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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Claire and Erica’s Personal Care Routines

Listen Up BY liz 02/12/2016
Our babely co-founders Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo are masters at finding all the newest and coolest things in every category - and that includes the goop they spread on their hair, paint on their nails, and dab on their cheeks. So, since they're sharing their can't-live-without-'em goods in our brand-spankin'-new Personal Care Shop, we figured why not have them break down the whole getting-ready process (erm, in great detail) on a special two-parter of the A Few Things with Claire and Erica podcast? Tl;dr: Your routine could probably use an upgrade: Hear about - and shop - their ride-or-die lotions and potions now. READ MORE
Couple Up

Couple Up: Cher and Tom Cruise

Couple Up BY liz 02/12/2016
If you've read Going Clear, you probabllllly know more about Tom Cruise's dating history than your brain can handle. BUT! Before there was even Mimi Rogers, there was the Goddess of Pop. Can we all just take a moment to imagine a Suri whose mom was Cher!? READ MORE

The Ten Commandments of Perfect Brows

BY lauren elizabeth 02/12/2016
Listen, if Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna trust their arches to Sania Vucetaj, don't you? We asked the owner of New York's very insider-y Sania's Brow Bar (and creator of the best brow pencil around) to get a little bossy with us about plucking and getting the right shape. You know, for our own good. READ MORE
Interior Inspiration

A Washi Tape Chair Makeover (WHOA)

Interior Inspiration BY liz 02/12/2016
Washi tape chair
Man, do we love washi tape - it's the first thing we knew we had to sell in our paper shop - and one of the best things about the colorful sticky stuff is that is has about a bajillion different uses. The internet world of washi-tape DIYs is a deep, deep rabbithole, so instead we turned to Amy Anderson's book on the subject Washi Tape Crafts. She's got some real winners in there. First up: How to amp up a boring old chair. And more to come! READ MORE
The Insider

The Insider: Sally Nadeau

The Insider BY liz 02/11/2016
Today we're bringing you an extra-special #BehindOfaKind Insider - so hope you're ready to meet our web and marketing wizard Sally Nadeau who's also responsible for bringing you all the laughs and inspo on our social media. Plus, she's a living, breathing example of "Minnesota nice," which is a real thing (but not a thing that precludes someone from knowing every rap lyric in existence). READ MORE

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