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Family Matters

This is What Co-Founding a Business with Your Mom Looks Like

Family Matters BY chloe marmet 05/24/2017
Cover kstudio story
When artist Shelly Klein decided to switch gears from being a painter to launching her own textiles biz, she know there was only one person she'd want for a co-CEO - her mom, Mary Klein, who already had decades of experience managing furniture production under her belt. Now, while Shelly's busy designing, Mary manages the nitty-gritty details of turning those sketches into canvas pouches, wall art, and pillowcases with dang charming, stitched-on motifs. How do they manage their relationship, though? We asked Shelly what it's like to be work equals with someone who taught her how to be in the world in the first place. READ MORE
Got It Made

An Italian Footwear Guru's Guide to Shopping For Shoes—and Making ‘Em Last

Got It Made BY tess falotico 05/23/2017
Cover m gemi crop
Quality over a quantity is a pretty good M.O. when buying things, generally - but when it comes to shoes, it can be hard to tell which pair is worth the investment and which just look nice on a shelf. And once you commit to the can't-live-without-'em pair, how to do you keep 'em in tip-top shape forever? Bona fide Italian shoe designer Maria Gangemi, the Sicilian mastermind behind M. Gemi's handmade, last-a-lifetime suede slides and loafers, is here to tell you everything you need to know. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

This Is Going to Make You Care About Numerology

Stuff We Love BY aleksa brown 05/19/2017
Agnes Baddoo's interest in astrology and numerology - or, as she calls them, "the ologies" - took root long ago. "I've been interested in signs and planets since I was very little, which eventually led me to patterns and randomness and then sacred geometry and numerology," she explains. What's all that mean, exactly? In her day-to-day, Agnes uses numerology as a sort of weather report to keep perspective and find empowerment in all sorts of situations, including when she's putting together a new collection of her cult-favorite, roomy leather totes and satchels. Below, her guide so you can use numbers as your guide, too. READ MORE

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