Take a Deep-Dive into Batik with Della

Got It Made BY liz 10/07/2015
The work "batik" might bring up memories of your college sarong-and-Phish phase, but in the hands of Della's Tina Tangalakis and her team of incredible women on the ground in Ghana, the hand-printed patterns become something modern and minimal. "The women tease us because we wear a lot of black, and they like really bright colors," says Tina. "They don't get why we would want to sew 1,000 pieces of something all gray. But they've been working with us for so long, so they understand." READ MORE

Stuff We Love BY erica 10/06/2015
2. rena model 1024x1024
You want to know how to make leather fringe feel all high-brow? Just pair it with some alpaca on an A Peace Treaty scarf that you could wrap yourself in for the next four to six months. READ MORE

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