy look downright aspirational. Without veering into the dreaded having-it-all territory, we'll just say we were curious how Molly merges running a biz and parenting in a way that's not totally crazy-making. Here, some examples of how resident baby model Malachi helps Molly take care of business. READ MORE

5 Dynamite Touches That Make One Six Five’s Store Awesome

BY genevieve ang 10/18/2016
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When Kaleigh Shrigley and Claire Lowe describe the vibe of their minimalist jewelry line One Six Five - Memphis Group-esque, playful, and streamlined - they're also painting a picture of their recently opened shop in Columbus, Ohio's hip Short North neighborhood. Housed in the front of their working studio, the airy space looks like the inside of a box of Good & Plentys - all crisp white and mauve. They play down their interior-design chops - "It was really thrown together with things we already had!" Kaleigh protests - but wait'll you see what they did with the place (and how you can cop their style). READ MORE
The Insider

The Insider: Anthonia Akitunde

The Insider BY mattie kahn 10/14/2016
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Anthonia Akitunde is happy to admit she was not the most obvious founder of a website devoted to black motherhood - and not only because she doesn't have any kids just yet. As a twenty-something editor in NYC, running her own media company was never high on Anthonia's list - but a few years ago, she realized that women of color needed a space all their own to have honest, hard conversations about babies, jobs, and that whole myth of work-life balance. And so her site Mater Mea was, well, born - and she's a stunner. READ MORE

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