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What It Takes to Treasure-Hunt Like a Real Vintage Pro

BY jane gauger 12/06/2016
Cover ariana thrifting
How serious does Ariana Boussard-Reifel get when visiting an estate sale or flea market to dig up hidden gems? Let's just say the gloves come off. "It can get aggressive," warns the designer and vintage jewelry dealer - who was also one-time cast member on a thrifting reality show, you should know. Suffice it to say, the girl knows her way around a trunk full of dusty ties and turquoise rings, and she'll share them with you just as long as you promise to stand down if you encounter her amidst a pile of silk scarves.

The Family-Recipe Turkey You’ll Make at Celebrations All Year ‘Round

BY genevieve ang 12/05/2016
Cover 022516 sr ofakind s00 b3p9057 a
A few key things signal the holidays for Lisa Salzer of the vintage-but-better jewelry line Lulu Frost: opening presents with her family from youngest to oldest on Christmas morning, popping open crackers full of confetti, and above all, taking her first bite of roasted turkey, based on one her grandma Betty used to make. These days, Lisa does some bird basting herself when she's in a celebratory mood, and when she does, she hews pretty closely to the passed-down, never-fail O.G. recipe (which includes notes for removing feathers, just in case), and it's never once let her down. Try out the secret Salzer family recipe yourself and follow Lisa's sage advice: "Slow down and breathe. Stop and smell the gravy."

4 Reasons You Should Know About L.A.’s Up-and-Coming Eagle Rock ‘Hood

BY liz 12/04/2016
Cover toros pottery2
Before moving to Northeast L.A.'s 'bout-to-blow-up Eagle Rock neighborhood,Lindsey Mortensen Hirway, the designer behind the shapely leather goods line Larsen and Lund, hadn't spent much time on that side of town. But now she's a genuine convert, and is prepared to make you one, too - with the help of an old-school Italian joint and some tacos so good her friends carted them 100 miles for her wedding.

6 Haunting Podcasts You Absolutely Need to Listen To

BY lily meyer 11/30/2016
Cover  mg 1408
Chances are, you could use some distractions right about now - enter Isabel Halley, diversion genius. She listens to podcasts all day while pinchin' porcelain in her ceramics studio, and her number-one tip for taking your mind off whatever it's stuck on is to listen to true-crime shows. They might not be uplifting (erm, at all), but nothing sucks you in quite like ripped-from-the-headlines tales of mob bosses and murderers, right?

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