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Couple Up

Couple Up: Martha Plimpton and River Phoenix

Couple Up BY liz 07/25/2016
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There's something nostalgic about a heat wave - maybe because the best ways to beat them involve eatin' popsicles, jumping into some cool body of water, and, for me, re-watching movies like Stand By Me and The Goonies. Another send-up to the stickiest season: commemorating the totally on-point style of River Phoenix and Martha Plimpton, two of those movies' stars who had a thing going on in real life. READ MORE

7 Movies That Are as Scary as They Are Visually Stunning

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Jewelry designer Claire Lowe has loved horror movies since she accidentally watched The Shining at age seven. "My mom shut it down really fast, but I thought it was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen," she laughs. Instead of making her afraid to sleep forever, the mishap ignited a lifelong love of the scary stuff - the more beautiful and weird, the better. We asked her to put on her Ebert hat (Scream mask?) and share six that will fill your nightmares - and your mood boards! READ MORE
Eat This

The Spicy, Avocado-Heavy Ceviche Anyone Can Make

Eat This BY liz 07/21/2016
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Erica Peterson's been experimenting with her own recipes since way back, but her improvisational skills have improved since the early days. Now, the jewelry designer deftly turns out her own signature take on ceviche, snapping up whatever fish is freshest at her Brooklyn farmers' market. "There's nothing traditional about this - it's more like a ceviche guacamole," she explains. Plus, there's a built-in hour of chilling time - something we could all use. READ MORE
Interior Monologue

Get a Little Odd (Especially When It Comes to Numbers)

Interior Monologue 07/20/2016
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Whether you are fresh off commencement and living with your first Craigslist roommate (wash your dishes!) or you just re-signed your lease for the fifth time, chances are your home could stand to grow up a little. Welcome to Interior Monologue, where interior designer and Ace Hotels alum Whitney Parris-Lamb and architect Amanda Jesse - who together run the way chic dream home delivering firm Jesse Parris-Lamb! - share for their greatest tips for fixing up that flat, stat. READ MORE

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