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Got It Made

How to Carve Gemstones Out of Clay

Got It Made BY jane gauger 05/05/2016
Cover process 5
Even though they're happily coupled, Cofield's Sara Ebert and Jason Pfaeffle aren't afraid of doing a little breaking up in their creative lives. "When we were first developing our collection, we were experimenting with layering colors of dyed clay and then slicing that into rigid forms," Jason says. "Some of the experiments were drying too fast and causing the pieces to chip. We then realized that we actually preferred the organic forms." Through their trial and error, the pair developed a way to transform solid blocks of ceramic into artfully carved porcelain rubble, which can shine just as bright as the sparkly stuff when strung onto a necklace. Here's how they do it. READ MORE
The Insider

The Insider: Amanda Peyton

The Insider BY mattie kahn 05/05/2016
Cover amanda peyton
Amanda Peyton will tell you she's an entrepreneur, but that word doesn't really do her justice. She's more like a professional idea-haver, stuff-maker, and full-time troubleshooter whose most recent undertaking was an indie tech marketplace called Grand St. (now owned by Etsy!). Want to know more? Samesies. Read on for the intel. READ MORE
Thing of Beauty

6 Ride-or-Die Tips for Healthy Hair-Dyeing

Thing of Beauty BY liz 05/04/2016
Cover screenshot 2016 05 02 19.49.29
When nineties supes wanted to go ultra-blonde (looking at you, Elle and Claudia), they hightailed it straight to Christophe Robin's Paris salon where they became very glam test subjects for his theory that plant-based, suds-free products were the best way to heal the gross split ends and straw-like textures caused by bleach, peroxide, and all that. His advice: "You should treat your hair like your favorite cashmere sweater - you would never use a harsh detergent, which is what most shampoos are like." Here, his tips for hair so healthy no one will guess you've ever been near a balayage brush. READ MORE

Here’s Why You Should Care About Your Chakras

BY christina pellegrini 05/03/2016
Cover unnamed 6
There's a lot of emphasis these days on clothes that are good for the environment around you, but Daniella Samper is one-upping that idea, making pieces to bring good vibes to the environment within you. On textile-sourcing trips to India with her husband Sayam, whose family is originally from Noida, she fell hard for the concept of the seven chakras - which totally redefined how she designs. Now, she folds, sews, and fits each perfectly cropped top and sleek-but-biz-ready skirt with a tiny gold neodymium magnet to focus on one of your body's energy points. We asked the designer to show us all seven of 'em so you can target them yourself, too. READ MORE

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