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Key to the City

8 Spots That Make Havana Really Magical

Key to the City BY olivia martin 10/19/2017
Cover cuba 02
Every year, crazy-busy Brooklyn clothing designer (and mom of three) Christine Alcalay makes time for two vacations: one for rest and relaxation and one for discovery. While working on a Cuba-inspired collection for her supremely smart (and a little bit glam) clothing line, Christine decided it was high time to explore the country firsthand. As she puts it, "I wanted to walk the streets of Havana and immerse myself in the music, beauty, and love of a place that seemed untouchable." Wanna get a little bit closer? Read on. [Ed note: Christine was able to visit Cuba earlier this year before Hurricane Irma devastated certain areas and policies made traveling there from the U.S. more difficult. Our aim: to learn more about the place and culture and to encourage continued support of hurricane victims.] READ MORE
Past Perfect

Past Perfect: 1979

Past Perfect BY jane gauger 10/17/2017
Cover sony walkman 1979 ad
Sometimes the only way to go forward is to go backward (uh, style-wise, at least - otherwise, bring on those progressive values!). Welcome to Past Perfect, where we take an aesthetic trip down memory lane to shout out the looks, books, and other enduring pop-culture creations from a particularly notable 12 months. We think it'll be way more fun than a high school history lesson - but only time will tell. READ MORE

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