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Key to the City

How Two World Travelers Make the Most of Their Gowanus ‘Hood

Key to the City BY neha kulsh 01/10/2017
Cover lavenderlake1
For Lisa and Michael Fine, exploring the world is a ginormous part of designing chic bathroom textiles for their line Quiet Town - and that includes the patch of it on the banks of the Gowanus Canal where they both live and work. It's a changing, post-industrial 'hood that's full of contradictions and, as Lisa explains, home to a sometimes weirdly active waterway: "Every once in awhile you'll see kids zoom by in a speedboat as if we're in Amsterdam. It's our quiet town." More on what to do to make it yours, too. READ MORE
Key to the City

Where to Get Amazing Wine (and Great Souvenirs) in Cape Town

Key to the City BY liz 01/06/2017
Cover hermanus
The only bad part about the fact that Bernice Kelly's sister lives in Cape Town, South Africa? The 15-hour flight to get there from Bernice's Brooklyn studio, where she turns out elliptical, swooping cuffs and rings for her line Macha. The best part? Once she gets there, there's affordable, delicious wine and epic nature everywhere she turns - so we asked the jeweler to show us the way. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

20 Things to Stop Doing in 2017

Stuff We Love BY liz 01/02/2017
Cover 09 20 16 juliarobbs 024
We won't trouble you with talk of resolutions (and we like you just the way you are) - but there's no denying that the new year is solid time consider ch-ch-changes if you're in the market for that sorta thing. And lucky for you, we've been keeping a running list of some of the best bits of advice, easy life hacks, and self-care ideas we've shared over the past year. So finally do that thing! Or don't! It's whatever you want! READ MORE

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