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Track Star

How to Be a Better, More Gung-Ho Runner

Track Star BY jane gauger 06/27/2017
Cover tracksmith ss17 racewomen0700  1
So you started a running routine - and even stuck with it through four seasons of weird weather. Way to go, you! But now that you've got the basics down, are you looking to set a new PR or demolish (ok, survive) your first marathon? That's where Matt Taylor - founder of the retro-cool running gear line Tracksmith, former Yale athlete, and man who logs miles every single day - comes in. He has five tips to help you pick up the pace. READ MORE
Listen Up

Listen Up: All The Reasons Why We Love Who? Weekly, with Co-Hosts Lindsey Weber and Bobby Finger!

Listen Up BY courtney conway 06/26/2017
Cover who weekly
Have you heard about our love of the (twice-weekly!!!) celebs-you've-never-heard-of podcast Who? Weekly? Probably. Which is why we're especially thrilled to have the two whos who started it all, Lindsey Weber and Bobby Finger, in the studio (ahem, Alex's house) with us to talk about creating a cultural phenom. Plus, games! What to pack 'n play on your next vacay. READ MORE
Key to the City

The Queen of Kingston, New York, Shows You Around Town

Key to the City BY jane gauger 06/23/2017
Cover brunettewinebar1
Three years ago, artist Theresa Drapkin and her husband took a spur-of-the-moment weekend trip away from NYC that ended up changing their lives. "We wanted to get out of town and randomly got an Airbnb in Kingston, part of the Hudson River Valley. It turned out to be a really funky, cool town, and Michael started looking into real estate right away," says Theresa. Now they live there full-time, and Theresa spends any moments she's not painting moody, impressionistic pastel still lifes helping Michael run their dreamy shop Kingston Wine Co. - oh, and visiting all the other ridiculously charming spots around town. READ MORE
Thing of Beauty

Haim’s Makeup Artist on How to Get Their So-Good Minimal Makeup Look

Thing of Beauty BY courtney conway 06/21/2017
Cover screenshot 2017 06 21 15.10.33
What greater summer gift could there be than a new Haim album? The only thing that could top that would be pairing it with a primer on snagging their peachy, nineties-ish makeup look, care of their go-to face-painter Gloria Noto. She also happens to be the genius behind Noto Botanics and the dynamite lip 'n cheek tint, woodsy nourishing oil, low-key highlighter, and foaming scrub we cannot stop kvelling over. Below, all you need to play like you're the fourth, very fresh-faced sister. READ MORE

6 Tricks for Successfully Working with Your BFF

BY jane gauger 06/20/2017
Cover lady grey5
"People often ask us if we're sisters, sometimes twins, which seems so crazy because we don't look at all alike! They must just sense how close we are," says Jill Martinelli of her relationship with Sabine Le Guyader, her art-school buddy who became her biz partner over the course of a decade. The duo spends their working hours together in their Greenpoint, Brooklyn, studio making intricate jewelry for their line Lady Grey and their downtime honing their friendship. Read on for Jill's advice on how to make working with your bestie the absolute best. READ MORE

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