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The Greatest Galentines of the Past 200 Years

BY liz 02/10/2016
Ella fitzgerald and marilyn monroe
Though the idea of Galentine's Day is pretty dang new, introduced by always-enthusiastic Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, the concept of game-changing female friendships is not - like, at all. Here, some of history's finest ladyfriends who we'll definitely be toasting on February 13th. READ MORE

How Tenoverten Nails Their Beautiful Salon Vibes

BY lauren elizabeth 02/10/2016
Unspecified 1
Ever had the overwhelming urge to move into your nail salon? We didn't think so. But Nadine Abramcyk and Adair Ilyinsky nailed the home-away-from-home feels at each of Tenoverten's four NYC locations (they have a new one in Austin as well!) with wall-to-wall couches, floor-to-ceiling windows, majorly relaxing manicures and pedicures - and not a single neon sign in sight. Adair's here take you on a tour through their spot in New York's Financial District - feel free to swipe some of their ideas for your apartment. READ MORE
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Next Level: D-Rings

Next Level BY liz 02/10/2016
D rings
D-rings used to mean one thing: belts - or, specifically, nineties-era belts that may or may not have been purchased at Hot Topic. But these days, those silver half-moons are fastening some seriously fashionable clothes that are about as far from wallet-chain territory as you can get. READ MORE

Knot a Whole Rainbow of Grown-Up Friendship Bracelets with Sofia Ramsay

BY jane gauger 02/09/2016
Screenshot 2016 02 08 11.46.41
Who knew buying thread could be a transcendent experience? For Sofia Ramsay, choosing the right colors of silk thread to adorn her silver and gold necklaces and bracelets transports her to a zen-like place. "The room goes quiet when I'm surrounded by all these colors," she explains. You can mimic her hue high with her guide to turning a length of string into a super simple knotted bracelet that allll your friends will be clamoring for. READ MORE

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