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6 Haunting Podcasts You Absolutely Need to Listen To

BY lily meyer 11/30/2016
Cover  mg 1408
Chances are, you could use some distractions right about now - enter Isabel Halley, diversion genius. She listens to podcasts all day while pinchin' porcelain in her ceramics studio, and her number-one tip for taking your mind off whatever it's stuck on is to listen to true-crime shows. They might not be uplifting (erm, at all), but nothing sucks you in quite like ripped-from-the-headlines tales of mob bosses and murderers, right?
Family Matters

How One Designer Pays Tribute to Her Trio of Badass Sisters

Family Matters BY jane gauger 11/29/2016
Cover winden 1
Let's hear it for cool sister acts - think the Brontës, the Mitfords, and the Olsens. And you better add Becca Mapes and her three hip-as-they-come siblings to the list. The crew has been influencing her style since back in the day - "In high school, you never wanted to repeat your outfits, so there was a lot of closet-sharing going on!" says Becca. Now they've each got a namesake piece in her jewelry line Winden - so why don't we get to know the very accomplished muses and the designs created for them, huh?
Stuff We Love

Here’s How the Designers Behind our Limited-Edition Stockings Harness the Holiday Spirit

Stuff We Love BY liz 11/28/2016
Cover stockings 103
You know what's harder to find than it should be? A really good-looking, full-of-cheer Christmas stocking. So we asked a few of our most *festive* designers to remedy that with some completely delightful, limited-edition takes (see - and shop! - them all below) and to go ahead and share what gives them the holiday feels, too. So make yourself a hot toddy and read on?
Listen Up

Listen Up: What it Costs to Make Home Goods and a New Installment of Claire and Erica’s Personal-Care Faves

Listen Up BY courtney conway 11/28/2016
Cover ofakind 20160216 469
One of the struggles of being a designer: getting the pricing of your goods right. So on this episode, we're launching a little miniseries, in which a few of our makers stop by to talk about all the costs of producing their work. First up: housewares with the brilliant Annabel Inganni of Wolfum. And since since dry hair/skin/cuticles season is upon us, Claire and Erica also spill on the newest additions to their beauty routines - because we know you've all been waiting for the sequel to Round 1. But first things first: a new #ReadingThings podcast is coming at ya on January 16th, where we'll be talking If You're Not Yet Like Me with author and all-around badass Edan Lepucki. It's a dark romantic comedy, and FWIW, it clocks in at just 55 pages.

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