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The Insider: Jamie Beck

The Insider BY nathalie gorman 09/08/2011


Not to brag or anything, but our product photos are pretty fantastic. And that’s because Jamie Beck takes them. The native Texan is the sort of character you thought you’d never meet IRL—we’re convinced there will be a documentary about her someday, and we’re more than willing to be talking heads. She shoots for far more impressive clients than us, updates her Tumblr From Me To You with dreamy content ridiculously regularly (especially during fashion week!), and, together with her fiancé Kevin Burg, has created the Cinemagraphs—GIFs that you’d never call that because they are way too pretty. 

Q: Do you remember getting your first camera?

A: I was thirteen years old. My mom gave me a Pentax 25mm. It was stolen in San Francisco two years ago, but I replaced it. I gave my best friend a makeover and did a whole photo shoot, rode my bike down to Walgreens, and got the photos developed. I thought it was InStyle-quality.

Q: Are there people you really love to shoot?

A: Grace Coddington is always amazing. Her hair is so red and big and iconic. I’m obsessed with shooting Bill Cunningham. I shoot him every time I see him out. When I can, I like shooting things that are very retro-inspired—so I can live in that fantasy place. It’s a breathtaking, different beauty than what you see on the street.

Q: Your look is so distinctive. How would you describe it?

A: It’s simple, classic, and romantic. I do red lips, and I almost never wear patterns. I’m mainly influenced by the thirties, forties, and fifties. I’ve thought about dabbling in the twenties, but I haven’t taken the leap yet. I want to live in that era—women didn’t have to work. No, just kidding.

Q: What’s the most exciting purchase you’ve ever made?

A: A forties ball gown—it’s very Gone With The Wind. It has poufy sleeves, green bows, a sculpted bodice, and a big skirt. You could wear it to a hangar dance with a big band.

Q: I imagine you in something like that to your prom.

A: No. I hated my prom dress. I wanted a vintage dress!

Q: Is there anything you’re dreaming of buying right now?

A: I want a vintage vanity, but I need a new apartment for that. You have to have crown molding to have a vintage vanity.



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