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Listen Up

Listen Up: Oh Boy, We’ve Got Joy Cho of Oh Joy!

Listen Up BY kiara mills 11/20/2017
Cover afewthings hero1102
First, we're talking non-endorsed energy bars and enthusiastically endorsed face masks. And then! We're ecstatic to have on Joy Cho, O.G. blogger and creator of the very aesthetically pleasing world of Oh Joy! - which now includes fancy Band-Aids, even. It might be just what you need to get you through what promises to be a crazy week... READ MORE
Stuff We Love

Here's How to Build a Modern Ceramics Collection

Stuff We Love BY olivia martin 11/17/2017
Cover sampling of ceramics
When the jewelry designer Molly Zimmerman of MM Druck is looking for fuel for her sculptural - yet easy-to-wear - silver pieces, she just looks around her home, which is filled with a seriously cool array of modern and postmodern ceramics she's acquired over the years. "I've always been a collector," Molly explains. "As my interests evolved, so did the objects - thankfully, my miniature glass animal figurine collection was left behind somewhere in adolescence. It's through ceramics I've found an accessible way to outfit my home with art that's both decorative and functional." A hobby that combines shopping with function and design in mind? Sign us up. READ MORE
Top of Mind

Top of Mind: Annabel Inganni on Fresh Air, the Wow Moment, and Tuning Into Other People's Business Struggles to Solve Her Own

Top of Mind 11/15/2017
Cover wolfum topofmind
Welcome to Top of Mind, featuring a designer who's been a part of the Of a Kind fam since wayyyyyy back (like, before Snapchat). This time, Annabel Inganni, the scrappy, stylish mastermind who not only designs the geographic prints that make her Wolfum backgammon sets, wooden toys, and more feel so special, but also cuts the components for them in her very own home woodshop. READ MORE
Key to the City

Explore China’s Porcelain Capital with Two Brooklyn Ceramicists

Key to the City BY olivia martin 11/14/2017
Cover the biggest bowl being thrown
Jingdezhen, a city in northeastern China, has been famous for its porcelain vessels for nearly 2,000 years, making it the place for all things pottery. So, when ceramicists and besties Jazmin de la Guardia and Sierra Yip-Bannicq of the Brooklyn-based line Franca wanted to take their skills to the next level, they booked it straight there. The duo found the city so inspiring that now they head back for a few weeks every year to collaborate with master artisans (and to eat some seriously spicy noodles). As Jazmin says, "The entire city revolves around the different stages of handmade porcelain production. It is like a small town that happens to have over one million inhabitants - which, for China, is considered small!" Get Jazmin's scoop on their favorite places to get their hands in some clay and to throw down with the locals. READ MORE
Listen Up

Listen Up: A Convo with the Cashmere Queen Behind Lingua Franca

Listen Up BY kiara mills 11/13/2017
Cover afewthings hero1092
Um, have you seen our Professional Enthusiast Round 5 Cashmere Sweater?! We're obsessed with it - and the woman we partnered with to bring it to life, Rachelle Hruska MacPherson of Lingua Franca. Hear her story, and then nab that oh-so-major embroidered knit for 10% off with the code AFEWTHINGS. All proceeds support Her Justice, a very cool NYC foundation that provides free legal counsel to women in need. Gah, so much to be excited about here. READ MORE

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