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The Insider: Sally Nadeau

The Insider BY liz 02/11/2016
Today we're bringing you an extra-special #BehindOfaKind Insider - so hope you're ready to meet our web and marketing wizard Sally Nadeau who's also responsible for bringing you all the laughs and inspo on our social media. Plus, she's a living, breathing example of "Minnesota nice," which is a real thing (but not a thing that precludes someone from knowing every rap lyric in existence). READ MORE

9 Reasons to Get Your Butt to Stockholm

BY liz 02/11/2016
6 grandpa 2
New York jeweler Teresa Kahres is married to a Swede, so she's spent a fair amount of time visiting Stockholm. But she just recently made her first trip in the summer, and, whoa, did she see the city in a whole new light. "It's brighter than dusk until 10 p.m. You never feel like the day is ending," she recounts. You're gonna need those extra daylight hours to hit all the major spots on Teresa's list (especially if you're squeezing in a trip to the tattoo shop). READ MORE

The Greatest Galentines of the Past 200 Years

BY liz 02/10/2016
Ella fitzgerald and marilyn monroe
Though the idea of Galentine's Day is pretty dang new, introduced by always-enthusiastic Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, the concept of game-changing female friendships is not - like, at all. Here, some of history's finest ladyfriends who we'll definitely be toasting on February 13th. READ MORE

How Tenoverten Nails Their Beautiful Salon Vibes

BY lauren elizabeth 02/10/2016
Unspecified 1
Ever had the overwhelming urge to move into your nail salon? We didn't think so. But Nadine Abramcyk and Adair Ilyinsky nailed the home-away-from-home feels at each of Tenoverten's four NYC locations (they have a new one in Austin as well!) with wall-to-wall couches, floor-to-ceiling windows, majorly relaxing manicures and pedicures - and not a single neon sign in sight. Adair's here take you on a tour through their spot in New York's Financial District - feel free to swipe some of their ideas for your apartment. READ MORE
Next Level

Next Level: D-Rings

Next Level BY liz 02/10/2016
D rings
D-rings used to mean one thing: belts - or, specifically, nineties-era belts that may or may not have been purchased at Hot Topic. But these days, those silver half-moons are fastening some seriously fashionable clothes that are about as far from wallet-chain territory as you can get. READ MORE

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