Listen Up: We've Got a Fresh Episode 20 of a Few Things with Claire and Erica

Listen Up BY liz 10/13/2015
Bed of roses
This week on our Heritage Radio show A Few Things with Claire and Erica: blooms and looms! First up, we've got some low-key flower-buying and -arranging tips (hint: don't take out your recycling until you've finished listening). Then, one of our all-time favorite designers (and creator of our fly new coaster and trivet set) Caroline Z. Hurley tells us how she went from DIYing macaroni necklaces (which, to be fair, were super rad) to founding her own small factory in the former textile town of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Oh, and we are also giving you this photo from Bed of Roses, SO THERE'S THAT. READ MORE

Stuff We Love BY erica 10/13/2015
Screen shot 2015 09 29 at 11.12.46 am
Oh, now you want to wear a full cream lewk, don't you? Atelier Delphine sure knows how to tempt... READ MORE

The Insider: Ashwini Ramaswamy

The Insider BY mattie kahn 10/08/2015
Ashwini 3567 600
She's too nice to say so, but the fact is Ashwini Ramaswamy could dance circles around you. A soloist in Minneapolis's crazy-cool Ragamala Dance Company, Ashwini performs a mix of modern and classical Indian choreography for audiences all over the world. READ MORE

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