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Couple Up

Couple Up: Ellen Barkin and Johnny Depp

Couple Up BY liz 02/05/2016
It's an epic tragedy how poorly documented the short-lived, 1994 fling between Ellen Barkin and Johnny Depp is, but we're not gonna let that stop us from celebrating it. They were almost a decade apart, but that's hardly surprising given the strong anti-ageism record of these two. Let's proceed to Ellen's sequins and Johnny's weird facial hair, shall we? READ MORE

The 6 Indie Zines and, Hey, Websites You Need to Read

BY liz 02/05/2016
Monster children
Step away from the Pinterest: When it comes to trustworthy sources for accredited cool, we feel pretty safe following Kylie Nakao's suggestions. In addition being the jeweler of choice for the kind of edgy women you can't stop staring at in the coffee shop, the mastermind behind Tarin Thomas knows all the under-the-radar things you should be consuming. Her favorite sites and print sources for productive procrastination, below - which she handed over with only a little hesitation. Or, as she says: "I almost don't want to tell anyone this list, but I'm going to do it anyway." READ MORE
The Insider

The Insider: Alero Akuya

The Insider BY mattie kahn 02/04/2016
Alero pic
We are in the season of just doing it. Now's the time to get moving, get happy, and take care of yourself. But you don't have to tell that to Alero Akuya. As the brand marketing director for Nike Women, chick hustles all year around (and travels whenever she can - see: Below, all the fitness (and pepperoni pizza) she gets into. READ MORE
Got It Made

Tracing How Young Frankk Develops a Jewelry Collection

Got It Made BY leah bhaba 02/04/2016
Process lo
Christine Young has always been an extremely visual person. An artist since she was old enough to hold a pencil, she got a degree in illustration before she ever thought about creating things that could hang from your neck, ears, or wrists for her line Young Frankk. "I see jewelry-making as a direct translation of my doodles and illustrative sketches into metal, which maybe isn't the case for people with different backgrounds," she says. See how she draws to on those carbon doodles to build out her collections. READ MORE

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