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A Speedy Guide to Everything Tortoiseshell

BY aleksa brown 07/21/2017
Cover image1
Since leopard print has most definitely achieved new-neutral status, the mottled brunette and blonde motif known as tortoiseshell is next in line for a revival. And it's got a worthy backer in JJ Matchett, an Atlanta-based jeweler who turned her love of vintage costume jewelry into a sleek collection of earrings and hair clips in her iterations the pattern. JJ's obsession with history also makes her the perfect person to shell out (har) wisdom on the subject - and, spoiler alert: No turtles were harmed in the making of these statement hoops. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

Sensing a Pattern with the Designer Who Finds Them Everywhere

Stuff We Love BY tess falotico 07/20/2017
Cover img 1621
Trained as an architect, Molly McGrath sees city blocks and skyscrapers through more finely honed eyes than those of us without CAD training. But, thing is, the Bay Area-based designer applies her insights beyond just buildings, collecting and scanning images of everything from clothing to construction sites to create the linear grids, repeating curlicues, and overlapping geometries that she embosses onto leather pouches and laser-cuts into art prints. Here, she shares her favorite resources for finding ideas everywhere - giving us a blueprint, if you will. READ MORE
Search Party

Search Party: Calling All Brilliant Fall and Winter Interns!

Search Party 07/19/2017
Cover searchparty1
Of a Kind is looking for fall and winter interns who are on-the-ball, sharp as tacks, and seriously hard-working. Is that you? Well, then, keep reading! We're hiring part-time, NYC-based interns who have interest and experience in the following categories: operations, buying, social media, graphic design, marketing, and editorial. You should be available at least two full days a week, for a minimum of four months. (Ideally, from August through January!) Read up below for the nitty-gritty on each role. READ MORE
Home Upgrade

How One Twentysomething Designer Restored Her 100-Year-Old House

Home Upgrade BY tess falotico 07/19/2017
Cover whiteroom
Nicole Rottler's favorite place growing up was Cloud Cross, New Mexico, an off-the-beaten-path spot where she spent summers, and, as she puts it, "the same woman who serves me beer at night serves me coffee the next morning." So when the jeweler behind Niett Metals and her husband Chand Harlow decided to settle down, they were thinking something kinda big somewhere very small: They traded their apartment in the collegetown of Oxford, Mississippi, for a century-old house in nearby Taylor (population: 400) and started making it their own. She showed us around - and shared some very satisfying before-and-afters. READ MORE
Listen Up

Listen Up: Food for Flying and Our Favorite Filmmaker

Listen Up 07/17/2017
Cover afewthings ep98 sn3 hero
Hope you're ready 'cause we're talking two of our favorite things: snacks and entertainment. To make the cut this week, the crunchy, salty, sweet stuff had to to be portable - and filling enough to save you from another terrible airport dining experience. And Ben Nabors, our favorite NYC writer-director-producer (a multihyphenate, this guy), stops by to talk about documentaries, Werner Herzog, and officiating Claire's wedding. READ MORE

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