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Sara’s Thriftspiration

BY erica 02/22/2011

Before Oregon-based accessory designer Sara Dudzinsky got really into crystals, she was crafting her pieces around found objects. “I came across a little bag of quartz on a thrifting trip, and it’s taken off from there,” she explains. Even though her sourcing has gone a different direction now, she still hunts for knick-knacks (a process she calls “calming and restorative”) that influence her work—and fill her studio.


18 better late than never
“My boyfriend got the jeweler sign for me at a thrift store for my birthday—it’s hand-painted. There are a ton of vintage shops in Portland, and he bought this at SMUT.”
of Better Late Than Never

“This is my favorite thing right now. It was a geologist’s case, and it looks handmade—like, stapled together. It has 64 drawers, 32 on each side. I got it at a weird antique furniture place that has all sorts of crazy pieces, and it’s perfect for me because I use so many little parts. I’m not the most organized person, but I love to be methodical with my materials, lay everything out.”


“These aren’t thrifted, but I’ve had those crystal pieces forever. I got them when I was seven or eight at the Museum of Natural History. I guess I’ve always been kind of a rock nerd.”


“My collection of tiny deer is kind of out of hand. It started a couple of years ago, right after I moved to Oregon. In my old apartment, I had all of the deer crammed onto the top of this bookshelf—they were out all the time, which drove my boyfriend crazy. So this year they all came out at Christmas, and I have some of them in my studio. These are my current favorites. The baby is the size of my pinkie nail. They’re so tiny it’s ridiculous.”



Img 4660
Aurora Necklace
50 OF A KIND . $ 177 $ 89


Forest Mini Keychain Wallet
. 60 OF A KIND .
Forest Mini Keychain Wallet BY OAD New York
$ 85
Mini Silhouette Earrings
. 40 OF A KIND .
Mini Silhouette Earrings BY Lady Grey
$ 143
Porteño Mini Backpack
. 45 OF A KIND .
Porteño Mini Backpack BY Hare+Hart
$ 280

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